• Marvel Stars Previous Odd Jobs

    15 Marvel Stars & Their Previous Odd Jobs Before Becoming Famous

    All the stars of the MCU have paid their rightful dues before they became famous and popular across the globe and started being known by their stage names rather than their actual names and were able to enjoy the greatness that followed them on the silver screen. The list shows the kind of odd jobs each of these famous people…

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  • Actors Hated Their Work

    10 Actors Who Hated Their Work

    Actors are artists who have mastered a major style of the art form and excel in that particular forte. But many times, even these actors kind of ditch their own performance premiere, afraid of the fact that they would not be good. The basic human sentiment entails criticizing one’s work and deeming it below the required standards. Something similar happens…

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  • Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies

    Top 10 Cleverly Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies

    There can be several reasons as to when a deleted scene does not make it through the final cut. One of the many reasons is often the need for making these movies PG-13 compliable. Other reasons may include the removal of scenes that might even be disturbing for some adults, let alone kids. No matter the reasons some deleted sense…

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  • Famous Actors And Their Dream Roles

    10 Famous Actors And Their Dream Roles

    There are several famous actors who after watching a movie or over some time have become extremely obsessed with certain roles, directors, or movie franchises. Many popular actors have been known to play some iconic roles which can never be enacted by anyone else. But many of these same actors strongly feel towards a certain role or movie character. They…

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  • Kang The Conqueror’s Gauntlet Powerful

    Marvel: Kang The Conqueror’s Gauntlet Is More Powerful Than Thanos’s

    Marvel Comics Universe is vast and consists of characters far many more than the MCU. The Marvel Comics Universe may not be a direct link to the MCU but does set the parameters and the guidelines as to how the basic narrative should unfold. Marvel Comics Universe has recently revealed the latest copy of the ‘Avengers: Mech Strike #2’ which…

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  • She-Hulk Shapeshifting Alien

    Report: She-Hulk May Feature A Shapeshifting Alien

    Marvel Studios will soon start their production of the She-Hulk and the initial casting line ups are hinting towards a possible shapeshifter to enter the MCU timeline. Disney+ has yet to announce the officiating release of the series on its OTT platform. But one thing is for certain that the audience will witness the arrival of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce…

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  • Netflix Original Series New Seasons in 2021

    10 Netflix Originals Returning With A New Season in 2021

    Netflix has been known to be a lifesaver for several souls during last year’s lockdown. This year, however, Netflix has come with all guns flaring and announced new seasons to its multiple existing Originals in 2021. 2020 was a complex year for a lot of us and probably 2021 will carry on or rather take things forward from the year…

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  • Thor 4 Return of Jane Foster

    Thor 4: Movie Set Photos Confirm The Return of Jane Foster

    The latest project of Marvel Studios has been gathering a lot of attention from the paparazzi. The project will be the 4th sequel in the Thor storyline and has been named Thor: Love and Thunder. The reigns of the project have been handed over to Taika Waititi, whose direction was acclaimed and appreciated by a majority of Marvel fans in…

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  • Powerful Telepaths In MCU

    10 Most Powerful Telepaths In Marvel

    Telepaths are slightly different from telekinesis users; telekinesis users can manipulate objects and matter with the use of their minds. But telepathy users can tap into the human brain and read their innermost desires, their thoughts, their memories and even communicate with them without actually opening their mouth through telepathic abilities. These abilities generally develop due to mutation at birth…

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  • Plot Holes In Superhero Movies

    10 Plot Holes In Superhero Movies That Fans Pointed Out

    The entertainment industry for many years has been influenced by comic books and soon we saw a rise in the number of movies made around the stories in the comic books with an adaptation to the real world. Comic book-based movies do offer the thrill of several comics in one feature film, but many times they are not able to…

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  • White Vision Harbor Ultron’s Conscience

    WandaVision Theory: White Vision May Harbor Ultron’s Conscience

    Disney’s WandaVision narrative has been a global success. Especially with the one-year unexpected break, it has come as a ray of hope. The upcoming episode 9 of the WandaVision arc seems to have built a commandeering response on the Disney+. The story is based a few weeks post the events of Avengers: Endgame and focuses on the loss that Wanda…

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  • 20 Moments of Spider-Man Cast Together That Are Simply The Best

    Marvel and Sony collaborated together and launched a new Spider-Man franchise that could bring back the lost glory of one of the most beloved superheroes. Moreover, we got the best version of the Spider-Man portraying by the most talented actor Tom Holland. The cast of the movie is really amazing and what is more exciting is that they are the…

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  • Characters Sacrificed Themselves

    10 Characters Who Sacrificed Themselves To Save The Day

    The plain motive of any movie is that hero defeats evil or the villain. However, sometimes the storytellers spice things up with the story plot and bring in additional loops within the story. In many iterations of certain narratives, the antagonist hatches such an evil plot that even the protagonist is unable to put a stop to the evil plans…

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  • Craziest cameos in Spider-Man movies

    10 Craziest Cameos In Spider-Man Movies

    The Spider-Man franchise from its first movie has ensured the inclusion of stars who were pretty popular even before the first Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man hit the cinema in 2002. There have been so many already popular stars or going to be popular stars, in the cast of the Spider-Man 2002. Many of these stars got on to the road to…

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  • Details About Wanda Maximoff

    10 Minute Details About Wanda Maximoff That Fans Noticed

    Wanda Maximoff aka ‘The Scarlet Witch’ has recently made her prominence know in the MCU. Wanda’s traumatic childhood which led to her developing the current state of powers has been held responsible. Wanda’s emotional state may also adversely affect the output of her power, which has been shown via various events which have unfolded in the Wanda Vision television series…

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  • WandaVision Fan Theories For Finale

    WandaVision: 9 Crazy Fan Theories For The Finale

    The WandaVision has been a relaxing relief and at the helm of the phase 4 event of the MCU release in 2021. Wanda Vision has to date released 8 episodes within the Wanda Vision narrative and fans are unable to hold their excitement for the upcoming episode 9. Fans of the MCU have raised multiple speculations about what kind of…

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  • Chaos Magic Sets Up Doctor Strange 2's Villain

    Theory: Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic Sets Up Doctor Strange 2’s Villain

    WandaVision arc seems to have set up the narrative for the upcoming movie of Benedict Cumberbatch in the MCU phase 4. The revelation of an extremely important element of the movie sets up the platform for Episode 9. Also, may decide the altercations that the story may have with the future commitments of the numerous real eases planned out in…

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  • WandaVision Questions About Director Hayward

    WandaVision: 8 Big Questions Fans Have About Director Hayward

    The WandaVision storyline has created an outstanding series of events, which have caused an implication of several characters into the MCU narrative. Ranging from Vision, Quicksilver, Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, and many more. The WandaVision storyline seems to be holding out several incidences which show that every reaction by the number of these new characters may cause an equal number…

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  • Things Harry Potter Cast Said About Each Other

    20 Amazing Things Harry Potter Cast Said About Each Other

    Harry Potter is a masterpiece, an international best-seller, and a source of inspiration for aspiring writers and film-makers. The craze for Harry Potter books and movies will never ever fade. Fans admired every single character and are obsessed with them. Fans have almost seen every premiere and interviews of these stars and so here we brought you the collection of things…

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  • Casting Decisions Made Fans Lose Their Minds

    11 Casting Decisions That Made Fans Lose Their Minds

    Hollywood movies are an epic showdown of a great director, a great story, and especially the cast. Many a time even though the story may not be that great, the portrayal of the characters in the story by the cast kind of saves the day. But many times, a lot of politics gets involved while looking for a cast and…

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  • Taylor Swift Calls Out Ginny And Georgia

    Taylor Swift Calls Out Netflix’s ‘Ginny And Georgia’ Over Sexist Remarks

    Ginny And Georgia is the latest Netflix show which released on 24th February and has been trending on the top ten charts since then. This is the story of a 15-year-old Ginny and her 30-year mother and 9-year-old brother who move to a picturesque and rich New England town after being on the run for years. The show has been…

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  • Robert Downey Jr. Moments Prove He Is Tony Stark In Real Life

    20 Moments of Robert Downey Jr. Which Will Prove He Is Tony Stark In Real Life

    Robert Downey Jr. has become the biggest star in Hollywood now, and he is not just ruling the Box Office, but he is also the ruler of our hearts. Fans love everything about him, his attitude, his acting, his style, just everything. So here we bring you some of the awesome moments when Robert Downey Jr. Proves he is Tony…

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  • Taylor Swift’s Biggest Career Achievements

    Taylor Swift’s 10 Biggest Career Achievements

    Taylor Swift is the American Pop Music Industry. Ever since she was a teenager, the musician has made country music very popular and mainstream. The singer is a great icon today and with a long list of albums, awards, and tours under her name. The musician is in her early 30s and shining bright. Presenting top Career Achievements of Taylor…

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  • Wanda’s Link With The Mind Stone

    Theory: Wanda’s Link With The Mind Stone Sets Up Doctor Strange 2

    The latest episode of the WandaVision arc seems to have ignited a special narrative in the WandaVision storyline and seems to be heading towards setting up a platform for the upcoming Doctor Strange 2. In the latest episode, the audiences are taken back into the history of the traumatic incidents which Wanda had faced while growing up and how those…

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  • Wanda Vs Agatha: Who Will Win The Witch Battle?

    WandaVision arc has quite wonderfully rattled or jolted the joyride of the MCU back into motion. The arrival of new characters in the WandaVision arc has brought about a change in the narrative and has even revealed the new characters which we might get to see in the upcoming movies of the MCU like Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and…

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  • WandaVision Questions Lead To Conclusion

    WandaVision: 10 Questions Which Lead To Conclusion

    Marvel last’s story came out in July 2019 and since then it had been 18 months since we had not seen any MCU productions, so the start of 2021 brought some awesome news for all the marvel fans across the globe. With the release of the WandaVision television series, the fans all were ecstatic about its release as it has…

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  • Mind Numbing Action Movies

    Top 10 Mind Numbing Action Movies Till Date

    Back in 1910, Hollywood saw its first short film called “In Old California”, then we have come a long way from watching several movies. But some movies can transcend one soul and mind to the next level. Some movies are just simply put, beautiful and mesmerizing in their kind of way. These movies may include action scenes, car chases, gunfight,…

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  • Greatest Final Battles in MCU

    Top 10 Greatest Final Battles in MCU History – Ranked

    Of all the Marvel movies released to date, fans have always fathomed the showdown between the good guy and the villain in the final stretch of the Marvel movie. Even in movies that have been ridiculed for not having a strong enough villainous character, a showdown leaves the firmest critic in awe. For sure some movies have multiple smaller fights…

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  • Superheroes Who Have Evil Siblings

    10 Famous Superheroes Who Have Evil Siblings

    Having a sibling as an arch-nemesis is the oldest plot in the history books for any superhero. The plot would generally start with the siblings not knowing about each other’s existence or one of them know about the other and it is generally the elder one. The plot generally hovers around the fact that how one sibling was always favored…

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  • Quickest Speedsters of Marvel

    The Quickest Speedsters of Marvel Universe

    In the MCU we have seen just a few speedsters as of now which do not even come close to what, Flash from the DC universe can accomplish. But in the Marvel Comics Universe, we have several speedsters that can not only match but may even surpass the speedster from the DC universe. Over the years we have witnessed multiple…

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  • WandaVision: How Does One Cut Vibranium?

    In the MCU we have seen many mythic weapons destroyed by evil villains. In Thor: Ragnarök we saw Hela turning Thor’s Mjolnir into crumbs, whereas it was forged with the rare metal Uru which was only found in Nidavellir, which was the world of the dwarves and was placed around the heart of a dying star in the form of…

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  • 10 Classic Monsters You Don’t Know Exist In Marvel

    The cinema industry saw the dawn of Universal Classic Monsters in the late 1920s, they managed to scare a lot of their viewers but slowly the craze of these mystic monsters faded away. But there was one particular part of the entertainment industry that managed to immortalize these magnificent beasts into a timeless treasure, by engraving them into a storyline…

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  • Marvel: Why Vision Was White in The Comics?

    [WARNING: MAJOR **SPOILERS** AHEAD] The recent reveal of episode 8 of the WandaVision arc seems to have created a massive rift among a lot of fans across the globe. In the past few episodes of the WandaVision arc, we have seen how Wanda and Vision have grown apart as Wanda has not given Vision any of the memories leading to…

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  • MCU Chaos Magic Explained

    Chaos Magic: The Strongest Magic of MCU Explained

    WandaVision arc finally delved inside the niches of Chaos Magic and it may finally be responsible for a more powerful version of Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch. Please be warned for those who have still not watched episode 8 of the WandaVision television series on Disney+, there are *several spoilers* in the content mentioned ahead. In episode 8 of…

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  • Agatha’s Mother Connection With Wanda

    WandaVision: Agatha’s Mother And Her Connection With Wanda Explained

    In the most recent episode of the WandaVision episode 8, we see the story take a step back and veer off into the distant past. The narrative of the story revolves around the characters who had led to the development of the present characters in the MCU and the kind of connection these characters had with the present characters in…

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  • Marvel TV Show Releasing After WandaVision

    Every Marvel TV Show Releasing After WandaVision

    Disney+ in a tie-up with Marvel has initiated phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic journey in full gear. In 2019 Marvel Director during the San Diego Comic-con leaked crucial evidence about launching several storyline’s post-Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from Home. But due to the 2020 pandemic, the launches had to be put on hold. But at the start of…

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  • 20 Movie Comeback Lines and Insults That Are Absolutely Iconic

    No Doubt we all love movies and shows but there are some moments in these movies which force us to say #burn. Check out the collection of best movie comeback lines and insults that are absolutely iconic: 1. Crazy Rich Asians 2. Spider-Man: Far From Home 3. Addams Family Values 4. Black Panther 5. Avengers: Infinity War 6. The Mummy…

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  • Celebs Real Heroes And Saved Lives

    10 Celebs Who Turned Into Real Heroes And Saved Lives

    Celebrities are people who have a massive fan following because of their talents, they achieve a little star attention because of the art that they perform with their unique skill or talent added to it. But many times all that they crave for is a normal life away from the glamour and sheen of the industry and even sometimes transform…

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  • Biggest Achievements of Lady Gaga’s Career

    10 Biggest Achievements of Lady Gaga’s Career

    Lady Gaga is one hell of a successful woman. And her success is not only limited to her music, which, by any means has been extremely popular over the years. I mean, who hasn’t heard Bad Romance and Poker Face Be it her fashion sense or incredible acting skills in the 2018 film A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga has…

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  • Characters Who have Overpowered Energy Form

    10 Marvel & DC Characters Who Developed An Overpowered Energy Form

    Through different storylines in Marvel and Detective comics, we have witnessed some characters attain an all so powerful state that their normal bodies are often unable to sustain the outburst of the powers and are often transformed or metamorphosized into a completely different being to sustain the surge of power. In the Marvel and DC storyline, these characters often attain…

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  • Career Achievements of Rihanna

    Top 10 Biggest Career Achievements of Rihanna

    Rihanna is one of the most influential people in the world and also one of the most successful artists of her entire generation. Her debut single “Pon de Replay” was a smash hit in 2005 and there has been no looking back for this Barbadian Singer. She hasn’t released an album in years yet her popularity has not dropped by…

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  • Who Is Agatha Harkness

    WandaVision: Who Is Agatha Harkness? – The Witch Behind It All

    Episode 7 of the WandaVision chapter shows the debut of Agatha Harkness, she makes her appearance as the puppet master of the entire WandaVision episode plot while partly being in control of the Hex and manipulating Wanda and multiple events within the reality-altering Hex. But fans of the Marvel Comics Universe have seen and read about the magic-wielding sorceress or…

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  • WandaVision Theory Agnes May Have Absorbed Wanda’s Kids

    WandaVision Theory: Agnes May Have Absorbed Wanda’s Kids

    In the WandaVision episode 7 we have witnessed Billy and Tommy being taken to Agnes’s place by Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) herself and then Billy finding it peaceful at her house compared to all the noise that he could hear in his own house. In the next sequence we witness Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) being confronted by Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) while…

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  • Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch

    WandaVision Theory: Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch

    Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch: The WandaVision arc started as a sitcom set up in the late ’50s and the most intriguing part of the entire series were the commercials which were kind of absurd and vague unless one tries to connect the commercials with the current ongoing story. These commercials were initially thought to link to…

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  • Why Asgard Was Never Attacked by Thanos

    MCU Theory: Why Asgard Was Never Attacked by Thanos

    Odin Borson was the son of Bor and the father of Thor and Hella, also referred to as the All-Father because he ordered peace in all the 9 realms including Midgard aka earth. There have been multiple speculations as to why Thanos never attacked Asgard and claimed the infinity stones and the infinity gauntlet that was already there in the…

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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League Joker As Christ

    Zack Snyder’s Justice League Disclosed An Image of Jared Leto’s Joker As Christ

    In a recent reveal, Zack Snyder’s Justice League disclosed an image of Jared Leto’s Joker, which may cause religious mayhem than rise the curiosity around the series. The new image reveals Leto’s “Knightmare” Joker posed as Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns around his head and him glaring up into heaven. In recent times we have witnessed the persona…

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  • Actors Almost Featured In Awful Movies

    10 Famous Actors Who Almost Featured In Awful Movies

    Hollywood’s “scheduling conflicts” often make it to the entertainment gossip section because it is well established that it is nothing but an excuse to bail out of a bad film. It is fun to read about the same excuses which roughly translate to “sorry I will be busy moisturizing my face”. Here’s a list of actors who almost starred in…

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  • Skilled Non-Avengers In MCU

    10 Most Skilled Non-Avengers In The MCU

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with characters who are not directly related to the Avengers brand but may prove to be an extremely worth ally of the Avengers initiative. These individuals have their own set of skills that have their pros and cons and may prove to be worthy allies in the goal of keeping the earth safe from…

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  • The Infinity Stones Are Back

    WandaVision Theory: The Infinity Stones Are Back But With A Twist

    The WandaVision story arc seems to be established as a new link or connection with the infinity power stones. In the Endgame, we witnessed that the avengers along with Captain Marvel confront Thanos questioning the whereabouts of the infinity stones. The revelation made by Thanos kind of put everything on hold. Post that fans were not sure about the repercussions…

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  • WandaVision Episode 7 Nexus Links to Loki

    WandaVision: How Episode 7 Nexus Commercial Links to Loki

    The latest commercial in Episode 7 of the WandaVision arc may have just dropped a side hint and possibly a cunning link to the upcoming Loki series on the Disney+. The latest episode titled “Breaking the 4th Wall”, follows the WandaVision post the event where Wanda extends the Hex encapsulating the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D) camp set…

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  • Celebrities Hiding Their Pregnancies

    10 Celebrities Who Were Amazing At Hiding Their Pregnancies

    Television Creators have mastered the art of hiding pregnancies of their actresses when it is not written into their storyline. But there are celebrities who have been completely opaque about their pregnancy news and surprised everyone suddenly. In fact, it is quite an elaborate task for celebrities to plan an outing with their concealed baby bumps, especially in a situation…

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  • Why WandaVision Could Feature Time Jump

    Why WandaVision Could Feature An Important Time Jump

    The WandaVision arc may be up for a major fast forward or a leap into the future. The primary Marvel Studios television series features the events of the WandaVision arc which are set three weeks into the future post the events that unfolded in the Avengers: Endgame. The only other storyline that has been released after the events of Avengers:…

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  • Celebrity Couples Collective Net Worth

    Celebrity Power Couples With The Highest Collective Net Worth

    It is wonderful to experience compassion and understanding finding its way even at the workplace, because of which many celebrities of this content have collectively reached heights only a few could dream to reach. With molding one’s career and keeping one’s special love life, a secret becomes a very strenuous task especially when the entire world’s got free advice for…

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  • Violent Characters have A Soft Spot

    Violent Characters Who Actually Have A Soft Spot

    There are many characters that we know of who’ve had a troubled childhood which kind of impacts how they feel about life and how they in their perfect sense try to fit in. Growing up they never really anybody to look up to or to find an embrace in someone’s company, so how did they cope up with this absence?…

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  • Movie Villains Illogical Motivations

    Well-Known Movie Villains With Illogical Motivations

    Many movies are built around the struggle of the Hero’s life and crafting a story around the worthiness of the hero with regards to his powers or capability or even his inheritance to the respect in the society needs to be challenged by the antagonist. The story of the antagonist often revolves around a motivation that arises only when the…

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  • Falcon & Winter Soldier Questions

    Falcon & Winter Soldier: 8 Questions The Show Must Answer

    The new upcoming The Falcon and The Winter Soldier arc in the month of March have created havoc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The event seems to be set in the post Endgame quarters and will witness Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes teaming up against a plethora of bad guys. The Falcon and Winter Soldier series arc seems to have…

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  • WandaVision X-Men Reference

    WandaVision: Fans Spot A Major X-Men Reference

    Episode 7 of the WandaVision arc has dropped some hints on the possible appearance of the mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new episode revolves around the aftermath of the events that unfolded in episode 6. The episode starts with Wanda waking up in her bed exhausted, with probably the kind of power drain that she had to go…

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  • Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up

    Justice League Theory: Why Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up

    The new trailer of the Justice League, witness the arrival of the Darkseid with his search for the anti-life equation finally bringing him to earth. The Anti-life equation has forever been Darkseid’s ultimate goal to complete his dream of universe domination while taking over every powerful being that he ever crosses paths with and can subdue the being while using…

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  • Couples Called Off Their Weddings

    10 Famous Celebrity Couples Who Called Off Their Weddings Last Minute

    It is difficult to keep track of celebrity relationships. Where rings and engagements are involved, so are heartbreaks. Only in this case, heartbreaks are on public display along with the shining diamonds. Here is a list of 10 Famous Celebrity Couples Who Called Off Their Wedding Last Minute (Some of these break-ups are almost scandalous!).  Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck…

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  • WandaVision Crazy Fan Theories

    10 WandaVision Fan Theories That Are Crazy Enough To Be True

    WandaVision arc seems to be a promising revelation of several mysteries, with Wanda aka Scarlet Witch shown evolving into her antagonist role as shown in the Marvel comics. The WandaVision arc is depicted beautifully explaining what Wanda did and why she did it and how she is forced to go to extreme measures to avoid certain things from happening. WandaVision’s…

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  • Hollywood Chrises Net Worth

    10 Famous Hollywood Chrises Ranked According To Their Net Worth

    The number of Chris who have found fame and success in the Hollywood industry is remarkable. Probably Hollywood is the only industry in the world with so many people with the same first name, but still, each one of them is uniquely established and settled well in their career. From comedians to musicians to actors we have one Chris in…

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  • Iron Man Deleted Scene Convoy Ambush

    Iron Man Deleted Scene Complicates Rhodey’s Part In The Convoy Ambush

    Iron Man Deleted Scene: The Marvel Cinematic Universe played their biggest gamble in 2008, by releasing Iron Man, which luckily for them played off in their favor and gave the Marvel Cinematic storyline to let go of all the reigns they were holding. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, (2008) Iron Man gave Marvel the right nudge they needed in the right…

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  • Squared Love Cast, Location And Sequel

    Squared Love: Everything You Need To Know – Cast, Location And Sequel

    Squared Love released on 11th February 2021 and has been seen on the Top 10 charts of Netflix since its release. The plot revolves around a womanizer celebrity journalist who falls in love with a supermodel who happens to lead a double life. The film has a feel-good factor to it all throughout. 1. Cast Adrianna Chlebicka Adrianna Chlebicka was…

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  • WandaVision Ultron Is Disguised

    WandaVision Theory: Ultron Is Disguised In Plain Sight

    In the past few weeks, Marvel’s latest television series arc has become the topic of debate on Twitter. With the role out of the 6th Episode, the WandaVision arc seems to be gaining momentum and might soon showcase the puppet master in full display. The series revolves around the post Endgame events which see the Avengers take a heavy hit…

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  • Who Is Trying To Steal Wanda’s Powers?

    WandaVision: Who Is Trying To Steal Wanda’s Powers?

    In the latest 6th episode of the WandaVision arc, we are welcomed to the extent to which Wanda has been radiating the Chaos Magic coupled with her Hex contingents in place. We see the arrival of Pietro Maximoff also known as the Quicksilver make an appearance on Wanda’s front door. The WandaVision arc is delving deeper into the plot and…

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  • End of To All The Boys Always And Forever

    What Happens At The End of ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever’

    To All The Boys: Always and Forever, the third film of the ‘To All The Boys’ series released on 12th February 2021 and instantly became the go-to Valentine’s watch on Netflix. The popular romantic comedy based on the Jenny Hans novels follows the story of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky as their love births, blooms, struggles and thrives. What happens…

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  • This Is Us: Season 5 Major Plot Hole

    This Is Us Season 5 has been a real tear-jerker with the deepest issues that the kids never talked much about. This season also addresses the pandemic and the BLM. The Pearsons are somewhat on their own with everyone in different cities with their own problems. Before going on a hiatus, at the end of This Is Us Season 5,…

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  • Unseen Harry Potter On Set Images

    25 Unseen Harry Potter On Set Images That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

    Harry Potter movie series has always been the best and we, the Potterheads, are curious about how the filming has done what are the behind-the-scene facts, and so on. So here we brought you some of the wizardly awesome and unseen Harry Potter on set images that will make you feel nostalgic: 1. Green Screen Running!! 2. He’s Having Fun!!…

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  • MCU Heroes Don’t Have Special Powers

    Mighty MCU Heroes Who Don’t Have Special Powers

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a plethora of heroes who have their particular skillset suited for different kinds of missions or jobs. In a world filled with demi-gods who have the power to wield lighting at will to scientists who have survived gamma blasts, transforming them into a beast with untold potential and power. It is always cool to look…

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  • malcolm and marie why is it black and white

    Malcolm And Marie: Why is The Film Black And White?

    Malcolm and Marie, directed by Sam Levinson dropped on Netflix on 5th February 2021. This Netflix Original film shot completely in black and white tone has Zendaya as the leading lady playing Marie and John David Washington as Malcolm. The entire film is based on one fight the couple has on a night that was meant only for celebration. A…

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