10 Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs Spotted In The New Teaser

The New Deadpool 2 Trailer came out recently, and we got to meet Cable for the first time in live action. The trailer was filled with action, Easter eggs and the typical fourth wall breaking we associate with Deadpool. Here are Deadpool 2 easter eggs, references and gags we could spot in the new ‘Meet Cable’ trailer.

A Justice League Gag

In the Deadpool 2 teaser, we get a shot at Cable making a dramatic entrance and we notice that his arm is green instead of metal. Then comes in Deadpool’s voice breaking the fourth wall, addressing to the fact that the CGI on Cable’s arm has not fully been done yet.  He says, “It’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache” which was clearly a jab at Henry Cavill’s Superman who had a mustache while he was doing the reshoots for Justice League and they tried to remove it through CG. This jab was to make fun of how quirky Superman looked in the final product of Justice League as the CGI clearly turned Superman into a joke.

2 Pokes at Thanos

Deadpool takes not one, but two jabs at the mad titan Thanos, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Deadpool takes the trailer to a different direction until the CGI on the arm gets fixed, he says, “Oh F*** it, I’ll do it myself” which is a reference to Thanos from the MCU who is also played by Josh Brolin. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thanos appears in the post-credits scene and delivers the line, “Fine, I’ll do it myself” while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.

He rips off Thanos a second time when he is doing the voice over dialogues for the action figures of Cable and Sheriff Deadpool. While the fight scene of the action figures, he says,”Zip it Cable, I got the stones to help you.” and then he shoves Cable’s face into his crotch. This was yet another shot at Thanos who in Infinity War, will collect all the Infinity Stones and will use them against The Avengers.

Toy Story

Deadpool also ripped off Toy Story as the action figure of Deadpool in this trailer is wearing a Cowboy outfit, which actually belongs to Sherriff Woody from Toy Story. He even says the line which Sherriff Woody also says in Toy Story – “Reach for the sky”. So, this entire toy fight scene is a reference to the Toy Story movie.

Hope Summers

In the trailer as Cable walks, the scene focusses on a Teddy bear attached to his waist. This bear belonged to Hope Summers who is Cable’s daughter and Scott Summers aka Cyclops’ granddaughter. Cable has come from the future with an agenda, and that Agenda, in particular, would be to prevent Hope Summers as she dies in the future.

Cable’s height

In the comics, as we know, Cable is almost as tall as Colossus, and people even thought that Cable would be made through CGI just like Colossus. But the movie makers made a choice to cast an actor instead, and after many speculations of different actors, Josh Brolin was cast as Cable. In the trailer, Deadpool says that “You know, you are a lot taller in the…(comics).” while he was voicing over the action figures and making them fight. As Cable is taller than Deadpool in the comics and here Reynolds is taller than Brolin and even Deadpool’s action figure is taller than Cable’s, this is a fun reference to Cable’s difference from the comics.

A reference to Deadpool 2’s first teaser

In the Deadpool 2 first teaser, Deadpool imitated Bob Ross and made a painting before giving us a tease at the movie. In this new trailer, we get a look at that painting as it is hung in the back of the room where Deadpool is playing with the action figures.


In the teaser, we get the money shot of what looks like the original ‘X-Force’ standing at the entrance of a flying plane. Here we can see Deadpool, Domino on the left, and on the right is a character played by Terry Crews. Behind Crews’ characters, we see a character in a sort of mask, well that character is Shatterstar from the comics and he is wearing his typical mask here.


In the trailer, we see DMC multiple times as it is the response team that fights against Cable, and also imprisons many mutants. This is the movie version of the mutant response division from the comics, MRD. This has appeared on TV and in the comics as an elite anti-mutant group that captures mutants.

The Purifiers

deadpool 2 easter eggs

We get a quick shot where Deadpool and Domino take on some bad guys who are dressed in white clothing. During this scene, we see two posters with the messages, “Purity Humanity Infinity” and “Clean Blood Pure Hearts”. These are related to yet another anti-mutant group from the comics, the Purifiers who have also appeared in the latest TV shows, The Gifted.

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