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DC: 5 Questions About Deathstroke From The Comics ANSWERED!

Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, was a US Army operative until he signed himself up as a subject of a dangerous science experiment. And the experiment enhanced his mental and physical abilities. Afterward, instead of using his powers for the benefit of his country, he decided to become a mercenary. As a mercenary, he has defeated some of the strongest DC superheroes, namely Aquaman and Wonder Woman. And now, we’ve devoted this post to answering certain questions about Deathstroke.

What makes Deathstroke a formidable opponent is his ability to use ninety percent of his brain. But his greatest weapon still remains his superhuman body. It is these capabilities that allow him to take on some of the strongest superheroes and defeat them. Here we have some of the most asked questions about his body’s capabilities:



Slade Wilson has healing capabilities like a superhuman’s. However, as compared to Deadpool and Wolverine, they may not be as strong. He can not grow entire limbs but he can still recover from bullet wounds that could easily kill a regular human. As an enhanced meta-human, he can even heal damaged organs. However, these abilities os his take a toll on him. On several occasions, when he comes back, he finds himself in a foreign state. For instance, when he was resurrected in the Lazurus Pit, he came out more like an animal than a human. Although, ultimately he regained his sanity.



Questions about Deathstroke

Despite his superhuman healing capabilities, Deathstroke does not possess sight in one eye. And contrary to popular belief, he did not lose his eye in his fights with some of the stronger characters but because of his beloved wife. If you have read this far, you REALLY want to know what happened. In order to blackmail Wilson into giving up the name of his next target, someone kidnapped his son and slashed his vocal cords. Infuriated by this, Wilson’s wife took things into her own hands and shot him in a fit of rage.

Following this, Slade started donning an eye patch. The eye patch became his trademark and he continued wearing it even after he got his vision back. He even claims to like fighting with one eye. However, surviving a bullet shot in the eye is a testament to his body’s capabilities.



Following the experiment that gave him crazy superhuman abilities, Deathstroke could use 90% of his brain. The scientists that experimented on Wilson were not expecting this result. As compared to a normal human being, who only has access to a mere ten percent of his brain, Deathstroke’s brain works nine times as faster. This ability comes in handy when he needs to devise strategies and plans against opponents that might overpower him.

Slade can also use his brain’s capabilities while fighting an opponent by analyzing his fighting technique and predicting his next moves. Moreover, the elevated levels of his brain’s power make him immune to the telepathic effect of meta-humans like Jericho. It was actually his brain’s abilities that helped him to defeat some of the stronger superheroes in one-on-one combat, namely Green Lantern and Superman.



As compared to an ordinary human, Deathstroke’s body temperature is quite high. When a normal body temperature for a human is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit, Deathstroke runs around with a whopping 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Just for a reference, a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to kill a regular human. The only reason he is alive is because of his extraordinary healing factor.

This enhancement of his body helps him maintain a steady body temperature, even in cold places. Where normal human beings find it hard not to shake, Deathstroke remains a formidable killing machine. The second advantage of such a high temperature is his immunity to a lot of bacteria and viruses as these parasites seem to die at such high temperatures. Guess he won’t be needing the vaccine for coronavirus!



Questions about Deathstroke

The experiment on his body gave him superhuman speed, reflexes, and senses. He is not your regular assassin but a much more complex and calculated merc. His ability to sense the air pressure around makes him virtually impossible to sneak up on him. In his confrontations with Batman, his ability to improvise during a fight made him stay one step ahead of Batman.


Deathstroke’s body might be his greatest weapon and his classic Ikon Suit pair perfectly with it. His suit is way advanced with an in-built AI system. The suit is a gravity sheath, a point defense system that creates a gravitational tidal effect which makes the suit virtually impenetrable. But without his body and metahuman enhancements, the suit is just another piece of technology.

It’s sad that we haven’t got a Deathstroke series or a movie featuring Joe Manganiello till now. It could have added these amazing elements about the anti-hero. Let’s pray that someone at WB will gain a conscience and greenlight it in the coming future.

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