The Funniest Member Of Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2 Is…?

Marvel movies have always had their particular brand of humor, even if they are action/adventure films. One of the funniest films to ever come out of Marvel Cinematic Universe has been Guardians of the Galaxy which balanced out its left of center humor with action and visuals. The film’s director James Gunn has been able to crack some of his actors enough to turn them into comedic gold. The director recently revealed who the funniest actor is from the film, and his answer is quite surprising.


The director held a Q&A with fans on his Facebook page where he revealed that former WWE wrestler Bautista was, in fact, the funniest and that he delivered all his lines with perfect comedic timing. Bautista plays the immensely powerful yet dim-witted, metaphorically-challenged Drax the Destroyer. Gunn said:

”Everything is funny. He’s the funniest character in Vol 2. Bradley Cooper just saw the movie and talked about how he’s like [Zach Galifianakis] in The Hangover (in that he kills every line he has).”

Guardians of the Galaxy

This is quite the compliment from the director especially when half of the Guardians of the Galaxy  cast are renowned comedic actors like Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt. That being said, Drax the Destroyer was also quite an entertaining part of the first movie as he played the straight man who just could not understand metaphors or anything else if it was not stated as a literal. He  was an important character which showcased how dangerous Thanos was in the known universe., so who knows what may be in store for the character.


David Bautista, the actor who plays Drax has showcased an impressive turn in the role. But it may be not too far from his WWE past, as we all know, that type of wrestling is particularly known for it’s over the top characters and personalities even if it is, in reality, a wrestling sport.

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