Marvel’s Justice League Will Take On The Avengers In ‘Heroes Reborn’ Finale

Marvel released a new trailer for the upcoming ‘Heroes Reborn’ arc on Monday. The craziest part is the world that is shown in the trailer, it’s a world that has never heard the word of Avengers, and none of our favorite superheroes exist. Instead, Tony Stark never was trapped in a cave and became Iron Man, Captain America wasn’t freed from ice, and Captain Marvel never got her powers, among the many changes. Meanwhile, a series of heroes and villains have all-new existences. Doctor Doom has been combined with the Juggernaut, Wolverine has joined some new version of the Alpha Flight, and the Squadron Supreme, led by Marvel’s Superman Hyperion, has replaced the Avengers as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Marvel Making Its Own Justice League Movie

Marvel’s Heroes Reborn is definitely making moves, and it is a Universe where the Avengers never existed. Marvel’s new take on Heroes Reborn by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness will showcase a Marvel Comics world that is drastically different than the one readers are used to. The Squadron Supreme will become the protectors of Earth, as the Avengers cease to exist. Without the superteam, the paths of popular heroes had changed drastically: Thor has become a hard-drinking Athiest, Iron Man never was trapped in a cave, Captain America stayed frozen, and Wolverine joined Alpha Flight.

Marvel's Justice League Take On Avengers

This particular arc is different from any Marvel project. It’s a whole different world, and Thanos is not just deadly, but ten times vicious. Marvel’s ‘Heroes Reborn’ arc is set to change the Marvel Universe in a number of shocking and exciting ways. Thanos becoming a vampire (while not officially confirmed) would certainly be a crazy transformation. Add in the Infinity Rings and he may be getting an even bigger power upgrade than before. Readers will see just how powerful this alternate version of Thanos really is when ‘Heroes Reborn’ comes to comic book stores in May.

Meanwhile, Doctor Doom has acquired Juggernaut’s armor, Marvel’s Green Lantern is the most feared lawman in the heavens, and Blade is the last living vampire – and the only person who remembers the real timeline. Marvel’s Superman, Hyperion, will be picking up the slack against some of the strongest villains in the galaxy. In previews for the upcoming Heroes Reborn arc, the leader of the Squadron Supreme will battle some of the strongest villains, including Ultron, Annihilus, Doctor Doom, and even the Immortal Hulk. Marvel revealed teasers for the upcoming Heroes Reborn series, where the Squadron Supreme will face off against the likes of Black Skull, Silver Witch, and an Infinity Ring-wielding Thanos.

Marvel's Justice League Take On Avengers

Marvel hasn’t been shy about sharing details of upcoming issues of the Heroes Reborn event. Earlier this year, Marvel revealed that it would be rolling out an entirely new take on the ’90s comic event Heroes Reborn. With Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness leading the charge, the new Heroes Reborn arc will focus on a reality where the Avengers never formed. Captain America wasn’t unfrozen from ice at the same time he has been in canon, Thor hated carrying his hammer and became a hard-drinking Athiest, and Tony Stark was never trapped in a cave. Instead of the Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be the Squadron Supreme, who were originally conceived as an imitation of DC’s Justice League.

On Wednesday, they revealed that the series will be wrapped up with an epic fight between the Squadron Supreme and the Avengers. The oversized finale, Heroes Return #1, is teased as revealing the “fate of the new vision of the Marvel Universe,” while being a “superhero slugfest.” It seems that all of Heroes Reborn’s reality-bending shenanigans will start to fade, as the Squadron Supreme’s reign as the greatest heroes of Earth will come crumbling down. With Thor getting his hammer back, a bearded Captain America joining the fight, Black Panther showing up – despite Wakanda never being discovered by the public – and more heroes stepping up, it’s likely that Blade managed to convince the team that things aren’t as they appear. Meanwhile, the Squadron Supreme will fight to prove that they belong on top – not the Avengers.

Marvel's Justice League Take On Avengers

It’s surprising to see Marvel promote the ending of the event before Heroes Reborn even hits store shelves. It’s as close as readers will get to ever having another Avengers vs. Justice League fight. Heroes Reborn #2 is written by Jason Aaron with art from Dale Keown and Ed McGuinness and features a cover from Leinil Francis Yu. Heroes Return will hit come book stores on July 23, 2021. Marvel’s Heroes Reborn event begins on March 5, 2021.

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