Why Henry Cavill’s Highlander Remake is Getting Delayed?

So, the director of the Highlander remake, Chad Stahelski, has finally given us an explanation for why Henry Cavill’s Highlander remake has taken so damn long. Stahelski, who is best known for the John Wick series, has been working on the Highlander reboot for years, but it hasn’t been an easy task. In the world of movies and television, Highlander is a pretty big deal. In 1986, Christopher Lambert played a Scottish swordsman who was also immortal in the original version of the story.

He must battle other immortals until only one is left, hence the well-known idiom: “There can be only one. Several sequels and a six-season television series were produced as a result of its moderately high level of success. As a result, when asked by Deadline about his Highlander remake, Stahelski said that the franchise’s rich mythology was to blame for the delay. It’s challenging to make sure that everything is done correctly without upsetting fans because so much world- and backstory-building has already been done.


Stahelski basically doesn’t want to rush the movie and produce something that isn’t good, especially since it has so much potential. He declared, “If I were to remake Highlander today, you’d expect a lot of mythology in those first two hours; you couldn’t explore stuff without it. He believes that Highlander would make a fantastic television program because there is so much that could be explored in terms of flashbacks and character development. But since they’re making a movie, they have to consider how to condense all that mythology into a few hours without it feeling hurried.


Despite the difficulties, Stahelski is sure they can produce a film that meets fans of the Highlander series’ standards. Additionally, there is a good chance that the movie will be successful because Henry Cavill is playing the lead. Since Cavill is a complete nerd who adores all the video games and comic books that his characters are based on, he will undoubtedly make an effort to ensure that the film lives up to the reputation of the franchise. Furthermore, Highlander is primarily an action movie, let’s face it.


The fight scenes in this movie, which are about immortals using swords to fight each other, must be excellent. And who better to deliver on the action front than Chad Stahelski, the man behind the John Wick films, who has repeatedly shown that he knows how to stage an incredible fight scene, no matter what weapons are involved. The Highlander remake has thus far been delayed, but this is only understandable given that everyone involved wants to ensure that it is completed successfully. They don’t want to simply release an uninspired film to capitalize on their brand name. They want to produce something that both respects the franchise and meaningfully enhances it. And they have a good chance of success with Stahelski and Cavill on board.


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