• HollywoodCareer Achievements of Rihanna

    Top 10 Biggest Career Achievements of Rihanna

    Rihanna is one of the most influential people in the world and also one of the most successful artists of her entire generation. Her debut single “Pon de Replay” was a smash hit in 2005 and there has been no looking back for this Barbadian Singer. She hasn’t released an album in years yet her popularity has not dropped by…

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  • MoviesAwesome Post-Credits Scenes In Movies

    Post-Credits Scenes That Led To Something Awesome In Movies

    Post credits are some of the most precious moments of a movie, as they lay the groundwork for the sequels to come. Post credits become quite popular with franchisees and often create a much bigger hype for the movie that is yet to come while creating goodwill for the brand which transforms every customer or client into a potential fan.…

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  • MoviesMovies With Prejudice Yet They Were Succesful

    Amazing Movies With Awful Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

    The initial idea of creating a movie started with the film Roundhay Garden Scene in 1888. The plot behind the whole exercise was to create a moving film that would serve the purpose of communicating ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, etc with the use of moving images. The film industry has expanded since then and has given rise to multiple genres…

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  • HollywoodActors Forced Into Leaving Hollywood

    10 Actors Who Were Forced Into Leaving Hollywood

    Being a movie star seems like a colorful dream from this side of the fence. But living that dream isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Acting in movies is not limited to rehearsing lines from the script and attending premieres. It takes a toll on actors to such an extent that some of them end up bidding farewell to the industry.…

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  • TelevisionTV Actors Wanted To Kill Their Characters

    10 TV Actors Who Wanted To Kill Their Characters

    It’s one thing to leave a show, but a completely different thing to get your characters killed. What could possibly go wrong that these actors requested to finish off their TV series characters for good? At least you can still return if your character is faded out. But there is no return ticket once it dies. But these show stars…

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  • CelebsCelebrities Deadly Situations In Real Life

    10 Celebrities Who Dealt With Deadly Situations In Real Life

    We often expect famous people to be immune to any sort of danger. It’s almost as if nothing can touch them behind the screens, bodyguards, big walls, and all the facilities that normal people can’t afford. But life does find its way to reach these powerful celebs. Sometimes these situations can also be fatal. In fact, some of the following…

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  • HollywoodAccidents On Movie Sets

    10 Freakish Accidents On Movie Sets That Actors Had To Suffer

    You must have heard of things going wrong while filming movies and series. Sometimes the stuntmen or actors hurt themselves during an action stunt and sometimes actors hurt each other during a behind-the-scenes fight. But the following accidents just can’t be explained given their strange and mysterious nature. Perhaps they were acts of God or some other supernatural entity. What…

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  • MoviesPost-Credit Scenes In Movies

    10 Post-Credit Scenes In Movies That You May Have Missed

    Raise your hands if you sat through the entire credits-roll while the theatre staff was standing right over your head and waiting for you to leave. Adding Easter eggs in the post-credit scene has been quite popular in recent years with the rise of comic book movies, especially MCU. However, this concept was introduced long before MCU adopted this signature…

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  • HollywoodHealthy and Toxic Break-Ups

    10 Most Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups on Television

    Television enables us to live several lives in a lifetime. They make us all fall in love, laugh, cry, and feel passionate again about the things we love or want to love. The shows and series have made us all drool over fictional characters and their little miss perfect fictional world where glamour walks around the streets, vampires and werewolves…

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  • CelebsActors Quit Before Breakthrough Roles

    10 Actors Who Almost Quit Before Landing Breakthrough Roles

    Hollywood is a difficult business not made for the faint-hearted. Its fierce competition swallows naïve dreamers. You will be surprised to know that many of the top-performing and most demanded actors today were almost pushed to the brink of quitting Hollywood. After back to back rejections or not getting roles of their choice, these stars saw no reason to stay…

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  • Movies

    10 Unbelievable Things Used For Special Effects In Movies

    Remember how you used funny props and regular items in class plays? Some of us even used cotton to give the effect of snow on Christmas trees or made a cardboard cutout of houses. We obviously wouldn’t expect high-budget Hollywood films to resort to such non-elite props. They can easily afford CGI, digital effects, professional costume and set designers, and…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Spent Money On Unbelievable Items

    10 Celebs Who Have Spent Money Lavishly On Unbelievable Items

    The struggle to decide where to waste your money is real for celebs. Nobody wants to sit on a mountain of cash and do nothing with it. After getting themselves luxurious cars, mansions, Jacuzzis, and yachts, Hollywood stars splurge the remaining on bizarre objects. If they wish to, they can slide into a pool of cash just for fun. Some…

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  • CelebsCelebrities Secretly Do Regular Jobs

    10 Celebrities Who Secretly Do Regular Jobs Outside Hollywood

    Who said Hanna Montana was merely a fictional show? Many celebrities have made the story come true in real life. They are legit living the “best of both worlds” like Miley Stewart. However, it’s a wonder how they multitask amidst the busy shooting schedule. After all, the “best of both worlds” sounds good on paper but quite challenging to live…

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  • Movies

    10 Movies That Almost Would Have Been Ruined

    The process of filmmaking is far from the smooth narration we get on the screen. It undergoes hundreds of takes, reshoots, and retakes. Sometimes screenwriters, directors, and producers come up with wild ideas that could have almost changed the whole course of the movie. Perhaps, some of these films wouldn’t have become classic and iconic had they gone with the…

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  • CelebsCelebrities Attended College After Becoming Famous

    10 Celebrities Who Attended College After Becoming Famous

    When we were kids, our parents advised us to study hard so we could make a good career. Basically, most of the people go to colleges to get a job and earn money. But the following celebs have proved that some want to study only because they value education. In spite of flourishing in their career and having a net…

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  • Movies

    10 Major Flops That Cost A Lot Of Money

    Hollywood is a petri dish for new ideas when it comes to movie-making, many of these end up generating huge revenue at the Box office but some completely bomb. It is not easy to look at a movie and realize that all the time and effort that went into the production could barely satisfy the cost when it came the…

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  • TelevisionCross-Gender Friendships on TV

    10 Cross-Gender Friendships Over The Years on TV

    Let’s settle this age-old discussion today and say that a GIRL and a BOY can be platonic friends. This age-old myth has blown out of proportion so much. I know that many cross-gender friendships do end in a romantic relationship (like Chandler and Monica, etc), but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a cross-gender friendship. Platonic friendships between men and…

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  • Movies

    14 Ambitious Projects of Hollywood Biggies, That Went Down The Drain

    It’s good to be an all-rounder, but remember, a professional will always be preferred above an all-rounder. Find out what cost these Hollywood Biggies to undress the professional cloak and carry the all-rounder robe. Dolittle – Robert Downey Jr. Downey Jr. wouldn’t have thought that his chance to leverage his Ironman image from the recently released Endgame, will flop big…

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  • CelebsCelebrities More Successful Than Famous Siblings

    10 Celebrities Who May Be More Successful Than Their Famous Siblings

    Every dog has its day! Some celebrities started out big and became instantly popular while their siblings lived under their shadows. Even though talent runs in their blood, there can only be one successful sibling. We can’t possibly estimate the exact amount by which the celebs are more successful than their sisters or brothers, but judging by their movies, net-worth,…

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  • HollywoodBack Stories of Celebrities

    10 Interesting Back Stories of Celebrities You Didn’t Know

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. There is more to the famous stars that get overshadowed by the flash and glitter on the screen. We only see what we are shown by these celebs which are mostly limited to their creative talents and ostentatious fashion. Even when Hollywood attempts to reveal the truth about a famous personality with a…

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  • HollywoodCo-Stars Don’t Like Each Other

    Famous Co-Stars Who Don’t Like Each Other In Real Life

    There is always someone we don’t like much or cannot stand, due to personal reasons or their certain habits or vibes that don’t match with ours and that’s okay, as long as it is not affecting us or others for long. We all are different, and we gel with our own kind and feel relaxed around them only. Actors are…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities Banned From Hollywood TV Shows

    12 Times Celebrities Were Banned From Hollywood TV Shows

    That’s the problem with being famous. When you are watched and scrutinized by so many eyes, you have to be extremely vigilant with your words and action. One tiny error, which humans aren’t immune to, can end your entire career. There are many examples of big time celebs and stars who got themselves shunned from TV chat shows by blabbing…

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  • CelebsIntroverts Hollywood Celebrities

    10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Call Themselves Introverts

    As opposed to popular belief, an introvert isn’t always a shy person who doesn’t socialize. In fact, many introverts out there are quite friendly and can gel up with the new crowd. However, what makes them introverted is the fact that they need solitude to re-energize themselves. While an extrovert gets energy by talking to others, introverts work the opposite…

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  • TelevisionRachel Green Lead of Friends

    Why Did We Think Rachel Green Was The Main Lead of Friends?

    It’s been more than 25 years since we saw the most magical union of friends in a coffee shop for the first time. Little did we know that those six friends, living in the USA, will become such a huge part of our lives. 25 years later and it still feels so relevant and fresh. Three minutes into the pilot…

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  • Movies

    10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Arriving In 2021 To Scare You

    The real-life scare of 2020 forced several movies to push their release dates to 2021. While many films succumbed to the new normal and aired on streaming platforms, some postponed the dates with the hope of hitting the silver screen like the old days. We can’t deny how the comfort of our beds and access to streaming channels has grown…

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  • MoviesSmall Movie Moments Lot of Efforts

    12 Small Movie Moments That Directors Made With Lot of Efforts

    When it comes to the world of art and creativity, there is nothing like hard work and smart work. Art is a way of expressing one’s love and passion, and there is no short cut or ignorance in love. A lot of you might argue that minor moments in movies that you will anyway miss in a blink are not…

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  • MoviesProps From Iconic Movies and TV Shows

    12 Popular Props From Iconic Movies and TV Shows That Can Be Bought

    Raise your hands if your work desk or bookshelves are filled with merchandise from your favorite movies or replicas of their props. As a true fan, its prices are irrelevant, isn’t it? But forget about buying the merchandise and first copies of the film and series props as we bring to you the original versions. These props from famous Hollywood…

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  • CelebsCouples Eloped To Get Married Secretly

    10 Celebrity Couples Who Eloped To Get Married Secretly

    The world of show business is all about celebrating every facet of your life in a grand way. Without their lavish birthday bashes and picturesque weddings, our Instagram and YouTube would have no purpose. After all, making their every moment the public is not just a show-off but a PR strategy. Fans are eagerly waiting for them to bless their…

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  • MoviesActors Said Horrible Things About Their Shows

    10 Actors Who Said Horrible Things About Their TV Shows And Movies

    Do you ever visit various websites for employee reviews before applying for a firm? If yes, then you do know how colorful the reviews are where the former staff vents out their experiences. Similarly, Hollywood actors also end up venting out their feelings about the series or movies they starred in. Most of the time we hear actors say sweet…

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  • MoviesScary Villains Cowards In Reality

    10 Scary Villains Who Were Cowards In Reality

    Some villains are loud and useless like empty vessels. They will throw a parade and show off their so-called glory but when it comes to getting on the field, they will run for the mountains. They had just tapped on the phenomenon of ‘fear of the unknown’. But when the heroes really took the courage to get above their fear…

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  • Celebs

    10 Celeb Power Couples That No One Thought Would Break Up In 2020

    The further you read the darker it gets, just like the on-going menace that is 2020. It has been one o the hardest years for everyone out there. 2020 was welcomed by people as their year as everyone hoped for a prosperous and bountiful existence but what we got was chaos incarnate with this year. With the pandemic and well-loved…

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  • MoviesBrutal Fates Worse Than Death

    10 Brutal Fates In Movies That Were Worse Than Death

    Filmmakers and writers are known for the creative minds behind the fictional and fantasy world. But sometimes these writers use their creativity for dark and grim things as well. Instead of blessing their characters with a peaceful death, they inflict painful fates on them. This route is so awful that they’d beg for death as mercy. Well, there is no…

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  • MoviesCharacters Book Descriptions

    10 Movie Characters Who Do Not Look Like Their Book Descriptions

    Turning a book into a movie might look like an easier job than creating an original plot due to the available source material but that’s not. Adapting books comes with a storm of pressure from the author and readers. Everyone expects you do to be as original as possible to the origin which is not easy due to the limited…

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  • MoviesMovie Adaptations From Books

    12 Movie Adaptations That Dropped Out The Craziest Stuff From Books

    We are always talking about movies taking creative liberty while adapting stories from the books. It can’t be denied how hard it is to be faithful to the source material for the time, age certification, and novelty constraints. What sounds good on the papers cannot necessarily be translated in the same way on the screen. Sometimes, the films also have…

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  • CelebsJohnny Depp Close Friends

    Hollywood Celebs That Johnny Depp is Close Friends With

    Most of our childhood is incomplete without Johnny Depp in it. He was once at the top of his game and the king of Hollywood with classic yet quirky roles like Edward Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, and Sweeney Todd. Depp is the ultimate master of disguises and will always be part of Hollywood as long as the kids (and…

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  • MoviesMovies Recycled Footage From Other Movies

    10 Times Movies Recycled Footage From Other Hollywood Movies

    By now, you must be used to Hollywood directors taking influences from other movies and series or shamelessly recreating the scenes. But this list isn’t about stealing ideas, it’s about stealing/ borrowing the same clip from other films. There can be various reasons behind it. Sometimes, the stringent production budget forces the director to take this route to cut set…

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  • MoviesWorst Dialogues In Movies

    10 Worst Dialogues That Actors Had To Say In Movies

    Movies have a special department of writers that are dedicated to brainstorm story and come up with the best dialogues. That’s a regular person’s words are forgotten but a movie character’s words turn into iconic quotes. A single quote has a team of writers spending days and months behind it. But what happened in the case of the following lines?…

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  • HollywoodHero Caused Death of Innocents

    10 Times The Hero Caused The Death Of Several Innocents

    Should a hero fight the villain or protect mankind? What should be his/her priority? Heroes are considered the good guys and are always basking in the glory of fame. We often forget that heroes are also human like us and prone to mess things up. But they should be more careful since they literally deal with matters of life and…

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  • HollywoodHollywood Celebs Boycotted

    10 Times Hollywood Celebs Boycotted For A Cause

    When you are famous, you either relish the luxuries and privileges, or you use your influencing power to advocate your views. While some celebs are swimming in a pool of cash and enjoying their trouble-free lives in a bubble, others are making an effort to stand by the underprivileged and make a change. Many top celebrities gave a hard time…

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  • MoviesRomantic Scenes In Movies Creepy

    10 Romantic Scenes In Movies That Can Be Creepy

    We are not here to mock corny romances. In fact, we are all for “love is in the air” with hearts on the phone back cover, and pictures of bae brimming our Instagram profiles. JK. Instagram is all about me and my “not so perfect life”. Regardless of our relationship status and our stand in love, romcoms make us feel…

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  • Celebs

    10 Celebrities With Other Talents You Didn’t Know About

    Celebrities With Other Talents: Most of the celebrities in Hollywood were born talented. No matter how hard we see these actors, singers, directors working, they have creativity in their blood. Even though they are widely known for their expertise, they have more talents than we know. These are not just random skills that they enjoy practicing in their leisure time.…

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  • MoviesBest Sci-Fi Movies of 2020

    Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2020 That Will Blow Your Mind

    Science fiction is a genre we have all come to love during our time with movies. Ever since the inception of special effects, directors have tried to create worlds and stories that transcend normal understanding when writing concepts. The realization of this kind of vision can be seen with old classics like Star Wars and The Matrix. The idea behind…

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  • Celebs

    10 Pairs Of Celebs Who Got Together In 2020 During Quarantine

    Celebs Who Got Together In 2020 During Quarantine: 2020 has been an unusual year. We can mark it as the year not just with the Pandemic but also that saw maximum breakups and pregnancy news. Our Instagram is brimming with celebrities and influencers announcing their pregnancy. 2020 has either made the couple stronger or weaker. Several couples have also fallen…

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  • Movies

    12 Cringe-Worthy Scenes In Hit Movies That Make You Feel Awkward

    Hollywood has produced some great movies over the decades. These comprise of every genre and managed to reserve a spot for themselves in the history of the film industry for eternity. They were hit and legendary for achieving perfection in every block that builds a movie. They carefully stitched together an excellent plot with an a-list cast, script, cinematography, and…

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  • Movies

    12 Times Movie Characters Repeated The Same Mistake

    Hundreds of thousands of artists come to Hollywood with big dreams. In spite of so many applications, there is a lack of creativity and originality. The powerful influencers take the front seat and keep copying one another while the fresh minds find it difficult to make it to the big screen. It’s one thing to repeat a cliche scene in…

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  • MoviesTime Science Fiction Movies

    10 Time Science Fiction Movies Were Made Into A Reality  

    Sci-fi movies and series that project futuristic tech is meant to leave us impressed. They visualize future science as a far-away dream and a groundbreaking invention. But when the time finally arrives to compare the fictional technology with the real-life invention and innovations, the latter has gone beyond expectations. Seems like the sci-fi directors had underestimated the science of reality.…

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  • HollywoodCreative Ways Actors Transformed

    10 Creative Ways Actors Transformed Themselves Into On-Screen Characters

    Adrien Brody left his house and girlfriend to get into his character from WWII in “The Pianist”. Method actor Jared Leto reportedly gifted used condoms to his “Suicide Squad” costars to feel like Joker. There are more Hollywood actors who adopted wild ways to immerse themselves in their roles. Some are out-of-the-box while some went overboard like Jared Leto. You…

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  • MoviesMovies And Series Difficult To Watch

    12 Hollywood Movies And Series That Are Difficult To Watch Now

    Life was easier when you believed every character and story being shown in movies and series. As we grow up, we come across the forbidden fruit and learn things that can’t be unlearned. Being fully aware that you’re watching fictional stories makes it easier to separate the actors from the characters. But the real-life scandals of the actors make it…

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  • Movies

    10 Crazy Reasons Why These Movies Were Changed

    It’s no surprise that a movie script goes through various drafts before finally getting approved to hit the screen. A movie had various deleted clips that don’t make it to the theatres. The factors can keep varying from time constraints to controversies and so on. But some of these reasons that we have mentioned sound utterly silly and ridiculous. We…

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  • News

    12 Popular Celebrities Who Are Different From What You Think In Real Life

    Some actors have portrayed their onscreen characters so well that it’s impossible for the viewers to separate the two. Many actors have even received hatred from viewers who were convinced that they were villains even in real lives. They are often type-cast or just given similar roles for eternity. But we shouldn’t mix fiction with reality. The celebs are just…

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  • HollywoodSavage Celebrities Revenge

    10 Savage Celebrities Who Got Revenge in Awesome Ways

    A wronged person taking vengeance from their cruel boss by buying the company in the future may sound too fictional and dramatic. Well, such stories are limited to the reel world. Celebrities are all sunshine on-screen who actively participate in charity until you cheat or wrong them. With money, comes immense power which these influential people aren’t afraid to exercise.…

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  • MoviesIconic Characters Damaged By Directors

    10 Iconic Characters That Were Damaged In Sequels And Prequels By Directors

    Fan-favorite characters aren’t made in a day. They require a team of brilliant minds who dedicate months to drawing out the best yet relatable qualities in the character. Some film heroes or other characters became famous because they carried a perfect blend of flaws and perfection that audiences related to. Looking at the success, directors, and producers were naturally encouraged…

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  • HollywoodMovies Paid Homage To Other Movies

    12 Times Hollywood Movies Paid Homage To Other Movies

    We very well know that most of the movies that we watch are fictional and have nothing to do with our world. So it becomes all the more fascinating when they throw a reference to another movie or show from the real world. Sometimes they are direct nods but other times the clever directors leave subtle hints or recreate a…

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  • HollywoodHollywood Celebs Tried To Trademark

    10 Unbelievable Things That Hollywood Celebs Tried To Trademark

    Fame turns celebrities into a brand. Many of them were clever enough to capitalize on this popularity and open their product lines. Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton are the biggest examples of celebs who tapped on their screen fame and became successful businesswomen. There are also celebs that picked up bizarre things to trademark. These were either famous catchphrases they…

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  • TelevisionTop Web Series of 2020

    Top 10 Web Series Of 2020 That You Must Watch

    With one of the toughest years coming to an end, it is time to appreciate the things that kept us sane and strong. We have listed the best binge-worthy shows that released in 2020 and made #StayingHome comfortable and entertaining. Some of these shows are brand new while others came out with their new seasons and episodes. From “The Queen’s…

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  • HollywoodCelebrity Neighbors of Hollywood

    12 Real Life Celebrity Neighbors of Hollywood You Did Not Know

    Imagine a neighborhood full of glamor and globally famous faces. There are two types of people in Hollywood- one who enjoys the paparazzi and parties and the other who relishes peace and privacy. As a result, similar celebs mostly end up in places that serve both their needs and budget. So imagine two celebrities live next door. What a morning…

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  • TelevisionMovie And TV Series Roles Huge Impact

    10 Movie And TV Series Roles That Left A Huge Impact On The Actors’ Lives

    Is it better to be over-expected or under-expected? An actor’s life revolves around transforming into various characters from movie to movie. They get under the skin of whoever they play and change their entire mentality, body posture, accent, etc. As viewers from the other side of the fence, we expect them to wear and throw off their characters like clothes.…

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  • HollywoodCrazy Advices Given By Celebrities

    10 Crazy Advices Ever Given By Celebrities That Will Blow Your Minds

    Being famous comes with lots of responsibilities. Celebrities have millions of followers who consider them as role models. Fans look up to them for fashion, health, and life advice. This calls for a need for extreme attention so celebs don’t drive these people off the bridge. While some influencers share insightful things and helpful advices, there are many who were…

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  • MoviesMovies Dwayne Johnson Starred In

    6 Movies That Dwayne Johnson Almost Starred In

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently sitting on the throne, making money off of movies left and right. He gets a bunch of offers and keeps signing new films left and right. But things weren’t as easy for him in the 2000s and the early 2010s. There are some movies that he had a great chance to be a part…

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  • MoviesDisguised Cameos In Movies

    14 Brilliantly Disguised Cameos You Missed In Movies

    Cameos are always fun for their surprising element. But they are most impactful when it’s a super popular actor or a reference to a shared universe. Some cameos come and go without moving a single leaf but some take us by a storm and are discussed for months and years. We are talking about the ones that make our jaws…

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  • HollywoodUnbelievable Demands Made By Celebrities

    12 Unbelievable Demands Made By Celebrities While Working

    We have already spoken about the insane demands made by Hollywood actors on sets. But the la-la land of Hollywood is vast and extends to singers, models, popstars, directors, and so on. SO, basically, you will not be considered a high-profile celeb unless you make a crazy wish that throws the crew and staff for a loop. If you ever…

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  • MoviesDetails Hidden In Foreign Languages

    12 Details Hidden In Foreign Languages In Movies And TV Shows

    Comedy in the entertainment sector has gone through major changes over the decades. We have grown out of Chandler Bing’s body-shaming jokes and Joey Tribbiani’s dumbness and now relishing Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s wit. It’s either getting tougher to make the audience laugh or the movies and shows are losing their charm. However, some creators have been able to crack the…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Lost Temper Shocking

    10 Times Celebs Lost Temper In The Most Shocking Ways

    Hollywood is infamous for the biggest dramas and scandals. We will never understand how some of the privileged celebs deal with their share of problems. But we are thankful for their tantrums, for they provide some of us our bread-n-butter. Many celebs are popular only for their dramatic episodes which are immortal, unlike their career. It is mean of us…

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  • HollywoodMovie Characters Based On Real People

    12 Movie Characters That Were Based On People From Real Life

    Every form of creativity has a muse. Even though we enjoy diving into the fictional world of imaginary characters and stories, let us not forget that writers often get inspired by their surroundings. They are the silent readers who watch society and break down human and animal psychology. Some of them are excellent at translating those observations and imaginations into…

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  • MoviesDark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

    Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

    Characters have a lot of depth than what appears on the screen. We are well aware of the backstories of leading heroes that are mostly filled with tragedies and losses. There are other characters too with intriguing past but they often get overshadowed by the hero’s spotlight. We have attempted to touch upon some backstories that shocked us from the…

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  • HollywoodStrategies Famous Celebs Used

    12 Strategies Famous Celebs Used To Cope Up With Attention

    A celeb’s job stretches beyond the studios and sets. They have to deal with pressure from all directions even when they are off-camera. They always watched and followed, which throws their private life out in the open. To make it worse, they are constantly scrutinized by the public on the basis of their personal life. Celebrities rely on various methods…

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  • HollywoodOn-Screen Couples Make No Sense

    On-Screen Couples In TV Shows And Movies That Make No Sense

    If you want to have fun, it is always advisable to leave logic behind while watching movies and TV shows. After all, finding logic and sense in fictional stories simply sucks the fun out of entertainment. But sometimes our realistic brains can’t help but scrutinize the possibility of some elements or plots. It helps us to snap ourselves back into…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Unique Interests

    12 Celebs Who Have Unique Interests That We Can’t Dream Of

    Everyone needs at least one hobby at a time to survive and to stay sane. No one should be judged for whatever choices they make as long as it makes them happy. In spite of it, we couldn’t help but raise our eyebrows, out of bewilderment, at the weird stuff that some Hollywood celebs are into. We can’t think of…

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  • MoviesCrazy Revelations By Filmmakers

    12 Crazy Revelations By Filmmakers That Will Surprise You

    Movies are not a one-time thing for fans and cinephiles. We keep going back to them for digging more questions, hidden meaning, and other secrets. Whether they are relevant or not, these pieces of information are of the utmost value to us. Fans are still tied to the age-old classics like “The Matrix” or “The Shawshank Redemption” because of the…

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  • HollywoodCelebs Expensive Purchases

    Expensive Purchases That Prove Celebs Care Little About Money

    It’s really hard to comprehend some privileged celebs’ struggles. No doubt that they work hard to earn those millions and billions of dollars, But what problems can they have when they can make paper boats and airplanes out of cash? While we start saving in advance to buy those front row tickets to a concert or for an international trip,…

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