11 hours ago

    20 EVIL Marvel Memes Following The Latest Trend

    What is up my fellow Quirky readers? I’m here to turn your bleak hours into fun times. There’s a crazy…
    12 hours ago

    Kevin Feige Was Not Allowed To Use Daredevil, Blade, And Other Characters Initially

    We are well aware of the multiple projects that are set to come out in the next few years that…
    12 hours ago

    Why MCU Keeps Changing The Personality of Hawkeye?

    Did you notice that Hawkeye’s personality just changed since his last outing? We think Marvel did that to keep the…
    13 hours ago

    Why The Batman Trailers Keep Hiding The Riddler

    2 of The Batman trailers starring Robert Pattinson are out, and we noticed a weird detail. The movie is going…
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