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    10 Best TV Series Spin-Offs That Audience Has Ever Had

    It is not easy to meet the benchmark set by your predecessor. In fact, making sequels and spin-offs of TV series has always been a risky business. Many producers have attempted to cash on a successful project or movie with this but failed miserably. You’ll find more failures than successes when it comes to spin-offs so it is a miracle…

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  • CelebsWorst Cameos Ever of TV Series

    10 Worst Cameos Ever In The History of TV Series

    Everybody loves cameos and many TV series have played this card. From Brad Pitt appearing in Friends to Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk showing up in Big Bang Theory, there are countless examples of awesome cameos. Movies do inspire excitement but nothing fuels euphoria as much as TV series that fans binge on for hours. They get so engrossed in TV…

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