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  • 15 Tiniest But Genius Details You Missed In TV Shows and Movies

    You may have watched these shows and movies countless times but didn’t notice the subtle hints until now. Every detail doesn’t have to be an Easter-egg or reference; some of them are clearly added for fun by genius artists. These little features were hidden so well in plain sight that most of us missed them.  They may not have had…

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  • Tony Stark Loves The Theme Song Created In His Honour

    Tony Stark Loves The Theme Song Created In His Honour

    Wouldn’t you love it if you were a billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist, and also have your own theme that you absolutely love? Yes, that’s Tony Stark for you, and he’s just full of himself. Now that we’ve seen a couple of times that Tony Stark does not take anything from anyone and is a hardcore go-getter.  In M.O.D.A.K. Head Games…

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  • 10 MCU Villains Who Lost In The Most Embarrassing Way

    Marvel superheroes can be way more intimidating than the villains in the universe. Some great villains like Thanos and Killmonger were not only powerful but also scary. Their stone-heart and strategic minds had put the heroes through hell. Most of the time, we know, as an audience, that the hero always wins the fight. But we were legit forced to…

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  • Hulu and Disney+ Maybe Combined Into A Single Streaming Service

    Hulu and Disney+ Maybe Combined Into A Single Streaming Service

    Hulu and Disney+ Combined: When happens two major forces join hands to provide something bigger and better and possibly pass by their competition in the blink of an eye? It’s destruction and this is exactly what is happening. Something stupendous has fallen right in our lap, and we present it to you in sheer excitement, truthfully. We all know how…

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  • Celebs Heroic Gestures

    10 Celebs Whose Heroic Gestures Were Much Needed By Fans

    Some celebrities keep their job limited to entertainment, fame, and money. But there are some who use their platform to do some good for others. Often fans need more from famous people that go beyond the superficial things such as fashion and their relationship status. It’s good to see when celebrities use their power of influence to make a change…

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  • Dark Moments In Light-Hearted Movies

    14 Sudden Dark Moments In Light-Hearted Movies That You Didn’t See Coming

    When it comes to thrillers, suspense, or horror movies, we don’t expect anything but shady substances. But it’s pretty shocking when funny characters or light-hearted shows and movies throw something dreadful on your face. You are smiling and enjoying a feel-good movie when suddenly something totally unexpected turns everything chilly and black. This list is full of depressing and gloomy…

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  • 10 Upcoming Movies of December 2020 (& When & Where To Watch Them)

    Upcoming Movies of December 2020: Ever since COVID-19, our lives haven’t been the same. If we talk about hardships, the only thing that best defines that word is 2020. Not only did we learn what can fall upon mankind, but we also learned the ‘new normal’. With the news of vaccines being developed all around the world, we can finally…

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  • DC Is Developing a Plastic Man Movie, But There’s a Twist!

    DC Developing a Plastic Man Movie: We’ve got more good news as we see another superhero come back to life, and all thanks to Warner Bros. The said production house and distributor has made some really big announcements like uploading the entire 2021 slate of movies on HBO Max as well as strategical theatre release. With that, we see another…

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  • Sony Deletes Video Teasing Tom Holland Crossover With Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield In Spider-Man 3

    As of recently, the world has seen some interesting moves made by Sony which is straight-up questionable in the sense that, why would they put out something and then delete it? Yes, we’re talking about a recent video that Sony has deleted just to protect their pretty little secret. We get it, Sony really doesn’t want to confirm anything or…

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  • 10 Times Artists Tried To Copy Their Own Creativity

    Creativity is very proud and egoistic. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and comes at its own will. Even the best of the best cannot summon imagination and originality at their own will. One can wait for years and try every day but creativity chooses her moment. Some singers drive their music and lyrics from random moments and dreams. Some…

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  • 10 Hit Movies and Shows That Happened Because of Other Hollywood Films

    Even though creativity springs from imagination, it often has a muse. Many filmmakers in Hollywood, regardless of their talents wouldn’t have given birth to certain films had it not been for other movies. Whether the idea popped up on someone else’s film set or while watching something, the product must give credits to its father. These movies only exist because…

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  • Unanswered Mysteries In MCU

    18 Unanswered Mysteries In The MCU That We Want To Be Explained

    Marvel Studios has taken the superhero genre to an unprecedented success that no one could ever dream of. Today, this genre is considered the most profitable business in Hollywood. Everyone tries to follow the steps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but cannot beat the benchmark. MCU has skillfully woven the threads of thriller, action, sci-fi, comedy, and emotions into one…

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  • Fantastic Beasts 3: Mads Mikkelsen Needs to Solve a Big Grindelwald Problem

    Fantastic Beasts 3: Mads Mikkelsen Needs to Solve a Big Grindelwald Problem

    With the initial release date moving from 12th November 2021 to releasing on 14th July 2022 Directed by David Yates, Screenplay contributed by J. K. Rowling and Steve Kloves. Doesn’t guarantee whether it make Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 to be the last and the final part of the Series. Gellert Grindelwald is a flashback opponent, yet…

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  • Matt Reeves The Batman Catwoman The Penguin

    Here’s Why The Batman won’t be on HBO but Other Movies will be Available

    Why The Batman won’t be on HBO? Now that we are aware of the fact that Warner Bros. will be releasing its entire plate of movies of 2021 on HBO, we see ourselves asking the question – Why? Well, it’s a simple theory that they tried going on with the old school theatrical release of the movie Tenet, but it…

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  • Why Jared Leto's Joker is Crucial for Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Why Jared Leto’s Joker is Crucial for Zack Snyder’s Justice League

    When Suicide Squad was released in 2016, it was vaguely received by the audience and critics as well. Another part of the said movie is set to release in 2021 on HBO Max as confirmed. But what actually stood out was that one character in particular, which was Jared Leto’s Joker. No, the hardcore fans did not like it and…

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  • 2021 Movies of WB Will Release on HBO Max

    The Suicide Squad and All Other 2021 Movies of WB Will Release on HBO Max

    2021 Movies of WB Will Release on HBO Max In the wake of recent events, we have seen the audience shifting to streaming services in a large amount and carrying out the most way of consuming content. i.e., binge-watching. The COVID-19 pandemic plans to stick around for much longer than anticipated and nobody likes it. Considering this, we are probably…

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  • MCU Phase 4 Which Will Include These Movies And Shows in the Multiverse

    Well, MCU Phase 4 is kicking off really soon and one of the titles that really interests us is Doctor Strange’s sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The very word ‘Multiverse’ tells us that we need to keep our eyes and ears open to follow up with the plot and different realities. Not only this, there have been…

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  • Wonder Woman 1984: Second-Longest Movie

    Wonder Woman 1984: Second-Longest Movie By DC In Their Roster

    We don’t have to wait for Wonder Woman 1984 to arrive in 2021 as Warner Bros. is not delaying it any further. They’ve made a wise decision for the release of the movie, and most people are happy about it. Wonder Woman 1984 is now set to hit theatres as well as HBO Max on December 25. The runtime of…

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  • Movie Scenes Originally Different

    12 Movie Scenes You Didn’t Know Were Originally Different

    Movie Scenes Originally Different: The screenwriters and the creative team spend months in coming up with themes and dialogues. Even the smallest and the most random detail may have taken hours of brainstorming by brilliant minds. Now imagine how would you feel if the scenes were changed in the last moment. Everything that is written on the pages is not…

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  • Superheroes Entertaining And Fun

    10 Disastrous Attempts To Make Superheroes Entertaining And Fun

    Huge numbers of filmmakers and businesses have tried to capitalize on the popularity of superheroes. As we know, many have repeatedly tried and failed to make entertaining and thrilling superhero movies until MCU came into the picture. But it looks like only MCU has been able to find the correct recipe with successful movies, merchandise, and lots more. Marvel movies…

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  • Mads Mikkelsen Refines Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beat 3

    Fantastic Beasts 3 – Mads Mikkelsen Reveals That His Grindelwald Might Be Different to Johnny Depp’s

    Surrounding all the drama, we see Johnny Depp in the middle of it. After losing his liable to The Sun that once called him a “wife-beater”, Warner Bros. asked Depp to step out of Fantastic Beasts, and he complied with them respectively by doing so. The fans were, and are still upset about it as Johnny Depp holds a major…

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  • Gal Gadot To Star In Her Own James Bond-Like Spy Movie

    Gal Gadot is set to star in Skydance Media’s next film called ‘Heart Of Spin’. This movie is an original international spy thriller flick, set and ready to put a female lead and we’re excited to see Gal Gadot execute this role to perfection. As of now, the director is not confirmed, but The Aeronauts and Wild Rose director, Tom…

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  • Stupidest Characters In Movies

    12 Stupidest Characters In Movies Who Were Supposed To Be Smart

    A huge amount of money and brains is invested in creating genius movie characters such as detectives and secret agents. Yet, these supposedly “clever” heroes and villains turned out to have lesser common sense than ordinary people like us who are neither double agent nor have a team of scriptwriters. We get so mesmerized by their majestic plans that we…

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  • MCU Characters Skrulls

    8 MCU Characters That Skrulls Could Have Shape-Shifted Into

    Now that the first three phases of MCU are over, fans are speculating the next challenge in the franchise. The shocking post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home indicates that Marvel has moved on from Thanos and Infinity War storyline to unfold the adventures of “Secret Invasion”. This issue is based on the alien race of shape-shifting Skrulls who have…

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  • Celebrity Married Their First Love

    10 Famous Celebrity Who Got Married To Their First Love

    Most of the relationships in Hollywood haven’t left a good example. Celebrity couples are infamous for falling in and out of love pretty fast. Focusing too much on Hollywood marriages and relationships might take your faith away from love or just drive you crazy. But it would be unfair to say that true love doesn’t exist in the show business.…

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  • Celebrity Couples Vacations Together

    Celebrity Couples Who Have Been On Vacations Together

    “Birds of the same feather flock together”. This caption strongly applies to a celebrity’s life where one mostly marries and befriends someone from his/her industry. They have better chemistry and bond with one another than with an outsider from a different background. Their worlds are widely different from ours. They definitely have more things in common to talk about- social…

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  • Every Major Movie Role Keanu Reeves Has Rejected

    Keanu Reeves has been the most loved actor in the recent times. While people love him for movies like John Wick, The Matrix, and Speed, they also love the fact that he does a lot of passion projects. His choice of films is different, and rather unique as compared to what the other A-listers pick. So, that’s what makes him…

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  • MCU Theory: Infinity Stone Is The Secret of Vibranium’s Power

    An Infinity stone, A Celestial, or a destroyed planet’s shard could be the secret of the powers that Vibranium possesses. In Marvel Films, Vibranium is appeared to be the most durable and imperishable material in existence. The exact same Vibranium steel was used in casting Captain America’s shield. Even Thor’s Mjolnir with its full potential force couldn’t even put a…

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  • Behind The Scenes Moments From Sets

    10 Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Movie And TV Series Sets

    The lives of actors seem pretty glamorous on the outside but the reality is far different. Making a movie or TV show is one of the most difficult and messy jobs in the world. There are several teams who are assigned with 100-different duties which must be completed within a specified period of time. Coordinating the design department, scriptwriters, costume…

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  • Irritating Romantic Relationships

    10 Most Irritating Romantic Relationships That Exist In The MCU

    We are not against love and this list certainly doesn’t aim to mock the concept of romance. To non-superhero fans’ surprise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t confined to action and battles. It has blended in every factor that upgrades a movie into a global box office success. MCU takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions- laughter, romance, surprises,…

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  • fast and furious 8 full movie in hindi download

    Major Plot Holes And Mistakes Made In The Fast And Furious Movies

    Fast and Furious is a film series that has some hardcore fans eagerly waiting for every sequel to drop. From high-speed car chases to action-packed sequences, crazy money heists, and jaw-dropping missions. Now because of this, even if the story falls out every now and then, the fans wouldn’t mind because they saw what they wanted to see. The movie…

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  • Every Character Who Could Appear In The “Avengers 5′ Like Thor 4

    Thor: Love And Thunder featuring the son of Odin, ‘Thor, ‘ and Steve Englehart and Steve Gan created MCU character Peter Jason Quill aka ‘Star-Lord’. Here is an exclusive insight into avengers style cast who may appear in the upcoming movie to be released by February 2022. As a ritual of creating a wonderful, Marvel studio is congregating a cast…

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  • Terminator & Robocop Crossover Could Revive Both The Franchises

    Terminator & Robocop Crossover: For the lovers of sci-fi lovers and cyborg watchers, the Terminator franchise was a piece of cake. The franchise, The Terminator first released in 1984, has continued to release 6 installments despite the mixed reviews over the years. In recent times, the movie has not been well perceived by the critics and has also failed to…

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  • How Avengers: Endgame Copied A Scene For A DC Movie

    Here’s The Probable Evidence For How Avengers: Endgame “Copied” A Scene For A DC Movie

    How Avengers: Endgame “Copied” A Scene For A DC Movie? Marvel and DC are undoubtedly two of the biggest universes existing right now and they have hardcore loyal fans always looking forward to new content and have stayed updated with every move. In recent developments, one of DC’s fans shared a video on Twitter comparing two scenes – one from…

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  • Guardians of The Galaxy Badass

    10 Funniest Moments That Prove The Guardians Of The Galaxy Are The Most Badass

    Where were the Guardians all our lives? Thanks to Marvel Cinematic Universe for bringing these hilarious and eccentric comic book heroes into our lives. They are nothing like the conventional and brooding superheroes we have grown up reading and watching. Even if they are on the verge of saving a universe, their main concern is on how to roast one…

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  • 25 Painful Moments From MCU Which Made Everyone Cry

    Marvel Universe has seen unprecedented success in the past 10 years at the hands of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio has knitted the universe with the best set of actors and directors, mind-blowing visuals, and engaging storylines. We can rarely think of an MCU movie that didn’t make us laugh, cry, and tensed. In spite of its superhero and…

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  • Why These 6 Fantastic Four Movies Were Cancelled In The Past

    The Fantastic Four haven’t had a great run at the big screen. Fox’s first Fantastic Four movie was good enough, but then they did Fantastic Four: The Rise of Silver Surfer, which tanked. Then came the Fant4stic reboot in 2015, which was trashed by everyone. Now, the fans are breathing easy as the MCU has been given the reigns for…

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  • The Adam Project – Ryan Reynolds Shares Image

    The Adam Project – Ryan Reynolds Shares Images from His New Time Travel Movie

    After being done with one Netflix movie, Ryan Reynolds has begun work on another. Red Notice is probably going to be Netflix’s biggest movie of 2021. But after that, the streamer is going to bring us Reynolds’ The Adam Project. They’re producing this film in coalition with Skydance. It will be another star-studded movie as along with Reynolds, we’re going…

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  • Characters Deleted From Popular Movies

    12 Famous Actors Whose Characters Were Deleted From Popular Movies

    Directors often make eccentric characters with a purpose in their head but that is not always comprehended by the test audience. Either it is too distracting, doesn’t long, or simply doesn’t contribute to the story. Many cameos and short appearances by famous actors were left out from the film for these reasons. Whatever the idea behind them was, the makers…

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  • 10 Hidden and Secret Details About Black Widow That Fans Missed

    Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff is the most secretive MCU character. Both fans and the Avengers happen to know nothing about her apart from her name. She keeps mentioning her red ledger but what it contains is something we are yet to find out. Even though the movie version of Black Widow doesn’t have the powers like her comic book…

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  • New photo of bucky's suit

    The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’s Merchandise May Reveal New Captain America Suits

    Our superheroes look best when they have an outstanding costume, something that really shows what they are and what they preach. For example, Captain America with America’s flag symbolism all over, Black widow with an all-black outfit denoting she’s all about work and a hardcore regime, and so on. Marvel Phase Four is starting and no, we cannot remain poised.…

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  • Rocky IV Stallone In ICU

    ‘Rocky IV’ Turns 35, And Stallone Claims He Was In ICU For 9 Days

    ‘Rocky IV’ turned 35 on 27th November 2021, and it’s still one of the fan’s favorite. Releasing in 1985, the plot revolved around a boxer who wants to take revenge from a Russian boxer to avenge his friend’s death which was caused by the boxer. Over the years it has kept his reputation as a successful sequel and establishing Sylvester…

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  • Johnny Depp Amber Heard Aquaman

    Over 1.5 Million People Sign The Petition To Remove Amber Heard From Aquaman 2

    Petition To Remove Amber Heard From Aquaman 2: Marriages can sometimes be tricky, some live up to it, and some don’t. Even the heroes that we look up to are unable to carry out a successful marriage and sometimes, it can get real ugly. This is exactly what happened between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. A couple that seemed head…

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  • Merchandise Reveals the Suit of Spectrum

    WandaVision – Marvel’s Merchandise Reveals the Suit of New Superhero, Spectrum

    Merchandise Reveals the Suit of Spectrum: We’re all eagerly waiting for MCU Phase 4 to start with WandaVision. The dry run has been really long as the last MCU movie we saw was back in July 2019. So, for almost 15 months, we haven’t got any new MCU content due to the Rona. And, it’s sad that we have to…

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  • How Eternals Introduce Thanos’ Father A'lars

    Thanos Has Ties With The Eternals And MCU Has Confirmed It 

    It’s time for some good news, MCU has confirmed Thanos’s direct connection with the Eternals. According to The Direct, AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N., which is an interactive exhibit featuring props and giving information to their fans for an up-close experience with their world, has given us some exciting news. The Eternals is a term that we’re gonna hear much more from now…

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  • Moments In MCU Taken From Comic

    10 Legendary Moments In The MCU That Were Directly Taken From The Comic Books

    Adapting a book into a live-action movie is not everyone’s cup of tea. It isn’t a business of mere copy-pasting because what we read may not necessarily be engaging on the screen in the same way. Moreover, the filmmakers cannot fit the entire book in 2.5-hours of the movie. So the creative team has to sit together for days and…

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  • Here’s Why The Red Skull Is Marvel’s Deadliest Non-Powered Villain

    Why Red Skull Is Marvel’s Deadliest Villain: There are always two sides to any story – positive and negative. This goes on to tell that any hero needs an arch-nemesis to fight and establish the peripheral flow of goodness and peace. Marvel is responsible for this as well. From time to time we have seen Marvel’s superheroes fought off such…

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  • HBO is Putting Out A Plethora of Content in December

    HBO (Home Box Office) is 41 years old now and has never failed to produce quality content. And we say this because they produced one of the highest rating series Chernobyl. But that is not the only content that has wowed the audience and its users. HBO has finally put out its roster for December, and it’s raining movies. From pre-released…

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  • 10 Hottest Ever Love Interests of Superheroes

    3In a superhero film, even the love interest along with the action sequence catches our attention. Be it Batman’s love of life, Rachel Dawes, or Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor, these romantic dramas add weight to the emotional part of the film. This list comprises of the hottest girl/boyfriend, husband/wife, or a crush of the comic book heroes. Their…

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  • Unseen Marvel Set Photos of Spider-Man

    20 Amazing And Unseen Marvel Set Photos of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

    Marvel and Sony collaborated together and launched a new Spider-Man franchise that could bring back the lost glory of one of the most beloved superheroes. The actor Tom Holland was cast as Spider-Man and he successfully pulled off both Peter Parker and Spiderman. He is considered by many to be the best version of Spider-Man of all. And now it…

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  • Iron Man Consciously Saved Gamora While Snapping His Fingers

    Iron Man Saved Gamora: When the MCU fans knew that Avengers: Infinity War will introduce the strongest villain yet in its franchise, namely Thanos, they were off the hook. They finally wanted to see someone who is as big as the Hulk and even stronger perhaps. Then came the movie and the ending stunned the audience because the saviors of…

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  • Disastrous Versions of MCU

    10 Disastrous Versions of The Popular Superhero Franchises of MCU

    Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken the game of the superhero genre to an unprecedented level. By pushing out back to back mind-blowing blockbusters every year, they have made the comic book movie industry highly attractive to other players. But this profitable business wasn’t so appealing always. Many directors and studios attempted to bring the comic book heroes on the screen…

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  • MCU Theory: Doctor Strange 2 Will Bring Deadpool Into The MCU

    Doctor Strange 2 Bring Deadpool: Deadpool 3 is happening for sure as writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are writing an R-rated script as we speak. The movie may not arrive until 2023, but we know that Marvel will be laying the groundwork for Deadpool until then. Deadpool is a hot property as his two movies brought in close to…

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  • Movies & TV Shows Christian Bale

    10 Movies & TV Shows That Christian Bale Has Turned Down

    Movies & TV Shows Christian Bale Turned Down: Christian Bale is one of the greatest and most devoted actors in the industry. He is someone who wholeheartedly commits to any role that he takes on. I mean, the guy goes completely method!! Whether it is a massive role like Batman or a character in smaller budget movies like The Fighter,…

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  • The Batman Is Bringing Its Most Important Character Back To Life

    The Batman Trilogy, directed by Christopher Nolan is one of the most successful trilogies and fan-favorite amongst DC lovers. Christopher Nolan is one of the most notable directors of all time, giving us quality content that heavy in their weightage. The Batman Trilogy is no less. Showcasing a gritty city of Gotham, and people’s savior Batman the entire trilogy is…

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  • Performances of Popular Actors

    12 Best And Worst Performances of Popular Actors In Movies

    As bizarre as it may seem, there isn’t much difference between Hollywood actors and common people like us. Keeping the glamor and wealth aside, their experiences mirror a lot with ours. Their journey to the current success was met with countless challenges and hurdles. These stars also had ups and downs in their career. As exceptional and magnificent as the…

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  • Real Reason Why Hulk Got A Beating From Iron Man’s Hulkbuster

    Why Hulk Got Beating From Hulkbuster: When Bruce Banner said, “That’s my secret Cap, I’m always angry.” and transformed into the green monster Hulk, not only Captain America but the entire fan community went gaga over it. He then goes on to smash an entire dragon-like Thanos’s army. Hulk is undoubtedly known for his anger, which is the only emotion…

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  • 10 Movies That Will Hit The Floor of Netflix In December 2020

    Netflix has notoriously gained the reputation of one of the best OTT platforms worldwide. From its cheeky introduction to a vast variety of content, Netflix has certainly amused its users. With the settling of 2020, Netflix has decided to add a bunch of new movies to its collection. Here are the top 10 movies that will be coming to Netflix…

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  • Unseen Harry Potter Movie Shots Before And After Special Effects

    20 Unseen Harry Potter Movie Shots Before And After Special Effects

    Harry Potter movie series has always been the best and we, the Potterheads, are curious about how the filming has done what are the behind-the-scene facts, and so on. So here we brought you some of the wizardly awesome Harry Potter movie shots before and after special effects: 1. The Stairs!! 2. The Flying Scene!! 3. Amazing!! 4. The Singing…

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  • Comic Book Movies Box Office Flops

    10 Comic Book Movies That Became The Biggest Box Office Flops

    Comic book production houses are pumping out movies every four months. The genre has been bringing in more than favorable box office results in the past few years. Many players were attracted to this profitable business but not everyone could survive. Some comic book franchises like the MCU and DCEU transformed into sharks while others drowned in the sea full…

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  • Justice League Snyder’s Cut Engulfs Lex Luthor Reference From BVS And Superman’s Hologram?

    When you turn a comic book into lifelike movies with hard kicking visuals, you get yourself a fanbase that is loyal, but also impatient as they’re always looking out for new content. When youtube gave us the notification of Justice League Snyder’s Cut trailer, we went a tad bit crazy only out of excitement. But that was not it, because…

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  • Celebs Dumped Brutally

    10 Beautiful Celebs Who Were Dumped Brutally

    Some of us strongly believe that “money can buy happiness”. It surely makes the challenges bearable for Hollywood celebrities. Having mood swings? Go to the spa. Been dumped? Go on a trip on a private jet. But some wounds cannot be treated with jets and foreign trips. Beauty and wealth couldn’t save these successful people from heartbreaks.  Moreover, one of…

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  • Thor 4 Should Involve the Guardians of the Galaxy

    Thor 4 Should Involve the Guardians of the Galaxy in its Final Battle

    Thor 4 Should Involve the Guardians of the Galaxy: One might think that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could prove to be the biggest movie of 2021 because of its massive cast. But we’ve got reason to believe that Thor: Love and Thunder will be even bigger and bolder. It actually packs a cast that has several Hollywood…

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  • Image Credits: Screen Rant

    Thor: Ragnarok Revealed That Vampires Exist in the MCU

    Vampires Exist in the MCU: The MCU is soon going to be crawling with all kinds of beings that we haven’t seen yet. We’ve seen several alien races already. But what we haven’t seen are 5 different earth-based species. Phases 4 & 5 will bring in Mutants, Inhumans, Eternals, Deviants & Vampires. Okay maybe the Skrulls are deviants and Thanos…

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  • Characters Concept Art Ruined

    7 Comic Book Characters Whose Concept Art Was Ruined In Movies

    Comic books are all about delightful illustrations. Using visuals and graphics is the main medium for their stories. Every superhero character is born through concept art which is mostly drawn by comic book artists. Readers have grown up seeing their favorite heroes and villains in this form. When studios and movies announce their arrival on the silver screen, no one…

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  • Here’s the Factual Reason for Why Thor Refers to Rocket as ‘Rabbit’

    Thor & Rocket became the best of friends when they met each other in Avengers: Infinity War. The two of them delivered the most heartfelt & funniest of scenes in the last two Avengers films. They were a perfect fit together as Rocket became the buddy Thor never really had. And that’s why, Thor naturally continued with the Guardians after…

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  • Details About Star-Lord In The MCU

    10 Interesting Details About Star-Lord In The MCU That You Missed

    Most of us are so engrossed with the plot and adventures of the film that we miss out on the little but significant details. The same goes for Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel comic book adaption that owes its popularity to the movies. Hardly anyone read the comic books until MCU brought life into the characters on the silver…

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  • Celebrities Always Dumped

    10 Famous Celebrities Who Have Always Been Dumped

    Don’t let a rejection question yourself. If it was always you then these successful and gorgeous people from Hollywood wouldn’t have experienced heartbreaks. There are numerous factors that keep a relationship tied. But the same reasons can also break the ties. These celebs were left by their loved ones for their difference in life choices, work schedule, or simply due…

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  • ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Gets Delayed As WarnerMedia Turned Down $200 Million From Netflix

    The big guns are pulling in and it will be absolute chaos as we will see two giants – Godzilla and Kong – going toe to toe for the ultimate dominance. But before that happens, we have found some fresh news and our ears are burning. WarnerMedia just turned down a $200 million offer from Netflix, the most preferred OTT…

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  • Celebrities Tried To Remain Popular

    10 Celebrities Who Desperately Tried To Remain Popular

    Fame is a fickle thing! It can rise in a second and before you know, it can plummet on his face in the next. But who doesn’t enjoy fame and the benefits that come along? You are admired by the world and followed by endless endorsements. So, we can’t blame the people from show business who relentlessly try to stay…

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