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    10 Challenging Times Actors Refused to Use Body Doubles

    Actors Refused to Use Body Doubles: Various actors see a bold scene in different ways. They don’t mind showing extra skin or doing an intimate scene in the name art. Most of the critically acclaimed actors faced much turbulence in their journey to success. It put through some grueling and challenging moments where they could have opted for a body…

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  • HollywoodActors Biggest Salary Per Word

    10 Movie Actors Who Were Paid The Biggest Salary Per Word

    Once you make your mark in Hollywood, the world really becomes your oyster as you keep raking in the massive paychecks. A lot of actors pick up huge amounts of money for little screen time in films. In some cases, there are few dialogues and it’s interesting to see the worth of each word the stars speak on camera. So…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Who Were Homeless

    10 Celebrities Who Were Homeless Before They Became Famous

    When we think about celebrities, we think about the fabulous lives, of the rich and famous lifestyles, but who are there before they become celebrities. There are many celebrities who have had to work very hard to get where they are today. And they have had their fair share of suffering as well. And we are talking about homelessness here,…

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    10 Celebrity Couples With The Highest Combined Net Worth

    The ultimate pro of being a celebrity couple is being extremely wealthy and affluent. And even if one of the two makes more money than the other, their combined net worth is still extremely high and impressive. Keep reading to find out the richest celebrity couples in the industry with the highest combined net worth. Let’s look at the top…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Striking Resemblance But Not Related

    10 Celebs Who Pose A Striking Resemblance, But Are Not Related

    Hollywood has witnessed a lot of talent over the years and many of them have even left a resounding impact on the Hollywood film fraternity. But sometimes fate plays a very cunning plot with the viewers and in some cases even with the actors themselves. There is a theory that has been around for some time which claims that in…

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  • MoviesActors Directed Their Own Movies

    10 Actors Who Directed Their Own Movies

    What is better? Getting a role in a movie you want to be a part of or directing the movie you want to make and simply cast yourself? Directing a film and being a part of it gives an actor the ultimate creative freedom as well as control. And we have had a number of remarkable performances when actors have…

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  • HollywoodFamous Actors Don’t Get Big Roles

    10 Famous Actors Who Don’t Get Big Roles Anymore

    Hollywood is no doubt a fast pace industry. Every day hundreds and thousands of people dream and work to make it big in the industry. So naturally, it takes a lot of effort and energy on the part of those who have made it to sustain that position. For both personal and professional reasons, actors have been seen dropping out…

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  • CelebsAchievements of Beyoncé‘s Career

    10 Biggest Achievements of Beyoncé‘s Career

    Beyoncé got famous in the late 90s as a member of one of the most popular girl bands of the time – Destiny’s Child. Beyoncé is one of the most influential and super successful musicians in the world. Ever since she went solo, there was nothing stopping her. She went for the stars, became extremely famous, and also got married…

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  • CelebsFamous Actors And Their Dream Roles

    10 Famous Actors And Their Dream Roles

    There are several famous actors who after watching a movie or over some time have become extremely obsessed with certain roles, directors, or movie franchises. Many popular actors have been known to play some iconic roles which can never be enacted by anyone else. But many of these same actors strongly feel towards a certain role or movie character. They…

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  • CelebsCelebs Real Heroes And Saved Lives

    10 Celebs Who Turned Into Real Heroes And Saved Lives

    Celebrities are people who have a massive fan following because of their talents, they achieve a little star attention because of the art that they perform with their unique skill or talent added to it. But many times all that they crave for is a normal life away from the glamour and sheen of the industry and even sometimes transform…

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  • HollywoodCareer Achievements of Rihanna

    Top 10 Biggest Career Achievements of Rihanna

    Rihanna is one of the most influential people in the world and also one of the most successful artists of her entire generation. Her debut single “Pon de Replay” was a smash hit in 2005 and there has been no looking back for this Barbadian Singer. She hasn’t released an album in years yet her popularity has not dropped by…

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  • News

    10 Hollywood Celebs With Surprisingly High IQs

    We all know just how vast the Hollywood industry is. And of course, we have our favorites too. But who amongst these Hollywood superstars have a surprisingly high IQ? IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, an IQ from 130 to 144 is considered moderately gifted, an IQ from 144 to 159 is considered highly gifted, and an IQ from 160 to…

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  • CelebsCelebrities Deadly Situations In Real Life

    10 Celebrities Who Dealt With Deadly Situations In Real Life

    We often expect famous people to be immune to any sort of danger. It’s almost as if nothing can touch them behind the screens, bodyguards, big walls, and all the facilities that normal people can’t afford. But life does find its way to reach these powerful celebs. Sometimes these situations can also be fatal. In fact, some of the following…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Spent Money On Unbelievable Items

    10 Celebs Who Have Spent Money Lavishly On Unbelievable Items

    The struggle to decide where to waste your money is real for celebs. Nobody wants to sit on a mountain of cash and do nothing with it. After getting themselves luxurious cars, mansions, Jacuzzis, and yachts, Hollywood stars splurge the remaining on bizarre objects. If they wish to, they can slide into a pool of cash just for fun. Some…

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  • CelebsCelebrities Attended College After Becoming Famous

    10 Celebrities Who Attended College After Becoming Famous

    When we were kids, our parents advised us to study hard so we could make a good career. Basically, most of the people go to colleges to get a job and earn money. But the following celebs have proved that some want to study only because they value education. In spite of flourishing in their career and having a net…

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  • TelevisionCross-Gender Friendships on TV

    10 Cross-Gender Friendships Over The Years on TV

    Let’s settle this age-old discussion today and say that a GIRL and a BOY can be platonic friends. This age-old myth has blown out of proportion so much. I know that many cross-gender friendships do end in a romantic relationship (like Chandler and Monica, etc), but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a cross-gender friendship. Platonic friendships between men and…

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  • CelebsCelebrities More Successful Than Famous Siblings

    10 Celebrities Who May Be More Successful Than Their Famous Siblings

    Every dog has its day! Some celebrities started out big and became instantly popular while their siblings lived under their shadows. Even though talent runs in their blood, there can only be one successful sibling. We can’t possibly estimate the exact amount by which the celebs are more successful than their sisters or brothers, but judging by their movies, net-worth,…

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  • HollywoodBack Stories of Celebrities

    10 Interesting Back Stories of Celebrities You Didn’t Know

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. There is more to the famous stars that get overshadowed by the flash and glitter on the screen. We only see what we are shown by these celebs which are mostly limited to their creative talents and ostentatious fashion. Even when Hollywood attempts to reveal the truth about a famous personality with a…

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  • HollywoodCo-Stars Don’t Like Each Other

    Famous Co-Stars Who Don’t Like Each Other In Real Life

    There is always someone we don’t like much or cannot stand, due to personal reasons or their certain habits or vibes that don’t match with ours and that’s okay, as long as it is not affecting us or others for long. We all are different, and we gel with our own kind and feel relaxed around them only. Actors are…

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  • HollywoodFamous People Were Given Tribute

    10 Most Heartwarming Ways Famous People Were Given Tribute

    Some people were born to leave a mark in the world. These celebrities were not just famous with their names but reserved a special place for themselves in the history of mankind. Your life’s contribution will reflect on how people remember you after you leave. Well, the following personalities made the best of their lives regardless of whatever time they…

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  • CelebsFacts from Leonardo DiCaprio’s Life

    10 Interesting Facts From Leonardo DiCaprio’s Life

    Everybody wants to know the legendary man behind the camera. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most precious gems of Hollywood who has given nothing but back to back hits. He is a critically-acclaimed actor who praised and admired widely across the globe. Even a non-Hollywood fan is familiar with this actor. He has an Academy Award under his belt…

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  • CelebsJohnny Depp Close Friends

    Hollywood Celebs That Johnny Depp is Close Friends With

    Most of our childhood is incomplete without Johnny Depp in it. He was once at the top of his game and the king of Hollywood with classic yet quirky roles like Edward Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, and Sweeney Todd. Depp is the ultimate master of disguises and will always be part of Hollywood as long as the kids (and…

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  • HollywoodFitness Secrets Ryan Reynolds Uses

    10 Fitness Secrets Ryan Reynolds Uses To Stay Fit

    If there is one celebrity who is getting hotter and more good-looking with age, that is Ryan Reynolds. The “Deadpool” actor has transformed like anything over the years. Today, he is not only one of the top actors but also one of the sexiest men alive. Even actress Blake Lively can’t stop flaunting her husband’s sharp as eff biceps and…

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  • HollywoodBiggest Celebrity Fights From the 2000s

    10 Biggest Celebrity Fights From The 2000s We Will Never Forget

    Hollywood has seen new seasons and trends arrive and leave over the years. One such period was the 2000s that saw the rise of many celebs that may not be on the top anymore. However, their juicy gossips and scandals will stay with Hollywood forever. In fact, the 2000s has witnessed some of the hottest feuds between big-time personalities. Celebrity…

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  • HollywoodHollywood Celebs Boycotted

    10 Times Hollywood Celebs Boycotted For A Cause

    When you are famous, you either relish the luxuries and privileges, or you use your influencing power to advocate your views. While some celebs are swimming in a pool of cash and enjoying their trouble-free lives in a bubble, others are making an effort to stand by the underprivileged and make a change. Many top celebrities gave a hard time…

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  • HollywoodSavage Celebrities Revenge

    10 Savage Celebrities Who Got Revenge in Awesome Ways

    A wronged person taking vengeance from their cruel boss by buying the company in the future may sound too fictional and dramatic. Well, such stories are limited to the reel world. Celebrities are all sunshine on-screen who actively participate in charity until you cheat or wrong them. With money, comes immense power which these influential people aren’t afraid to exercise.…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity Neighbors of Hollywood

    12 Real Life Celebrity Neighbors of Hollywood You Did Not Know

    Imagine a neighborhood full of glamor and globally famous faces. There are two types of people in Hollywood- one who enjoys the paparazzi and parties and the other who relishes peace and privacy. As a result, similar celebs mostly end up in places that serve both their needs and budget. So imagine two celebrities live next door. What a morning…

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  • HollywoodCrazy Advices Given By Celebrities

    10 Crazy Advices Ever Given By Celebrities That Will Blow Your Minds

    Being famous comes with lots of responsibilities. Celebrities have millions of followers who consider them as role models. Fans look up to them for fashion, health, and life advice. This calls for a need for extreme attention so celebs don’t drive these people off the bridge. While some influencers share insightful things and helpful advices, there are many who were…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Unique Interests

    12 Celebs Who Have Unique Interests That We Can’t Dream Of

    Everyone needs at least one hobby at a time to survive and to stay sane. No one should be judged for whatever choices they make as long as it makes them happy. In spite of it, we couldn’t help but raise our eyebrows, out of bewilderment, at the weird stuff that some Hollywood celebs are into. We can’t think of…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Expensive Purchases

    Expensive Purchases That Prove Celebs Care Little About Money

    It’s really hard to comprehend some privileged celebs’ struggles. No doubt that they work hard to earn those millions and billions of dollars, But what problems can they have when they can make paper boats and airplanes out of cash? While we start saving in advance to buy those front row tickets to a concert or for an international trip,…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Heroic Gestures

    10 Celebs Whose Heroic Gestures Were Much Needed By Fans

    Some celebrities keep their job limited to entertainment, fame, and money. But there are some who use their platform to do some good for others. Often fans need more from famous people that go beyond the superficial things such as fashion and their relationship status. It’s good to see when celebrities use their power of influence to make a change…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity Married Their First Love

    10 Famous Celebrity Who Got Married To Their First Love

    Most of the relationships in Hollywood haven’t left a good example. Celebrity couples are infamous for falling in and out of love pretty fast. Focusing too much on Hollywood marriages and relationships might take your faith away from love or just drive you crazy. But it would be unfair to say that true love doesn’t exist in the show business.…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity Couples Vacations Together

    Celebrity Couples Who Have Been On Vacations Together

    “Birds of the same feather flock together”. This caption strongly applies to a celebrity’s life where one mostly marries and befriends someone from his/her industry. They have better chemistry and bond with one another than with an outsider from a different background. Their worlds are widely different from ours. They definitely have more things in common to talk about- social…

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    Ryan Reynolds’ Mom Picks Hugh Jackman’s Side in Their Feud

    Another day, another moment to rejoice the funny banter between Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds. These two individuals don’t leave a single chance at pulling each other’s leg! They do exactly what young siblings do to each other. It isn’t just a marketing tool that they follow. Sometimes it’s not even scripted, as they do it out of their sheer…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Dumped Brutally

    10 Beautiful Celebs Who Were Dumped Brutally

    Some of us strongly believe that “money can buy happiness”. It surely makes the challenges bearable for Hollywood celebrities. Having mood swings? Go to the spa. Been dumped? Go on a trip on a private jet. But some wounds cannot be treated with jets and foreign trips. Beauty and wealth couldn’t save these successful people from heartbreaks.  Moreover, one of…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Always Dumped

    10 Famous Celebrities Who Have Always Been Dumped

    Don’t let a rejection question yourself. If it was always you then these successful and gorgeous people from Hollywood wouldn’t have experienced heartbreaks. There are numerous factors that keep a relationship tied. But the same reasons can also break the ties. These celebs were left by their loved ones for their difference in life choices, work schedule, or simply due…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Tried To Remain Popular

    10 Celebrities Who Desperately Tried To Remain Popular

    Fame is a fickle thing! It can rise in a second and before you know, it can plummet on his face in the next. But who doesn’t enjoy fame and the benefits that come along? You are admired by the world and followed by endless endorsements. So, we can’t blame the people from show business who relentlessly try to stay…

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  • MoviesBlack Panther Best Cast

    12 Reasons Why Black Panther Has The Best Cast In The MCU

    The release of Black Panther hit theatres like a hurricane that revolutionized Hollywood and the superhero genre. It not only focused on a powerful Black superhero but also had a cast dominated by Black actors. The impact it had on the audience, especially the children of oppressed and ignored communities was far greater than the other superhero movies did. It…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity Items Sold At Auction

    12 Weirdest Celebrity Items That Were Sold At Auction

    While companies spend a truckload of money on marketing their products, celebrities only have to discard a chewing-gum to make millions of dollars. These celebrities have earned so much popularity that they can spend the rest of their lives sneezing into tissues and selling them for a fortune. Diehard fans don’t see a price tag when it comes to their…

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  • HollywoodFemale Celebrities Proposed

    10 Female Celebrities Who Proposed Their Partners For Marriage

    In a fast progressing society, it is odd to see that the pressure or willingness to pop the question still rests on a man’s shoulder (or knee perhaps). In some cultures, such as the Irish, women get the chance once in four years on the 29th of February. However, there are couples where the girlfriend decided to propose to her…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity Siblings Shared Screen

    10 Pairs of Famous Celebrity Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

    Some celebrities are more famous as a team than as individuals, such as Dylan and Cole Sprouse or the Olsen Twins. These sets of Hollywood siblings or twins in this case are popular across the world for sharing the screen since childhood. There are more families who have worked together at least once in their career, though not as famous…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Broke Up Before Married

    Pairs of Celebrities Who Broke Up Before Finally Getting Married

    If two people are meant to be together, they will always find their way back to each other. No relationship is perfect and these ideal couples are examples of that. They have gone through many challenges and hardships to come out even stronger than ever before. Life parted them for some time so they could realize each other’s importance in…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Voted 2020 Elections

    14 Hollywood Celebrities Who Voted For The First Time In 2020 Elections

    Many celebrities are utilizing their platform and popularity to influence their fans to do the right things. As the 2020 elections drew nearer, the famous people geared up to explain people how much their vote mattered. They dedicated their social platforms to promote the US presidential elections and the importance of casting vote. But amongst the sea of stars encouraging…

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  • HollywoodMarriages Shortest Lifespan

    10 Celebrity Marriages That Had The Shortest Lifespan

    Love is mostly in the reel and not in the air when it comes to Hollywood. We aren’t new to celebrity marriages falling apart. Even the most ideal couples have exceeded the benchmark of surprises by ending their 10-25-year-old marriages. Yes, anything can happen in Hollywood! Only 2 out of 5 unions last forever and it is a miracle if…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Didn’t Go To College

    10 Celebrities Who Reportedly Didn’t Go To College

    Everyone has different goals in life and their ways to achieve them are also different. For some people like Natalie Portman and Emma Watson, education is vital. But there are also celebs who built their own unique paths and invested in their talents than in universities. You’ll find plenty of powerful names in the show business today who didn’t attend…

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  • Hollywood

    12 Celebrity Names That You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

    Schools have taught us that there are some names that are not pronounced the way their spelling appears to be. A single name can be pronounced in various ways depending on the culture the person belongs to. At times, it’s simply the play of vowels and consonants that are too complicated to crack. For instance, Irish names are one of…

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  • MoviesCelebrity Couples Prenup Agreement

    10 Celebrity Couples Who Reportedly Had Prenup Agreement

    Prenups are getting more and more common these days, especially amongst wealthy celebrities where both parties are protective of their assets. Some couples simply want to keep money and love separately. A prenup is an abbreviation for a prenuptial agreement where the rights to property and liability to debts of each person are listed and decided before marriage. Several couples…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Rejected By Other Celebs

    10 Successful Celebs Who Got Rejected By Other Hollywood Celebs

    Celebs Rejected By Other Celebs: Do you think only common people like us get rejected? Even celebrities with 6-pack abs and beautiful smiles get turned down. Brace yourselves because some names are too shocking to digest. Who said fame, money, and good looks can land you up with your crush? In fact, the same fame cost them their privacy and…

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  • HollywoodCouples Broke Up During Coronavirus

    Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up During Coronavirus Quarantine

    Couples Broke Up During Coronavirus: The COVID 19 lockdown hasn’t impacted all the relationships the same way. Some couples are getting stronger by fighting it together. There are also couples like Hilary Duff– Matthew Koma and Emma Roberts- Garrett Hedlund who are growing in numbers by expecting a newborn member. But not every household could get through these times. The…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Body Shamed

    Celebrities Who Were Body Shamed But Fought Against It

    Many of us have been subjected to body-shaming. But do we really care about achieving the so-called “perfect” figure as perceived by some in society? NO. However, some people still feel entitled to scrutinize others who don’t meet their idea of perfection. Even celebrities get caught up in this derision. In fact, being a global personality that is followed by…

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  • Hollywood

    Celebrities Who Have Spoken Openly About Miscarriages

    Celebrities Spoken About Miscarriages: Miscarriages are mostly treated as a ‘hush-hush’ topic that everyone tries to refrain from. This compels the woman who has undergone it to suffer alone in silence. The lack of open-conversations around it often makes the parents question themselves. But the more we talk about it and the wider the awareness, the more mothers will know…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Pregnancy During Lockdown

    10 Celebs Who Announced Pregnancy During Coronavirus Lockdown

    Celebs Pregnancy During Lockdown: Is your Instagram feed overflowing with beautiful pictures of pregnant bellies? Every other day we are hearing news of a famous celebrity announcing their pregnancy during the Coronavirus lockdown. The pandemic has turned our lives upside down this year. It has affected jobs, the economy, and production and has changed our lifestyle. In Tony Stark’s words…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity Pairs Never Got Married

    10 Celebrity Pairs Who Were Engaged But Never Got Married

    Celebrity Pairs Never Got Married: The stars who portray epic love stories on the screen usually don’t get their own happily ever after. What we see in Hollywood is completely different from what really occurs behind the scenes. About three out of five celeb marriages end up divorces and don’t even get us started on the relationships. Cheating scandals, falling…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity children popular than their parents

    10 Celebrity Children Who Are More Popular Than Their Parents

    Celebrity children popular than their parents: Some of the celeb kids are so famous that most of the people didn’t even know that their parents were also in Hollywood. Even though these actors and singers had a direct and smooth way into the show business because of their parents, they proved themselves to be deserving and talented. Even without comparing…

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  • MoviesCeleb Coincidences in Hollywood

    Believe It or Not: 10 Unexplained Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood

    Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood: Some celebrities of Hollywood have had fates that are too insane to be true. These coincidences seem to emerge straight out of a movie because that’s the only place where it can be possible. However, by defying all laws and logic of life, these surreal coincidences have occurred and left us perplexed. These twists from the…

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  • CelebsFunniest Drunk Stories of Celebs

    10 Funniest Drunk Stories of Celebs You Didn’t Know

    Funniest Drunk Stories of Celebs: We all have a hilarious drunk story that most of us don’t even remember. But our friends will surely provide witness and hard evidence of our most embarrassing moments. But that’s the purpose of getting sloshed around your closed ones. You let loose yourself and become a completely new person. Even the calmest and the…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Supernatural Encounters

    10 Celebs Who Had Chilling Supernatural Encounters In Real Life

    Celebs Supernatural Encounters: These are not just plots taken from movies but real-life ghost stories experienced by Hollywood celebrities. Clearly, their real life is just as thrilling as their reel life. For all we know, maybe the spirits paid a visit just for an autograph. Some of you may not believe in ghosts but you surely enjoy listening to spooky…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Owned Their Rented Mansions

    10 Times We Thought Celebs Owned Their Rented Mansions

    Celebs Rented Mansions: The world of show business is pretty deceiving. That’s why it is said that we shouldn’t believe everything we see. Celebrities get paid for portraying a perfect life on camera. The more people admire their lifestyles, the more brands approach them for endorsements. The majestic residences of these stars have always left us in awe. Their homes…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Slammed Sexist Questions

    10 Times Female Celebrities Slammed Sexist Questions During Interviews

    Celebrities Slammed Sexist Questions: Many women out there have to deal with gender discriminatory comments, jokes, and questions on a daily basis and female celebs are no exceptions. But instead of encouraging these questions with tolerance, they have called out the reporters. These women are bold, sassy, and definitely don’t spare anyone who enjoys prejudice. They have been attacked with…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Enjoy Living Like Common People

    10 Celebrities Who Enjoy Living Like Common People

    Celebrities Enjoy Living Like Common People: Most of the celebrities we watch are worth millions of dollars. They can afford almost anything in the world from private jets to numerous mansions and jewelry. Despite sitting on a mountain full of cash, they like to spend a modest lifestyle. Maybe they are too good with saving or they simply don’t enjoy…

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  • HollywoodInfamous Celebrity Kisses

    10 Most Infamous Celebrity Kisses That Became Sensational

    Infamous Celebrity Kisses: Kisses in Hollywood are very common and rarely break any headlines. But then there are some notorious celebrities who stirred the tabloids with one kiss. Wondering why these kisses became so famous? You’ll soon find it out yourself. These kisses were plainly done out of fun and not any affection. We don’t remember about Ryan Reynolds and…

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  • HollywoodFacts About Keanu Reeves

    10 Interesting Facts About Keanu Reeves Everyone Doesn’t Know

    Facts About Keanu Reeves: Every man and woman has had a crush on Keanu Reeves from his earliest years. He has dominated the action genre for many decades with his evergreen youth. Being part of large franchises like The Matrix and John Wick has stimulated his career to a height from where he doesn’t need to look back. He is…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Survived Murder Attempts

    10 Celebrities Who Have Survived Shocking Murder Attempts

    Celebrities Survived Murder Attempts: The life of a celeb comes with wealth, fame, luxuries, admirers, and even haters. The more famous you are, the more haters you gain over the years. But in some cases, obsession turns more fatal than simple hatred. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks of popularity. Some fans get too carried away and passionate by their…

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  • Hollywood

    10 Most Heart-Breaking Fan Encounters With Celebrities in Real Life

    Fan Encounters With Celebrities: Nowadays it’s hard to crack ordinary people’s lives from their ‘perfect’ Instagram stories. It gets even harder when we are trying to learn about a star beyond their publicity stunts, philanthropy, and Photoshops. While some celebs have proved to be benevolent even behind the screens, some make us regret knowing them at all. We have gathered…

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  • Hollywood

    10 Celeb Couples Who Didn’t Get Parents’ Approval

    Couples Didn’t Get Parents’ Approval: Have you sweated over introducing your partner to your parents? Worried if they’d approve of him/her? No matter how old we grow, parents always try to have the upper hand in our life decisions. Parents’ blessings are the most dramatic part of romantic movies like The Notebook. It is a common issue in all our…

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  • HollywoodCouples Shared Screen After Break Up

    Celebrity Couples Who Shared The Screen After Break Up

    Couples Shared Screen After Break Up: How do you feel about seeing your ex every day? It’s fun and romantic when you and your partner see each other every day in the class, at work, or neighborhood. But things turn awkward when that person becomes an ex and you have to continue seeing them all the time. It is very…

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  • Hollywood

    10 Times Celebrities Lied To The Public But Got Caught

    Celebrities Lied To The Public: Nothing is real in the world of show-business. The only reason why a celeb’s life looks perfect is that they are always hiding the reality. What happens on the screen stays on the screen as the truth beyond the camera is a far cry. Be it their nose or eyebrows from surgery, their Photoshopped images,…

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  • Movies

    10 Famous Actors Who Went Overboard With Method Acting

    Actors Went Overboard With Method Acting: What is method acting? It is an acting method where actors imagine themselves in their respective character’s situations and produce genuine behavior than simply acting. They put themselves in their characters’ psychology while keeping their true selves subdued. It is not everyone’s cup of tea and the ones who opt for it are mostly…

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  • Hollywood

    Hollywood Reveals Smelly Celebrities With The Worst Hygiene

    Smelly Celebrities With Worst Hygiene: Celebrities are known to spend a fortune on appearance and luxurious lifestyles. They try to look the best on every occasion even when they are in their PJs. Since they are drowning in designer wardrobe, makeup, and Photoshop pictures, it comes as a shock that they don’t look after their basic hygiene. Their bad hygiene…

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  • Hollywood

    10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Lost All Their Money

    Celebrities Lost All Their Money: Who’d ever believe that celebrities worth millions of dollars would run out of money? Hollywood is a magical place that can turn around people’s lives in seconds. It can convert rags to riches and also bring billionaires on the streets. Fame is a fickle game. The whopping amounts of earnings that can feed their next…

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