Flash vs Superman – Kevin Smith Reveals Why Superman is Faster Than The Flash

This has been the question that has teased DC fans for decades. The Flash has been termed as the Fastest Man alive but every time, an individual turns up proving to be faster than him. That is what motivates him to up his game and beat that individual. Well the Flash has taken down many villains but the question that still remains unanswered is that will Flash be able to outrun the Kryptonian that we all love?

In the comics, the Flash has certainly won most of the time but his victories haven’t been as frequent and consecutive as you would think as the Man of Steel once almost bested the Flash in a race. Now in the rebirth storyline, has brought this topic up once again and they seem to have answered it as well. While the official answer to who among the Flash and Superman is faster keeps changing from time to time, it is the Flash who has mostly emerged victorious.

The recent run of DC Comics revealed that Superman is nowhere close to the speed of the Flash. As a matter of fact, it was an instance of the recent Flash wars where the Flash and Kid Flash (who recently got the title of the Flash) were at war and Superman was sent after them to stop fighting, but as it turned out, Sups came back out of breath and admitted that he could not even reach halfway close to them. Never has anyone seen Superman so helpless!

But now we have an argument that opposes the Flash as Kevin Smith, who is a pretty pragmatic personality in Hollywood these days has his opinion which supports Superman. Hard to believe how Superman will beat the Flash in a straight-up race, but let’s see what he had to say about Superman vs The Flash:

“My argument would always lean toward, if we’re talking about Superman and you’re including every incarnation of Superman, that includes Superman from Richard Donner’s Superman, who somehow has the ability to say so f-ckin’ fast, backwards, that he can turn back time…If they’re having a race, he’s allowed to fly? It’s not just feet? If Superman’s standing next to Flash, by the time Flash asks the question, ‘Let’s race to see who’s fastest,’ Superman’s like, ‘I beat you 10 seconds ago.’ He’s so f-ckin’ fast.”

Well, Superman has been trying to avoid reversing time for a very long time now, so that should not be brought into an argument now! As we know, Smith has directed several episodes of the Flash, so he has to take the side of the Flash at some point. It is good to know that he did as he continued to talk about the Flash:

“Flash has the ability to run so fast he can travel through time and dimensions as well.  Hmm…here, on the TV show, at least, and probably in a lot of Flash comics, there’s always this trope of, ‘I’ve gotta get faster. If only you were fast enough, Barry.’ Nobody ever says to Superman, ‘If only you were more super.’…The Barry from TV is always not fast enough. He’ll never be fast ‘enough’ until they get to the last season, and it’ll be, ‘My god, Barry, you did it.’ And then credits,…So, if we’re including every incarnation of the character, then Superman can travel through time, just like Flash, but Flash always needs to be somehow faster, so I give Superman the edge.”

There is a reason why the Flash is the fastest character in the comics universe as he never wants to stop. Barry always goes with the motto that he is not fast enough, which is why he keeps working on his speed. This motto keeps him motivated continuously and that is why he is the best!

Flash vs Superman – Kevin Smith Reveals Why Superman is Faster Than The Flash

All the seasons of The Flash have been based upon this little motto and this how the Flash has defeated major villains in the arrowverse. When it comes to the Worlds of DC, the Flash is just starting and he is just as fast as Superman for now. In the upcoming solo movie, he will surely evolve and become much faster than Superman or anyone for that matter.

“My name is barry allen and i am the fastest man alive!” This obviously means something!

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