2 hours ago

    5 Questions We Have From What If Episode 7

    What If…? is giving us some of the best storylines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The benefit of these plots…
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    10 Most Shocking Surprises From What If Episode 7 Involving Party Thor

    Marvel is going all the way with their projects and giving us their best treatment of fan-favorite characters. We have…
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    Why Shang-Chi Should Let Go Of The 10 Rings In The Sequel

    The hero’s journey is a classic trope in all of the writing. It involves a call to action and ends…
    18 hours ago

    Check Out These 20 New Venom Let There Be A Carnage Memes

    We already have Sony’s Venom Let There Be A Carnage trailer which blew our minds. After the first Venom outing, this…
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