The Simpsons Predicted A Surprising Education Controversy 33 Years Ago

Once again, the venerable animated series The Simpsons appears to have predicted a current controversy. The longest-running American animated program ever, the show debuted in 1989 and is currently in its 34th season. It is renowned for its sharp writing and topical humor as well as for its apparent prescience of real-world events years in advance. The Simpsons are making headlines once again for foreseeing a current debate in education involving Michelangelo’s famous Statue of David, which is a nude statue.

The Simpsons foresaw a similar controversy in an episode that aired 33 years ago, according to a recent tweet from GrownUpGerald that was retweeted by executive producer Al Jean. Itchy and Scratchy” is the name of the episode in question. The David statue, which is on tour across the country, stops in Springfield at one point, and the plot revolves around the outraged locals demanding its censorship. This is similar to a current controversy in real life where a principal of a Florida school was dismissed after showing a picture of the statue to sixth graders, which some parents deemed “pornographic.”


The Simpsons have a history of making accurate future predictions. Donald Trump’s election as president was famously foreseen by the program 16 years in advance, and it happened in 2016. Several Super Bowl winners in the 1990s were also predicted by the program. The Simpsons also predicted in 1999 that Disney would acquire 20th Century Fox, which actually transpired in 2018. Along with events surrounding FIFA and the World Cup in 2014, the program accurately predicted the victory of Germany and the organization’s significant corruption scandal, which was made public the following year.


Another prediction made by The Simpsons in 2012 was that Lady Gaga would perform at the Super Bowl, which did indeed occur in 2017. Just a few examples of The Simpsons’ predictions for the future can be seen here, demonstrating how on-point the writing staff is with current events and popular culture. The Simpsons was bound to get some things right because of the sheer number of storylines; after all, there are close to 750 episodes. Nevertheless, it’s always intriguing to see how the show’s predictions come true.


It’s not difficult to understand why The Simpsons have become a cultural phenomenon over the years. Audiences have reacted favorably to the show’s blend of humor, satire, and social commentary for many years. The Simpsons have always remained current and entertaining, whether it’s by making fun of politics, celebrities, or everyday life. Fans are eagerly anticipating what lies ahead as the show enters its 34th season.

Only time will tell if The Simpsons will continue to predict actual events. But one thing is for certain: The show will always be a cherished classic that significantly influenced popular culture.


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