16 Aquaman Superpowers That Make Him One of the Most Powerful DC Characters

Aquaman is next in line to get his very own live action movie. The King of the Seven Seas is coming to the theatres near you pretty soon. But how much do you know about the Royal Atlantean? Aquaman’s powers don’t just end with swimming and talking to fish. He has a wide array of superpowers that we bet you never knew. Presenting – 16 Aquaman superpowers that make him one of the most powerful DC Characters!

 1. Night Vision

On the surface world, light permeates freely. But under the ocean floor, with water all around, refraction and reflection take over. Light diminishes the further down under you go into the seven seas. To cope with that, Atlanteans have developed a keen sense of sight. No matter how dim it is, Aquaman can still see everything with perfect vision. And this ability is also applicable when he is on the surface.

 2. Control over Ice

Aquaman is never without his trident in Justice League. In the comics though, his weapon is more than just a projectile to throw at his enemies. In one issue, Aquaman comes into possession of the Trident of Poseidon, which he then starts to use as his own personal weapon of choice. The Trident gives him several mystical abilities including but not limited to – creating instant ice blocks and controlling the tidal waves as well as creating Earthquakes on a whim. Under the oceans, the weapon’s effects are even more powerful.

  3. Martial Arts Expert

The King of the High Seas is an expert in Atlantean Martial Arts, which incorporates the fluidity of water into its fighting style like that of Tai-Chi. Many do not know but Aquaman has fought Superman and Wonder Woman to a standstill using his super strength and inhuman durability coupled with his martial arts skills. And he has fought a lot of DC‘s heavyweights like Bane, Mongul and even Kalibak, defeating them all.

 4. Sonar Sense

Aquaman Superpowers DC

Dolphins are mostly credited with allowing us to understand how exactly it works. Dolphins use high pitched frequencies to echolocate their prey as well as use the reflected sound to create a mental map of their surroundings. And they do all this without using their eyes. Aquaman also happens to possess this ability. Echolocation is an ability that first surfaced as a skill of the Ocean King in Super Friends. No matter how stupid it looks, it is a significant power-up in his case.

 5. Connection to The Clear

The Green is an extra-dimensional force that connects all plant life together. The Red is another such energy that connects all animal life together. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are controllers of the Green and the Red respectively. Aquaman controls The Clear, the energy that binds all aquatic life together. Using this ability, Aquaman gains hydrokinetic powers as well as the ability to command hundreds of thousands of sea creatures at once.

 6. Super Strength

Aquaman Superpowers DC

We all know he is powerful. But how powerful is he? Aquaman’s underwater adventures rarely leave any space for the readers to see him using the upper limits of his strength in full swing. But trust us when we say this, he is damn powerful when it comes to using brawns. Aquaman can lift an entire building and can crush an entire ship using his muscle strength. Aquaman’s most recent tug of war was with Superman himself, and he successfully lived to tell the tale. That alone makes him extraordinarily strong.

 7. Flight

What? You thought he could only swim? Hell no. Aquaman actually does possess the power to fly at incredible speeds. But it is not an innate ability. Aquaman possesses the Trident Apart from giving him the power to control the tides, the Trident also provides him with the power to fly. The DCEU also shows Aquaman holding his trusted Trident. Does it mean we will see Arthur Curry take to the skies in the upcoming Aquaman movie too??

 8. Inhuman Durability

The average Atlantean has to withstand extreme water pressure, living in the depths of the ocean floor, on a daily basis. They have a naturally developed thick skin that also doubles up as a layer of super strong armour granting immunity against most small arms fire. Since Arthur is of royal blood, his durability is taken up a notch. He can dive deeper than any Atlantean as well as possessing the durability to even put the most thick-skinned Atlantean to shame.

 9. Jumping

The diehard fans of DC Comics might already be privy to this power of Aquaman. His typical mode of transport on land, when he is solving matters in the surface world, is via superhuman jumping. It is like a trademark ability of the King of Atlantis. Aquaman’s jumping power is derived from the hyper-advanced musculature that also grants him superhuman strength. When used on his thigh muscles, that transforms into an innate superhuman leaping power.

 10. Water Manipulation

Hydrokinesis is the ability to control the water and use it as you wish. When Aquaman lost his hand in one issue, the lady of the Lake used her magic to gift Aquaman a water hand. The hand gave him the ability to perform low-level hydrokinetic feats like splitting ocean waves in half and change the density of the ocean. Arthur no longer possesses the arm but we are hopeful he will get in in the Aquaman movie.

 11. Heat Resistance

Do you think the Oceans are cool and serene? The ocean covers 70 per cent of Earth, which also includes the extremely hot tectonic fault lines. While fighting a villain called the Volcanic Monster, Aquaman showed his ability to withstand tremendous amounts of heat that would kill a normal human being, even an Atlantean for that matter. His durability is so high that his skin can withstand even the heat of molten lava at point blank range.

 12. Super Speed

Granted he is not Barry Allen, but he is no slowpoke either. When underwater, Aquaman is considered the fastest being on Earth. Arthur Curry is widely regarded as DC’s fastest swimmer. When on land, his superhuman reflexes and musculature provide him with quick and fast responses, worthy of a member of the Justice League.

 13. Magic

The Mystical arts hold a special place in Atlantis. Although the underwater city relies solely on technology, the arcane roots are still a big part of the underwater kingdom. Arthur Curry, thanks to his royal bloodline, has access to ancient Atlantean magic. That is why he could use the Trident of Poseidon as well as the Water Hand gifted by the lady of the Lake. He is not a master at it but has some form of strong connection to Atlantean mystic arts.

 14. Storm Control

While holding the Trident of Poseidon, the Greek God’s weapon grants him the power to literally control a storm, including the thunder, lightning and the winds. His lightning manipulation was exceptionally useful, which he used extensively on land. But underwater, we doubt we would ever see Aquaman fry his enemies with a lightning bolt lest he wants himself to become a toasted fish.

 15. Teleportation

Using his trident, Aquaman can actually teleport across vast distances. In Aquaman #40, it is revealed that the weapon allows the user to teleport. By Aquaman #44, Arthur Curry is using it extensively and even manages to transport himself to another alien planet that is light years away from earth. But recent issues show that he is back to jumping his way around.

 16. Superhuman Healing

His Atlantean roots make him incredibly resistant to injury and bodily harm. But what if he still gets hurt? Aquaman possesses the Water Hand from the Lady of the Lake. Apart from giving him the ability to control water, the hand also gives Curry the power to heal him of all injuries, no matter how severe. What is even more interesting is that Arthur can use transfer this ability to others, allowing them to heal at a much faster rate than normal.

Aquaman releases under the DCEU banner on 14th of December, 2018. The official film synopsis for the movie reads:

Aquaman's villain Black Manta

”Aquaman finds himself caught between a surface world that ravages the sea and the underwater Atlanteans who are ready to revolt.”

Are you ready to experience the awesome? Get ready for Aquaman to blow your mind away!!!

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