• 10 DC Villains Who Could Beat The Avengers

    The Avengers are Earth’s mightiest heroes. They have dealt with all kinds of threats. They seem undefeatable, at least in MCU. Not many villains have been able to defeat them. While they might be the strongest in the MCU, this does not mean they can’t be defeated by villains from another universe. It is well known that the effect of…

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  • 10 Strangest Marvel Vehicles That We Wished To See (& Still Do) In MCU

    The world of comics is fascinating and strange at the same time. It makes us wish for new things. Take the marvel multiverse for instance, it is packed with strangeness. Superheroes have strange powers and use strange modes of transportation. The Thanos Copter is a good example of this. During the season finale of Loki, we saw the introduction of…

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  • X-Men: The Greatest Power of Cyclops Lies In His Neck, Not Eyes

    When we think of mutants, X-Men is the greatest force of them all. The core five original X-Men members are Beast, Angel, Iceman, Jean Grey (also known as Marvel Girl), and Cyclops. But one that particularly stands out is the latter, Cyclops, aka Scott Summers. He is easily one of the most popular characters in the mutants diameter, known for…

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  • Marvel Shows Us How Black Widow Could Beat the Flash

    There’s always a debate between Marvel and DC. Questions like who’s got the strongest roster and who would win are always lurking. I guess I do have the answer to a part of these questions. In a surprising turn of events, we get to see DC’s Flash go up against Marvel’s Black Widow. And guess what? Marvel has shown how…

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  • Comic Book Movies Box Office Flops

    10 Comic Book Movies That Became The Biggest Box Office Flops

    Comic book production houses are pumping out movies every four months. The genre has been bringing in more than favorable box office results in the past few years. Many players were attracted to this profitable business but not everyone could survive. Some comic book franchises like the MCU and DCEU transformed into sharks while others drowned in the sea full…

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  • Marvel superheroes-who-became-villains

    10 Marvel Superheroes Who Became Villains In The Comics

    Every once in a while, the Marvel comics world makes us encounter our greatest fears, i.e. seeing the person we were rooting for, the superhero, turn into a villain and destroy everything they once believed in. Be it ghostly possession, psychic manipulation, or maybe the hero finally reaching a breaking point, watching your favorite crusader fall down to the depths…

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  • 10 Mind-Boggling Things About Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir That You Never Knew

    Thor and his hammer go hand in hand. Mjolnir was the God of Thunder’s chosen and most precious weapon in combat. He has vanquished monsters, aliens, and robot-killing machines with his favorite hammer. But, many of you won’t know that the Hammer Mjolnir is much more than just a swinging and smashing tool. Here are mind-boggling things about Mjolnir that…

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  • 10 Incredible Facts About Superman’s Evil Clone Bizarro

    Bizarro is the product of Man of steel’s DNA put under the knife and replicated with the aim of creating lone of Superman. But the cloning process fails and the half-completed clone that emerges is one demented, mutilated fella who is the polar opposite of Superman in each and every way. The Law says Bizarro has to screw up Superman…

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  • sam-wilson-captain-america-comics-mcu

    How Falcon Turning Into Captain America Was Different in the Comics

    The final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier saw Falcon officially taking the mantle of the next Captain America. But the reason was completely different in the comics as compared to what is shown in the series. There is one similarity here. Sam Wilson was selected to be the next Captain America for one reason – his strong…

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  • One of Marvel’s Eternals Carries A Hammer Superior To Mjolnir

    The following entities have been in Marvel for as long as we can think of. The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby in 1976. They are powerful immortal beings created with the sole purpose to protect the Earth from the scourge of the monstrous Deviants. An Eternal can never truly die, they can always be awakened to fight the Deviants…

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  • 20 Funniest Batman And Superman Comic Memes

    Superman and Batman have worked together many times in comics to neutralize a larger threat. In their debut on the big screen together, they put up a decent show if not the best. Here’re some of the funniest Batman and Superman comic memes that will make you laugh out loud: 1. Oops!! 2. Haha!! 3. Burn!! 4. Aww!! 5. OMG!!…

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  • Strongest Avenger Returns as Evil Super-Villain

    Marvel’s Most Powerful Hero Was Also Created By a Super Soldier Serum

    Marvel‘s phase 4 is starting to shape up perfectly. WandaVision set the tone with the concept of Multiverses. This was followed by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The series dwelled into Sam and Bucky’s lives six months after Avengers: Endgame. Steve Rogers gives up the legacy at the end of Endgame, passing it on to Sam. But he doesn’t…

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  • 10 Times DC Characters Aced The Use of Power Rings

    In the DC comics universe, we have often witnessed the arrival of several strong characters, but there has been an incident in the DC comics universe which witnessed these characters come in contact with power rings. This event was globally known as the ‘Blackest night’ event and saw several characters being forced with different power rings. The use of these…

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  • Loki To Introduce Kang’s Love Interest & Nemesis From Marvel Comics

    The new upcoming series featuring Loki, the God of Mischief is scheduled to be aired on the Disney+ OTT platform on 11th June 2021. The new & 3rd series on the Disney+ platform is expected to introduce new characters to the MCU narrative. The new series however may pick off from back in 2012, when Loki was seen vanishing with…

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  • DC Just Made Robin Richer Than Batman

    Robin Richer Than Batman: Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, is the first-ever Boy Wonder and a superhero protégé that was nurtured and carved into the legend he is today under the tutelage of Bruce Wayne aka the Dark Knight. DC Comics Nightwing #78 marked a major new time for the hero. Some major developments in his personal life happened quickly, and…

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  • 10 DC Villains Who Fell In Love With The Heroes

    It has often been said in hush tones, that love transcends all boundaries. Well in these incidences, the above-mentioned reaffirms once faith in so-called love. But, beware these are just comic references meant to sway your heart towards the longing of wanting and attention. In all fairness villains also have a heart, and many a time it falls for that…

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  • Batman Joker As A Team

    10 Moments Where Batman & Joker Were Caught Working As A Team

    In the world of comics, nothing gets even remotely close to the rivalry between Batman and Joker. However, Over the past few decades, their enmity has somewhat evolved into a very weird kind of friendship. Both of them have come to realize one fact that without the latter, the other has no purpose in life. The weird chemistry between these…

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  • 14 Times When Captain America’s Shield Was Broken

    Captain America has been known to possess one of the most indestructible weapons in the Marvel narrative. His proficiency with the vibranium shield has bent all laws of physics to his will, and in many cases a lot of bad guys as well. However, with the risk of accomplishing impossible feats, one also becomes highly susceptible to encountering individuals who…

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  • 10 Times DC Pushed The Justice League Way Too Far

    DC Comics has been around for quite some time now, and a lot of its characters over the time have proved themselves worthy of being called heroes. But, in some situations, even these hardened heroes tend to get stuck in a jam, which challenges the very fiber of morals that they have fought for so long to uphold. These situations…

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  • Alternate Versions of Captain America

    10 Best Alternate Versions of Captain America – Ranked

    World War II raged the main powers of the world, and amongst all this, the general public suffered. It was at this time that many superheroes merged out of the rubbles and one of them was Captain America, who later went to become the most iconic heroes of the past. But seemingly the writers had a different plan for him…

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  • 10 DC Characters Who Were Ruined In DCEU

    The DCEU is currently standing with only 8 movies under its belt and seems to be planning the release of quite a few in the coming years. But the apparent transition of characters from DC Comics to the DCEU seems to somehow alter the traits or the storyline of these characters. Although the narrative from DC and the DCEU tends…

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  • Most Ruthless Villains In DC

    The Most Ruthless Villains In DC- Ranked

    It has been close to 80 years since DC has been publishing its comics into the public domain and the number of characters who have been introduced in the timeline is endless. DC has for long been known for its classic heroes, but of late their counterparts like Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, The Riddler, Bane, Darkseid, Brainiac, and the craziest one…

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  • 10 Details From The Flashpoint Batman That Makes It The Darkest Origin Story

    Batman’s origin story has been narrated in the DC universe multiple times, with Martha’s pearl necklace breaking as the signature cut. But in 2011, an alternate version of the comic series was released by DC, called the Flashpoint version. This was revealed to the fans as the biggest reset in the history of DC and was called the New 52.…

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  • Terrifying Prisons from Comic Books

    10 Most Terrifying Prisons From Comic Books That Make Hell Look Good

    When the basic job profile of someone revolves around committing crimes, you do end being put in prison. Similar concepts are followed in comic books too, but comic books make these prisons iconic. Not for the location, but for the kind of criminals and outlaws they house. These prisons across the comic universe have been extremely popular and have been…

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  • Marvel: Iron Man’s New Armor Upgrade Could Prove Lethal To Him

    Iron Man’s New Armor Upgrade: Iron Man is undoubtedly one of the most prominent characters in Marvel, both cinematic and comics. Tony recently got a massive upgrade. Tony’s armor is currently compensating for terrible injuries he sustained against Avengers villain Korvac, one bad punch could kill him. Tony can now punch with a force of 40,000 newtons, but if his…

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  • Things DC Fans Know About Steppenwolf

    10 Things Only Die-Hard DC Fans Know About Steppenwolf

    Steppenwolf is the military general of Uxas aka Darkseid and his also his uncle. Steppenwolf has been known to lead the armed forces of Apokolips, whilst riding into battle on hounds, specifically bred and trained for battle. He is Heggra’s younger brother and one of the earliest survivors of Doomsday, the DC supervillain who killed Superman. These are some of…

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  • Things Fans Know About Darkseid

    10 Things Only Die-Hard DC Fans Know About Darkseid

    From his historic introduction in Forever People #1 in February 1971. Darkseid has been one of the most successful DC villains. He has been known to bring death and destruction to numerous universes and realities. Darkseid has transformed into the biggest threat that Justice League has faced to date in the DC universe over the last 50 years. Surpassing the…

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  • Comic Book Story Arcs Fans Hated

    10 Comic Book Story Arcs Fans Totally Hated

    In the Comics Universe, there are moments in which one witness a superhero achieve a certain act once and after some eventful re-runs of those acts, the plot becomes monotonous. So, to avoid these monotonous phase writers, cook up some mind-boggling theories, to keep the readers interested and engaged. Many a time these bold and unscripted takes at scripts plays…

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  • Thor Powerful Upgrade After Merging With The Destroyer

    Marvel: Thor Gets A New Powerful Upgrade After Merging With The Destroyer

    Trapped in a hidden dimension after switching places with his old alter-ego Donald Blake – who has gone mad after being trapped himself for so long – the God of Thunder needs to get creative in order to free himself before his old ally caused irreparable harm. This leads Thor to choose the Destroyer as his soul’s new vessel. The…

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  • Marvel: Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange Just Had A One Night Stand

    Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange One Night Stand: Following Captain Marvel’s recent trip into the future, and struggling to deal with witnessing the end of the world, Carol broke up with her longtime boyfriend James Rhodes, A.K.A. War Machine. Since then, Carol hasn’t been feeling her best self. In Captain Marvel #27 by Kelly Thompson and David Lopez, to help,…

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  • Marvel: Iron Man’s New Power Could Kill Him

    What is surprising is that because Tony’s armor is currently compensating for terrible injuries he sustained against Avengers villain Korvac, one bad punch could kill him. Tony can now punch with a force of 40,000 newtons, but if his target doesn’t give when he hits it, the blow will literally explode his heart. Unfortunately, Korvac is currently inhabiting an advanced…

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  • Robert Downey Jr. Gets Slimed At Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2021

    The six-time Kids’ Choice-nominated actor, who was awarded his first Orange Blimp Award in 2013 when he was voted “Favorite Male Butt-Kicker” for his role as Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, also appeared during last year’s virtual ceremony when he reunited with the cast of the Favorite Movie Award-winning Avengers: Endgame. He got slimed while accepting his award for…

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  • 10 Heroes Whose Closest Friends Turned Into Their Biggest Enemies

    In the world of cinema and entertainment, there have been several plot twists that see two good friends going about their business, and one fateful event changes everything they had going on for them. One of the friends goes through a psychological imbalance and blames his friend for everything bad that has ever happened to him following that horrific event,…

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  • Marvel: The Identity of Doctor Doom’s Bride Has Been Revealed

    Doctor Doom is one of the most unique and interesting super-villains of all time. Doctor Doom, otherwise known as Victor von Doom, is the monarch of Latveria and is the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four. Despite being one of the most powerful and interesting villains in the Marvel Universe, the character is yet to receive a live-action adaptation. Because Doctor…

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  • Superhero Movie Narratives

    10 Superhero Movie Narratives Which Weren’t In The Comics

    Superhero movies have become the rave of the recent film industry and seem to be blowing up with the oncoming years. Apart from DC studios, there is another film production firm that has done wonders in a similar genre and created a fandom larger than any other production company to date. Marvel studious has implicated the revision of the superhero…

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  • 10 Hottest Marvel Female Villains That Make The Heroes Drool

    In the MCU, we have seen several characters with different siding and roles. Some fight for good, and some fight for bad. But then some do it with style and pump up the heat so high that it would make you sweat. We are talking about Marvel villainesses who have encapsulated the audience for more than two decades, and all that…

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  • Marvel’s Justice League Will Take On The Avengers In ‘Heroes Reborn’ Finale

    Marvel released a new trailer for the upcoming ‘Heroes Reborn’ arc on Monday. The craziest part is the world that is shown in the trailer, it’s a world that has never heard the word of Avengers, and none of our favorite superheroes exist. Instead, Tony Stark never was trapped in a cave and became Iron Man, Captain America wasn’t freed…

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  • Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies

    Top 10 Cleverly Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies

    There can be several reasons as to when a deleted scene does not make it through the final cut. One of the many reasons is often the need for making these movies PG-13 compliable. Other reasons may include the removal of scenes that might even be disturbing for some adults, let alone kids. No matter the reasons some deleted sense…

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  • Kang The Conqueror’s Gauntlet Powerful

    Marvel: Kang The Conqueror’s Gauntlet Is More Powerful Than Thanos’s

    Marvel Comics Universe is vast and consists of characters far many more than the MCU. The Marvel Comics Universe may not be a direct link to the MCU but does set the parameters and the guidelines as to how the basic narrative should unfold. Marvel Comics Universe has recently revealed the latest copy of the ‘Avengers: Mech Strike #2’ which…

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  • Marvel: New Thor Reveal Makes Him The God of Fire & Thunder

    Warning! Spoilers for Avengers #43 below. Thor is being explored till its core as of recently. Thor, the God of Thunder, is so much more than he is. In the current Avengers arc by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, David Curiel, and Cory Petit, the Phoenix arrived on Earth looking for a new host of its tremendous cosmic powers. Phoenix force…

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  • Marvel: Why The Phoenix Force Just Revealed She’s The Mother of Thor

    Thor is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover, he is an Asgardian. Which proves that he will only get stronger with time. In the comics, Odin passes on his ‘Odin Powers’ to Thor. And when that happens, there’s no stopping him. After all, he is a god. The flaming, bird entity from space…

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  • Marvel: Doctor Strange Turned An MCU Character Into a Mystical God

    WARNING: Spoiler for “A Day in the Mystical Life” in Marvel #5. When we talk about mystical characters in the Marvel Universe, we right away look at the big names such as Doctor Strange, Loki, or the Enchantress. But recent developments have been made involving Wong, who’s often seen as Doctor Strange’s sidekick and valet. Moreover, his good friend. In…

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  • Superheroes Who Have Evil Siblings

    10 Famous Superheroes Who Have Evil Siblings

    Having a sibling as an arch-nemesis is the oldest plot in the history books for any superhero. The plot would generally start with the siblings not knowing about each other’s existence or one of them know about the other and it is generally the elder one. The plot generally hovers around the fact that how one sibling was always favored…

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  • Quickest Speedsters of Marvel

    The Quickest Speedsters of Marvel Universe

    In the MCU we have seen just a few speedsters as of now which do not even come close to what, Flash from the DC universe can accomplish. But in the Marvel Comics Universe, we have several speedsters that can not only match but may even surpass the speedster from the DC universe. Over the years we have witnessed multiple…

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  • 10 Classic Monsters You Don’t Know Exist In Marvel

    The cinema industry saw the dawn of Universal Classic Monsters in the late 1920s, they managed to scare a lot of their viewers but slowly the craze of these mystic monsters faded away. But there was one particular part of the entertainment industry that managed to immortalize these magnificent beasts into a timeless treasure, by engraving them into a storyline…

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  • Marvel: Why Vision Was White in The Comics?

    [WARNING: MAJOR **SPOILERS** AHEAD] The recent reveal of episode 8 of the WandaVision arc seems to have created a massive rift among a lot of fans across the globe. In the past few episodes of the WandaVision arc, we have seen how Wanda and Vision have grown apart as Wanda has not given Vision any of the memories leading to…

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  • MCU Chaos Magic Explained

    Chaos Magic: The Strongest Magic of MCU Explained

    WandaVision arc finally delved inside the niches of Chaos Magic and it may finally be responsible for a more powerful version of Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch. Please be warned for those who have still not watched episode 8 of the WandaVision television series on Disney+, there are *several spoilers* in the content mentioned ahead. In episode 8 of…

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  • Characters Who have Overpowered Energy Form

    10 Marvel & DC Characters Who Developed An Overpowered Energy Form

    Through different storylines in Marvel and Detective comics, we have witnessed some characters attain an all so powerful state that their normal bodies are often unable to sustain the outburst of the powers and are often transformed or metamorphosized into a completely different being to sustain the surge of power. In the Marvel and DC storyline, these characters often attain…

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  • Who Is Agatha Harkness

    WandaVision: Who Is Agatha Harkness? – The Witch Behind It All

    Episode 7 of the WandaVision chapter shows the debut of Agatha Harkness, she makes her appearance as the puppet master of the entire WandaVision episode plot while partly being in control of the Hex and manipulating Wanda and multiple events within the reality-altering Hex. But fans of the Marvel Comics Universe have seen and read about the magic-wielding sorceress or…

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  • 10 Lesser-Known Secrets of Famous Marvel Characters

    Marvel Cinematic Universe has opened the floodgates of several superheroes to a wider audience. People who have not read comic books in their lives before are falling head over heels for the Marvel heroes and even seen quoting the like of Iron Man and Groot in multiple instances. With multiple movies hitting the silver screen, getting to know more about…

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  • Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered

    Marvel: 10 Insanely Crazy Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered

    The story arc of X-Men in the Marvel Comics Universe has been quite a complex joyride. Jonathan Hickman has written different narratives of the same storyline creating multiple verses within the Marvel Comics Universe. Jonathan Hickman has been credited with the lining up and creation of the numerous mutant characters which are shown in the X-Men storyline. One may try…

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  • Violent Characters have A Soft Spot

    Violent Characters Who Actually Have A Soft Spot

    There are many characters that we know of who’ve had a troubled childhood which kind of impacts how they feel about life and how they in their perfect sense try to fit in. Growing up they never really anybody to look up to or to find an embrace in someone’s company, so how did they cope up with this absence?…

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  • 10 Popular Marvel Characters Who Debuted In Other Hero’s Series

    Marvel Characters Who Debuted Other Hero’s Series: In several instances, over the years Marvel has used a particular storyline of a hero to launch an influential character in the Marvel Comic Universe. The character launched is equally as influential as the hero himself as many times the character serves as support as another hero fighting evil or the antagonist of…

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  • Wanda Reshaping Reality In Marvel

    10 Things Wanda Majorly Changed While Reshaping Reality In Marvel

    For fans around the world who have never read any Marvel comics, Wanda Maximoff’s reality-altering magic has left them flabbergasted. The chaos magic which employs various hex probable helps Wanda to manifest any reality up to her liking, apart from Vision and the kids Wanda’s grip on the people inside the dome of the Westview County and the reality as…

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  • Marvel: Thor’s New Mech Suit Has A Giant New Hammer

    Thor’s hammer will always be his trademark, and a new comic from Marvel shows that Thor manages to keep his iconic weapon even when battling in a giant mech suit. Avengers Mech Strike is a new stand-alone comic series from Marvel. It is written by Jed Mackay with art by Carlos Magno. It follows the story of the Avengers as…

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  • Marvel Mutants Powers EvolvedMarvel Mutants Powers Evolved

    Marvel Mutants Whose Powers Have Evolved Into Something Unique

    The transition phase between the finding of their powers and experiencing a change after hitting puberty or a second traumatic event in an individual born with the X-gene might trigger a phase of development of a new power in the individual which might give rise to new powers. There are multiple ways in which someone born with the X-gene can…

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  • Stunning Women From X-Men

    10 Most Stunning Women From X-Men

    Since its formation in 1963, X-Men have always had a wide variety of damsels who filled up and livened the pages of X-Men comics and our lives. Even though it was a vague contradiction, given the title of the comics. Every new issue brought with itself one or two new damsels who would steal your heart in a wink of…

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  • Marvel: Guardians of The Galaxy Becomes ‘Space Avengers’

    Guardians of The Galaxy Becomes Space Avengers: Marvel Comics earlier officially announced that Doctor Doom will now be a part of Al Ewing and Juan Frigeri’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This was indeed a surprise addition to the roster of the mentioned team. “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong. What’s…

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  • 10 Marvel Characters Scarlet Witch Has Romanced

    Marvel Characters Scarlet Witch Has Romanced: Scarlet Witch is a name that we will keep hearing from now on whenever it comes to Marvel. Starting off easy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are now currently exploring the said character in the Disney+ series, WandaVision, alongside Vision, her love interest. Through the comics, movies, and animated series, Scarlet Witch has…

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  • Marvel Thanos Cannot Die

    Marvel Confirms Thanos Cannot Die

    In the Marvel Comic Universe, Thanos is somewhat at a god-level even surpassing the death herself. Yes, that is true, in the Marvel comics realm killing Thanos is next to impossible. It is not because the mad titan cannot be defeated or killed in battle or that he has an immortal essence surrounding him. There is a much simpler logic…

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  • Marvel: Doctor Doom & Quasar Officially Join Guardians Of The Galaxy

    Doctor Doom has been the topic of conversation ever since WandaVision came out on Disney+, considering how much the show is based on the comics. If we trace our steps back into the world of Marvel Comics, we know that Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch were having an affair. Not an affair exactly, but they were in love. But for…

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  • X-Men Unfortunate Mutations

    10 X-Men With The Most Unfortunate Mutations

    In the X-Men universe, we have grown up knowing about some freakishly strong mutants who fall under the six categories of mutants like Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, and omega level. Each level of mutants distinguished in their class with powers, sometimes ranging to almost nothing to them developing the powers as they grow into teenagers or adults. Powers of Storm…

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  • Marvel Villains

    10 Most Messed Up Marvel Villains We Won’t See In MCU

    Detective Comics or DC, due to its dark epilogue have multiple daunting and terrorizing villains. The DC comic’s main characters are set in a dark and troubling time where humanity is challenged by some deranged and crazy individuals to tip off the scales of justice. Whether you talk about the Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Sinestro, and many more. Compared to…

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  • Marvel’s Superman Will Fight Hulk, Doom & Ultron At The Same Time

    Superman Will Fight Hulk, Doom & Ultron:  Marvel’s Heroes Reborn is definitely making moves, and it is a Universe where the Avengers never existed. Marvel’s new take on Heroes Reborn by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness will showcase a Marvel Comics world that is drastically different than the one readers are used to. The Squadron Supreme will become the protectors…

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  • Marvel’s Evil Hulk Has A Deadly Army of Robotic Dogs

    Marvel’s Evil Hulk, the Maestro, is a supervillain who was created by Peter David and artist George Pérez. Maestro first appeared in The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1, in 1992. Maestro’s alter ego is Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. In the previous Maestro mini-series, fans learn how he came to power: he had Vapor, a former U-Foe, poison former ruler Hercules’ drink, killing…

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  • Iron Man Just Got His Most Powerful Armor Yet In Marvel

    Iron Man is one of the most important characters we know as of now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have seen the said character make some critical moves just to put the justice back in order, and be a prominent part of the Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers. But if we slide away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for…

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  • Facts From Gamora’s Childhood

    10 Facts From Gamora’s Childhood You Have Forgotten

    Gamora is one of the most savage and intimidating heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is portrayed by the talented Zoe Saldana in “Guardians of the Galaxy” who perfectly fit the character’s description. MCU fans know that Gamora is Thanos’ adoptive daughter from the planet Zen-Whoberi whose over-population was half-wiped by the Mad Titan. Gamora was killed was in…

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  • DC Comics: Batman’s New Anti-Wonder Woman Weapon Revealed

    Batman’s Anti-Wonder Woman Weapon: We know that Batman is someone who’s prepared for almost everything and is always vigilant. He is known for preparing contingency plans against everyone, as far as for the members of the Justice League too. Simple theory – Batman is not a superhero with superpowers, but a normal person who has a ton of money and…

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  • Superman Like Characters

    10 Superman Like Characters We’ve Seen In Films, Comics & TV Series

    Superman is a symbol of hope. But several comics, films, and TV series have brought characters that are quite similar to him. Today, we’re going to look at multiple characters that draw parallels to the Man of Steel. Here’s a list of 10 such characters: Supergirl Obviously, Supergirl is the character that’s closest to Superman. Kara Zor-El is the cousin…

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  • Harry Potter Moments

    The Most Heart-Wrenching Harry Potter Moments

    The series might have just started with a cool, easy, unicorn-like story filled with colors and somewhat purity but JK Rowling threw that idea out of our heads quite clearly in her fourth book. Death and destruction hold a dark space in all of our hearts and these are also the very emotions that unite us too in the darkest…

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