15 Reality Breaking Characters From Marvel And DC Comics

Reality Breaking Characters:

The fans enjoy comics for the sole reason that they allow us to view the world as something larger than ourselves. We get an opportunity to assess and enjoy the life of individuals who have almost unlimited power and who live in a world full of beings just as magnificent as them. We see these characters fall in love and we see them battle, but sometimes we see characters that break all the conventional rules of writing.

Sometimes we find characters in comic verse that are capable of bending reality to their will, they are fully aware of the universe around them and they can recreate it in their own image. This is a list of 15 characters that can break reality itself from comics:-

 1. Dr. Manhattan


Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way Forster. It does not matter who this man was before he became this entity. What matters is the question, “Just how powerful is Dr. Manhattan?”. The answer is, we have no clue. The man (or rather the entity that formed after the atoms of scientists reassembled them) is nigh indestructible, he is capable of almost anything, he can swat nuclear warheads like flies and he exists on a completely different plane as compared to us lowlifes.

Dr Manhattan can instantly deconstruct anything on an atomic level, including beings like Superman or Flash, this makes him an ultra-powerful being, I’m just happy this dude is on our side.

 2. David Haller

The symbolic prodigal son of Charles Xavier better known as Professor X, David Haller is a love child of the most powerful mind in the Marvel comic multiverse. David Haller experienced a traumatic event during his childhood involving a terrorist attack that left the young child’s personality irreversibly splintered when the child defeated the terrorists by manifesting his mutant powers and absorbing their leader while eradicating all the foot soldiers.

This caused David to fall into dissociative multiple personality disorder. Where each one of his multiple personalities controlled a single aspect of David’s many psionic powers. The true David Haller has been lost for ages, but one of the personalities called Moirai once assimilated enough power from all of David’s different personas to bend reality to his will. The true legion even blinked the elder Gods out of existence once.

 3. Franklin Richards

The son of Reed Richards and sue storm, Franklin Richards is a one of kind being in the Marvel multiverse. His powers are second only to his brilliance. Considered the most intelligent being in all of Marvel comics Franklin Richards possess the capability to create worlds of his own free will.

Forget breaking realities, this child can create a whole new reality as per your preference. And this is what he had to do after God Doom destroyed everything by creating a new Battleworld. Richards was the only one who could reset the harm done to the universe and his massive powers were helpful here.

 4. Constantine

Now welcome the underdog of our list. As defined by ign, John Constantine is a man who would not only laugh in Satan’s face but probably also tell him to shove it up his ass. The man is undeniably crazy, but like any other sociopath, he’s also highly intelligent and a complete bastard.

John’s knowledge of the occult is what keeps him alive and makes him so dangerous. He knows your weakness before you introduce yourself and he kills without remorse. Constantine has been known to mess with the fabric of reality when dealing in the occult, maybe because demons and angels exist in a completely different plane. But one thing is for sure, you don’t underestimate John Constantine.

 5. Trigon

What happens when entire dimensions cast off their negative energies hoping that they would never be bothered again? Well, according to DC, it ends up as the demon child of a woman as forced upon her by a cult. Not in good taste, but those are the murky origins of Trigon. He is said to be the manifestation and personification of the hateful energies of both Azar and Azarath. Trigon ruled an entire planet when he was 1.

On the occasion of his birth, he eradicated everyone in the immediate vicinity, including his mother. Then at age six, he destroyed an entire planet. By the time he reached age thirty, he held dominion over millions of planets in his dimension. Trigon is all powerful and all evil; he can transmute matter at will, and once eradicated and reshaped death on the entire earth on a whim. Reality manipulation is also one of his many feats.

 6. Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is a little difficult to explain. You see, the universe is aware that there are multiple timelines in the fabric of reality and the universe also knows that these timelines must be preserved as they are or the fabric of reality will implode. This is the job of Doctor Fate, a title passed down over time by the Helmet of Fate.

This helmet imbues the owner with the power of seamless transition between timelines and enough magical firepower to control anomalies. One of his varied power sources is the capability to bend reality and shift timelines like files in a sorting cabinet.

 7. The Spectre

When the golden age of comics dawned, creating everlasting and everliving characters (like the Immortal Phantom) was all the rage. Writers seemed to create kings of immeasurable strength who could be an embodiment of a force for good. This is how the entire premise played out when DC first introduced the Spectre.

The Spectre was said to be an immortal spirit, the embodiment of vengeance, someone who lives to serve a purpose for the universe. He has virtually all the powers of a God, including matter transmutation, unlimited access to magic, omniscience, and several other reality warping head spinning feats.

 8. Mr. Mxyzptlk

What do you do when you have to create villains for a literal God? How do you create, as a writer, to go against the might of Superman? You create a fifth-dimensional being who has the power to warp reality to his whim. Mr Mxyzptlk is a fifth-dimensional Imp who has nigh unimaginable powers and he doesn’t even bother breaking a sweat against Superman. He mostly just plays around with him and has his fun, like a kid atop an ant hill on a sunny day with a magnifying glass.

9The Beyonder

There are beings that exist in the Marvel universe who are far above our realm or plan of existence. Their feats are incredible and their approach and style unfathomable. They can take over entire races in a moment and they can create and alter realities as they wish. The Beyonders are a part of one such race. They alliteration Gods who control the strings behind our cosmic interpretation of the universe.

 10. Superman Prime One Million

In a reality where DC universe has continued to prosper for a million years, we meet Superman Prime One Million. The ‘what if’ or ‘elseworlds’ tale from the DC comicverse talks about a future where our Superman has seen everyone he loves age and die as he lives on getting ever more powerful.

This Superman decides to leave earth under the protection of his descendants and he travels the universe for a million years to gain knowledge and insight. He comes across numerous races and adopts their power and culture; he even reaches the source Wall and gains some energy from the source itself.

This immortal being goes into our sun as it goes supernova and our Superman is reborn as Superman prime one million, a reality warping God who could wipe out the entire multiverse by blinking.

 11. One Above All

Marvel has some shady entities controlling the strings of its comicverse. One of the greatest beings who controls and owns the Marvel multiverse is the one above all. This cosmic entity knows and controls the entire multiverse and to try to imagine his powers would give you a headache.

These beings are simply too powerful for us to analyze. One above all is equivalent to the source in DC. He is an all-powerful and overlord without being overly evil. The idea is of a supreme being, one that controls everything, even reality.

 12. First of the Fallen

In DC’s subsidiary publishing company Vertigo, there lives a being who rules over the realm of hell. When Lucifer Morningstar left he’ll to pursue a life elsewhere, there was a power void in the realm of fire. This was filled by three demons and a fallen angel, who was said to be the first one to ever fall from grace. This entity had so much power that he conquered hell on a whim when the other lords had been fearing a war for ages. His might is the stuff of legends and his power may only be rivalled by Morningstar himself.

 13. Lucifer Morningstar

We all know the story. God created the angels, they are the servants of God and they are his children and his army. God then created the heaven and earth and the angels marvelled at the creation of God, admiring the handiwork of their father.

Then God created human beings in his own image, he gave the humans the option to relate to something higher than themselves. God asked his children (the angels) to bow to humanity, to accept them as their lords and help them achieve enlightenment.

The first to refuse was Lucifer Morningstar. He disobeyed God and fell from grace, then he ruled over hell showcasing to his father just how twisted humanity can be. Thus, it started a war between heaven and hell for the souls of humanity. Lucifer is a being who fights on par with God, though he is destined to lose but bending reality is something he does before breakfast every morning.

 14. Dr. Strange

Revered as a surgeon, Dr. Steven Strange was known for his skill with a scalpel. The man was gifted, everyone knew it until the day he wasn’t. The good doctor had his hubris broken when he met with a car accident that rendered his hands useless.

Laden with grief and sorrow, Dr. strange looked for a cure to his tremors. He found no cure, no remedy to his ailment in the realm of medical sciences. Defeated, Strange looked for answers in the Himalaya. He decided to pursue a more spiritual path. In the ancient city of Kahmertaj is where he met an immortal simply known as the Ancient One.

This wise sorcerer blessed Strange with the knowledge of the occult and shaped him into the sorcerer supreme and the protector of this earthly realm. Reality breaking and reality manipulation come with all of Strange’s Godly powers.

 15. Zatana

Reality Breaking Characters

Raised as a magician and trained in the magical and illusory arts, Zatana is a witch capable of rivalling both Constantine and Dr. Steven Strange. The pure magical power of this woman is rivalled only by her killer style or perhaps her knowledge of the occult. It is said that in a fight between Zatana and Constantine, John would prefer to run and hide rather than have a direct confrontation. Bear in mind, this is a man who started down the devil and then proceeds to tear down hell piece by piece.

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