5 Ex-Girlfriends of Wolverine You May Not Know About

Wolverine has led a very long life which is full of adventure and hardships that might bring another man into depression. He has also experienced many romances and ex-girlfriends in his lifetime that have changed his life. Here are the 5 ex-girlfriends of Logan you may not have known about:

Jean Grey


Jean Grey was the one girl that Wolverine could never forget nor truly get. Since their first meeting in “Giant Sized X-Men”#1 in 1975, their attraction was instantly felt. Grey was in a relationship with Cyclops whom she was very much in love with, but she could not hide her feelings for Logan either. Jean and he finally explored their relationship during the demonic “Inferno” full-fledged storyline of 1989.She was the most beloved as compared to her ex-girlfriends.

Mariko Yashida


Mariko Yashida was the one that got away for Wolverine. She was first introduced in Wolverine #1 when the hero was on a trip to Japan. They instantly fell in love but faced problems from Yashida’s father. At one point, they even got engaged but were again manipulated by her father. Their relationship ended when she was poisoned and she begged him to kill her, which he reluctantly did. Their romance was brought to life in 2013’s “The Wolverine” movie.


Storm and Wolverine had always had a flirty relationship since they both were introduced in Giant-Size X-Men #1. They even kissed in Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 but never a full-fledged relationship. Storm went on to marry Black Panther but soon divorced, falling into the arms of Logan for comfort. The two ran the Jean Grey School together and later formed a passionate relationship in Wolverine and the X-Men #24.


Out of all the women in Wolverine’s life, Itsu was the only one he married and had a baby with. In Wolverine #40, he was trained under Master Ogun in a small village in 1946. He fell in love with Itsu and enjoyed their tranquil life until she was murdered by the Winter Soldier, who also cut out their unborn son from her body. Itsu and Wolverine’s son grew up to be the angry and vengeful Daken whom logan was forced to kill due to his crazy antics.


The relationship between Wolverine and Mystique is a tumultuous one where they equally can’t stand each other but can never quit each other. Mystique is a great foe to him and the X-Men but that has not got in the way of the intimacy they have shared over the years. They first met in 1921 as depicted in Wolverine #62-65. She used him for a robbery and framed him for murder. He, in turn, wanted to get vengeance and even succeeded in killing her one. But since this is comics, Mystique came back to life.


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