Los Angeles Tornado Sparks Day After Tomorrow Trends

So, a bizarre tornado recently struck Los Angeles, and everyone is talking about it as if it’s the end of the world. People claim that it is similar to the scene in the movie The Day After Tomorrow where the entire planet begins to freeze and tornadoes begin to strike cities that never experience them. The San Gabriel Valley was the only area the tornado struck, according to NBC Los Angeles, which is a relief but is still quite unsettling.

In the viral video, trash and auto parts can be seen whirling around like they’re in a blender. I mean, I’ve seen some crazy weather before, but this is really something else. Although the National Weather Service is reportedly describing it as a “small tornado,” let’s be honest—any tornado in Los Angeles is a big deal. Fortunately, according to the Montebello Fire Department, there were no fatalities and only one injury. However, five buildings were damaged, so it’s clear that it’s not a lighthearted situation.


If you haven’t seen The Day After Tomorrow, it’s a movie about how global warming will bring about a new Ice Age. LA begins to be flattened by tornadoes, New York City is submerged by tidal waves, and the entire Northern Hemisphere begins to resemble a giant frozen popsicle. With the help of his son Sam (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), who is also portrayed by Dennis Quaid, Jack Hall, a climatologist, must survive the crazy superstorm that is engulfing them. In essence, but on a much larger scale, it’s similar to what’s occurring in LA at the moment.


I’m not sure about you, but all this talk about bizarre weather patterns and the end of the world has me feeling a little uneasy. There seems to be a new catastrophe occurring somewhere every day. It serves as a timely reminder that we must protect the environment and take responsibility for helping to halt the worsening of problems like global warming. Mother Nature is a strong force, and if we’re not watchful, she might cause some major harm. Here are some reactions to check out:


No Games

That’s Close 


Cold Vibes 

L.A. It Is 


It’s Happening!!

Uh Oh

Let’s hope no one else is injured in the interim and that this tornado in LA was just an isolated incident. And perhaps we ought to all watch The Day After Tomorrow to serve as a gentle reminder of what might occur if we aren’t careful. Folks, be careful out there.

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