Logan: The MIND-BENDING Reason Why Professor X is So Important To The Story

In the world of X-Men, Charles Xavier or Professor X plays an important role. He brings together mutants, teaching them about their powers and guiding them with a moral compass. His physical appearance is well known, from his refined suits as he sits in his wheelchair to his famous bald head. Fans will remember how he lost all of his hair in his body transfer in X-Men: Apocalypse.

When the first images of Logan hit the net, fans could not help but notice that Professor X, who was always depicted as bald had suddenly started to grow hair. A little detail that some might deem too minuscule but when talking about superhero films and their fans, nothing goes unnoticed on their radar.

Logan director James Mangold discussed the reason behind this new minor detail.The film is based off the comic, Old Man Logan, so the appearance of Charles Xavier (who was not a part of the comics) has gotten fans quite curious. Mangold told Empire Online that the growth of Xavier’s hair “could be kind of sacrilege”, an after effect of the mutant dystopia. Mangold also said:

“The theory was that he originally lost all his hair because it’s just too damn busy [in his head] to grow hair — the idea for me was, well, maybe there’s a little fringe on there, because things are slowing down mentally.”

Logan: The MIND-BENDING Reason Why Professor X is So Important To The Story

Charles Xavier has always been one of the two most powerful telepaths in the X-Men world. Mangold’s theory does spread out the grave danger that mutants are in. Xavier had been the one to search out new mutants using just his mind and Cerebro. Logan is set at a time where mutants die out due to unknown reasons. The little mutants that are left are in hiding due to hunters like The Reavers.

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