Here’s Why This Age of Ultron Connection to Infinity War May Prove to Be Bad News for the Avengers

While Avengers: Infinity War may seem like an epic event that Marvel Cinematic Universe is ambitiously trying to execute, that does not mean that any of the cast is safe from becoming past tense terms in Phase 4. The last Avengers film Age Of Ultron predicted some dire future bearings for members of The Avengers and it looks like one of those predictions may be coming true in Infinity War.

Here’s Why This Age of Ultron Connection to Infinity War May Prove to Be Bad News for the Avengers

In Age Of Ultron, the hero Thor had a nightmarish dream that affected him throughout the rest of the film. In the dream, he is in Asgard where he meets Heimdall who informs him that they are actually in Hel and that they were all dead. Many fans had speculated that this was a set up for future movies, and when Thor: Ragnarok’s trailer came out, it seemed like a confirmation of that prediction.Unfortunately, Ragnarok is not where all of Thor’s nightmare’s come true.

The third Avengers film is currently being shot in Edinburgh, Scotland and a few news sites have been lucky enough to visit those sets. The site MCU News & Tweets shared new set pictures that may be familiar to fans.

The same Asgardian statue kneeling with his sword shown in the vision in Age of Ultron seems to have popped up on the sets of Avengers: Infinity War. Does this mean that all the Avengers will also be dead as Heimdall declared in the dream?

There has been no confirmation of what will happen in Infinity War. Marvel has been very secretive about the comings and goings of the film, but then, Marvel has always been secretive about the movies that are shooting.

The comics for Infinity War have proven to be ominous for the team, and actors Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. have teased of their ending their Marvel careers after Phase 4. Whatever may be in store will definitely not disappoint (however deadly they may be).

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