15 Most Powerful Weapons Wielded by The Avengers – Ranked

When you are tasked with protecting the entire world from bad guys, you need to have the skills as well as the resources to do so. The Avengers are the Earth’s mightiest heroes and they are Earth’s first and last line of defense in the Marvel Universe. It is logical that they too have weapons that augment and enhance their abilities and make them who they are. Presenting – 15 Most Powerful Weapons wielded by the Avengers – Ranked!

 15. Stingray Armor

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

 Stingray’s real name is Walter Newell, an Oceanographer, and underwater explorer. To better help him carry out his hobbies, Walter created the Stingray suit. The stingray suit allows Walter to breathe and move underwater at rates much faster than even the average Atlantean. It is also equipped with energy-based weaponry. The suit’s design was so impressive that Tony Stark mistook it for a Stark Industries project and demanded Walter to return it to him.

 14. Hellcat’s suit

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

The Hellcat suit allows its wearer to become an actual human weapon. You wear it and you become an expert martial artist who can take out 20 bad guys in a minute, even if you have had no formal training. Patsy Walker, introduced into the Marvel Comics Universe in Avengers #144, wears it to become the Hellcat. Interestingly, this supernatural suit was designed by Malcolm Donalbain, a Marvel Supervillain.

 13. Hawkeye’s bow and arrows

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

Clint Barton may not have super strength. He may not run faster than a speeding bullet. He also cannot fly or breathe fire. But boy can he kick ass. And all he needs is his trusted bow and arrows. While the rest of the Avengers need to get close to the enemy to beat them, all Hawkeye needs is to sip his coffee as he waits for the perfect moment to strike from a distance. His weapon has a range and allows Clint to kick ass from a mile away.

 12. Wasp’s suit

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

The Wasp aka Janet Van Dyne is one hell of an Avenger. She has been a part of so many iterations of the team that we have lost count. The Wasp suit allows Janet to shrink her size just like Hank Pym does with his Ant-Man suit. It also gives her a pair of wings which she can use to fly. The suit has a special electric discharge function called Stingers. The Stingers, despite their small size, are extremely powerful and are strong enough to rip open a wall.

 11. Deadpool’s strange arsenal of Weapons

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

Unlike the other Avengers, Deadpool does not have a definite set of weaponry like Hawkeye’s bow and arrows or Wasp’s suit. What he does have is a crazy-ass ability to use anything he has at his disposal to use as a lethal weapon. Knives, Katanas, handguns, grenades, bananas (yeah you heard it right), and even an Avenger sky-cycle which he turned into a bomb – anything Deadpool has in his hand could be a weapon. Combined with his incredible healing factor, he becomes nigh unstoppable as a mercenary.

 10. Black Widow’s Bite

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

You might have seen Black Widow’s gauntlets in the MCU movies. She calls them the Widow’s Bite – a pair of Gauntlets that pack energy weaponry along with hidden compartments that are used to store stuff like knockout gas, explosives, and hand-thrown projectiles. The Bite debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #86 along with her trademark red hair (she was a brunette before that) and it has become a part of her ever since.

 9. Spider-Man’s Iron Spider Armor

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

The Iron Spider armour would have featured higher in this list had it not been used so scantily in the comic books. The Iron Spider armour was a gift from Tony Stark to Peter Parker after the latter lost his powers. It is equipped with several unique features like remote-controlled tentacles, life support systems, ability to remotely detach and control any part of the suit and the power to see within any range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

 8. Wolverine’s Claws

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

Made of Adamantium – the toughest metal on Earth second only to Vibranium, Wolverine has had a century to hone his skills with his claws. It allows Wolverine to literally cut through anything. Adamantium is derived from Olympus’ equivalent to Asgard’s Uru (the metal Thor’s hammer is made out of) and has several unique properties. Wolverine is an expert at using it in battle. If you see a deranged short guy with claws drawn out in the battlefield, we suggest you run away as fast as you can.

 7. Captain America’s Shield

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

The iconic red, white and blue draped Shield of Captain America is a flagship signature of Marvel Comics. It not only is a great defensive weapon but also can be used offensively to disarm opponents or push back enemies. The Shield symbolizes hope, truth and freedom, the pillars of a free world. To that end, the weapon is not only something that protects its wielder but also inspires every person to do the right thing when he or she sees it.

 6. War Machine’s Armor

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

The War Machine Armour is a close descendant of the Iron Man Armour. When Tony Stark fell into the dark abyss of Alcoholism, he gave Rhodey the classic War Machine suit of his own design to carry out his work in his absence.  The War Machine suit has several of Iron Man’s original features. The arc reactor placed on its chest and the uni-beam and repulsor rays aside, the War Machine suit has enough firepower in its arsenal to bring down a small country.

 5. Iron Man’s Armor

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

Tony Stark was cornered into a tight spot when he built the first Iron Man suit. He has since managed to upgrade the suit from being just a means of survival to a full-fledged piece of weaponry. Iron Man has included a lot of added features into the armour. He has also created several variants of it. The Silver Centurion armour has energy shields. The Stealth armour makes Tony invisible. The Hulk-Buster armour…well, you get the point.

 4. Back Panther’s suit

Avengers Most Powerful WeaponsThe Black Panther suit is made out of pure Wakandan Vibranium, the toughest metal in the Marvel Universe. The suit is bulletproof and has Vibranium claws that help T’Challa cut anything into pieces. The Black Panther suit is also equipped with numerous gadgets and has an energy absorption function. The more you hit Black Panther, the more energy the suit collects, finally resulting in powerful shockwave dispersals as seen in the 2018 movie.

 3. Hercules’ Golden Mace

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

Many casual fans would not know this – Hercules, the Greek God of strength, is actually a member of the Avengers. He is a God on par with Thor and has battled with him on several occasions. His strength alone is enough to trump Thor’s lightning bolts like he has done many times in the past. But sometimes, even the God of Strength needs some backing up. For such a purpose, Hephaestus, Olympus’ Weaponsmith, created the adamantine Golden Mace. The Mace is durable enough to withstand any amount of force and is magic-resistant. Despite a lack of abilities like controlling lightning and storms like Thor’s Mjolnir, it is a weapon that has bested Thor on several occasions.

 2. Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

The Eye of Agamotto is one of the three artifacts that Strange uses as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, the other two being the Wand of Watoomb and the Bok of Vishanti. The Eye of Agamotto, unlike what the movies have shown you, does not possess the ability to control time in the comic books. Instead, the Eye supplements Strange’s magical abilities. When the eye opens, all illusions are dispelled and evil magic users are weakened.

 1. Mjolnir

Avengers Most Powerful Weapons

Probably the most famous and most powerful Avengers weapon of all time, the Mjolnir hammer was forged under the orders of Odin. The Hammer was made within the heart of a dying star and houses the energy of a universe-ending cosmic storm. The Hammer allows Thor to do a variety of things in the comic books – summoning lightning and thunder, controlling the weather, and even opening portals to other dimensions. It is also indestructible and has an enchantment that allows only people it deems “worthy” to wield it.

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