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5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Is Not As Good As You Might Remember

DCEU has had its share of struggles, be it bad stories, inconsequential narratives, or quibbles with the critics, the franchise doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break. This is further accentuated by the fact that only some of their movies are embraced by all. Wonder Woman is a rather favorable entry in their roster. However, we are not in agreement with the popular opinion on the movie. In fact, here are 5 reasons why Wonder Woman is not as good as you might remember it.

Ares did nothing for almost the entire movie

It is often said in writing circles that a story is only as good as its villain. Don’t get us wrong, Ares is a fantastic villain, the Roman God of War has proved himself to be a threat more than once in the comics. However, in the movie, the character is not to be seen anywhere for the most part. During the entire movie, we hear all these claims of Ares’ schemes and his nigh unlimited strength but it was all for naught.

Wonder Woman Is Not As Good

Wonder Woman tried very hard to build anticipation for the final fight by hyping up Ares but only works to disillusion us. When Ares does arrive, in the final 30 minutes or so, he attacks with precision and instills fear. We would have loved a lot more of that in the movie. The lead-up to the climax is so good only substantiates the fact that the villain was not used correctly. The writers and directors failed to do their duty and the movie suffered for it. Oh, I guess there are worse ways to burn money.

Can You Please Introduce us?

Not using their characters to their full potential seems to be the theme of this movie. Wonder Woman had some very good ideas but failed to capitalize on our initial interest. The beauty of a narrative comes from its characters, their struggles, and their victories. We loved the characters that made up Steve Trevor’s team, from the brute to the sniper. But the movie just can’t stand our happiness, it shifted from characters so fast it made our head spin.

Not to mention the fact that all of the snippets of their backstories that were fed to the audience were clearly shoved in for padding the movie. It was as if the screenwriter was telling us, “Don’t worry these people are useless”, which is rather disheartening. Ever since we saw that photo of Diana from Luther’s computer we wanted to find out more about her comrades. But the movie only wanted to show romance.

Deus Ex Machina

There are two incidents in the finale that make no sense, even more so after the sequel. The first is Diana’s powerup. No person, Demi-God or not should be able to harness such power at a moment’s notice from emotional upheaval. Not to mention Ares’ helmet was hyped up for the entire movie as a source of unparalleled might that even the Gods fear, so why would such an artifact lose to a novice DemiGod. This is inconsistent with comic lore and Greek/Roman Mythology. It irks us to no extent, it also shows that the writers were lazy about the entire thing. “So how would she defeat him?”. “Well, that’s easy we’ll just give her a power boost”. Uninspired storytelling.

The Survival?

Wonder Woman Is Not As Good

One thing that was even Stranger than Diana’s powerup was the retcon of the reason she powered up in the first place. Don’t misunderstand, I love Steve Trevor, he was one of the good things about the first Wonder Woman, and his sacrifice at the end of the movie had meaning. The scene had nuance, depth, inspiration, and emotional weight. The audience had come to fall in love with the character, and his loss helped us relate to the anger that Diana felt. Then why oh why did the writers choose to resurrect him in the sequel is beyond us. But at least we can revel in the fact that it was a horrible choice that blew up in their face.

Ma’am This is a Battlefield

We have a lot of love for the classic Wonder Woman look, there is a lot of nostalgia attached to the character and the costume. But the reason everyone loved the DCEU was because of their loyalty to the concept of realistic superheroes and not surrealism. They displayed it magnificently in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But the filmmakers failed to deliver the same gravitas in Wonder Woman. One of the prominent mistakes was having Diana wear her stylized hair and shining costume to a World War. We get that her Tiara and bracelets are blessed but her uniform is not. She was not even bulletproof for 90% of the movie. Why she would choose not to wear armor is beyond us. It just feels like a bad aesthetic choice and breaks our immersion.

So do you think that Wonder Woman is not as good as they say? Maybe it is a little overrated. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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