Zack Snyder Reveals a Part of Justice League’s Original Ending

There are reports all over the internet that a part of Justice League’s original ending from the famous version of Zack Snyder has been revealed according to many sources on the internet. The keys of the DC Kingdom were given into the hands of Zack Snyder when it was decided that Man of Steel is going to change the magnitude of the franchise. Snyder went on to direct the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but a lot of Snyder’s plans in the original movies were cut-down in the post-production of the movie and some didn’t even have the chance of having production.

Justice League’s Original Ending

There have been many reports on the internet regarding Joss Whedon that he is the one who has transformed and deleted many ideas and also overhauled the ending given by Snyder in the movie.

Justice League Darkseid

Recently, reports of Darkseid coming into the movie Justice League 2 all over the internet that it was Warner Bros. and Whedon who didn’t think that it’s a good idea of introducing characters like Darkseid in their movies just yet.

Justice League’s Original Ending

Recently, a fan on the internet posted a photo from the days of Justice League’s special features shoot which show us that the full team is looking assembled and ready to take on their enemies.

Justice League’s Original Ending

The eagle-eyed fan just asked Snyder what is the thing on which they are standing on as there were a lot of green screen in that place. The Snyder replied by stating that, “it’s from the end looking into a boom tube’.

Justice League’s Original Ending

In the theatrical cut of the movie Justice League, we saw that Steppenwolf and his Parademons are the ones who were taken through some sort of boom tube and it’s not confirmed yet that whether it was from the side of Snyder or Whedon.

Justice League’s Original Ending

But, in the picture we can see that they’re standing close to each other and on the other side in the movie we saw that they’re slightly far away from each other while Steppenwolf going away from the scene.

Also, the biggest change we can see is Flash standing in the picture and on the other side we all know that Flash was the one who was on the ground when Steppenwolf went off form the place in the movie.

There were reports in the past that Darkseid was destined to be in the movie Justice League but because of the plans Whedon had with Warner Bros. at the end of the movie, we couldn’t get the idea and vision of Snyder on the big screen as we all know he was planning to have an introduction of Darkseid right at the end of the movie.

Also, we all know that there were plans of Darkseid’s appearance in the movie as he is the one who took Steppenwolf back to the Apokolips in order to ask him the reason for his failure on earth against the Justice League.

Justice League’s Original Ending Zack Snyder

Then eventually thinking of taking all the matter in his own hands after making a short cameo at the end of the movie and having a full introduction in the sequel of the movie against tall the superheroes. So, this is the closest possibility we can assume from this picture and also the plans we have heard about in recent reports on the internet.

Justice League’s Original Ending Zack Snyder

But, as we all know that unfortunately, we couldn’t be able to see the magic and vision of Snyder on the big screen. There were also reports in recent weeks that the movie is going to show something about Darkseid in the movie because of the reason that some crazy fans have translated some text written in Greek in the movie which translated this in English and we can see that it clearly signals towards a fight between Ares and Darkseid.

“The Allies have managed to push back the conspiracy of the intruders with iron, blood, and horses.”

Justice League Ares vs Darkseid

“Zeus wanted to stop and kill Skotomidis [Darkseid]. He ordered his son, Ares, to kill the invader, but he couldn’t. Skotomidis [Darkseid], falling down with a roar, was defeated, and left for the stars, with his soldiers following. They left three Mother Boxes behind, and a Mother Box was given to each tribe to be protected until Skotomidis [Darkseid] invaded again.”

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