All Controversies of DCEU That Have Led To Its Downfall

Here is a list of all controversies of DCEU that have led to its downfall over the years. The DCEU is a strange place, full of continuity problems and prone to re-casts due to conflicts between the actors and the studio. Moreover, the actors who choose to stay are more inclined to create their own controversies that reflect badly on the cinematic universe itself. So we made a list of all such controversies. Take a look at the said list down below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

Jared Leto

Jared Leto’s on-set behavior during the filming of Suicide Squad was one of the strangest things anyone had ever witnessed. The actor chose to pursue method acting and did not break character even after the cameras stopped recording. He hassled his co-actors by sending them all kinds of weird stuff, like used condoms, weirdly sticky pornographic magazines, and even a live mouse. All of this combined with the fact that his iteration of the Joker was considered to be one of the worst on-screen led to a sizeable controversy for the DCEU


Amber Heard

All controversies of DCEU

Amber Heard’s legal battle with Johnny Depp over their divorce is one of the biggest controversies of our time. Especially because Amber initially accused Depp of domestic violence. But when the trial started, it was revealed that she was the one creating problems in the marriage and doing ostentatious acts to gain all kinds of sympathy. This kind of behavior led to serious attention problems with Heard and further scarred the DCEU by association.


Ben Affleck

This one is quite weird. When it was first revealed that Ben Affleck would be playing the caped crusader fans were divided on whether this was a good decision or not. But when Batman V Superman came out, fans grew warmer to the characterization. WB even approved a solo Batman venture featuring Affleck, but this movie was turned into The Batman after it was made apparent that there were creative differences between Ben Affleck and the studio.


Henry Cavill

A lot of fans had an issue with Cavill’s casting as Superman. For one, this Superman had no problem ending the life of another and he also did not have the same moral compass as the Superman we knew and loved. So a lot of fans were undecided about whether they liked the casting at all. This ended up harming the release and performance of both Batman V Superman and Man of Steel.


Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher aka Cyborg leveled some accusations against Justice League director Joss Whedon. The actor claimed that there was a lot of unprofessional behavior on set and that the director engaged in practices that borderlines on exploitation. Fisher even leveled some accusations toward Warner Bros as a whole and attacked some executives. All of his claims were backed up by his co-stars but nothing came off it. In the end, Cyborg was seemingly retired and the DCEU continued on while having lost another one of its heavy hitters.


Ezra Miller

This is probably one of the worst controversies plaguing the DCEU at the moment. The actor Ezra Miller was arrested in Miami because they verbally attacked some patrons in the club while being inebriated. They further misbehaved with the police officers that came to halt them. This led to a huge controversy on the internet that ruined everything associated with the actor. DC and WB put a halt to everything associated with Miller for the time being until the controversy dialed down. The problem with that is that the Flash is associated with almost every major DCEU property at the moment because of the upcoming pseudo-Flashpoint event.


All of these controversies of DCEU have seemingly affected the way the fans perceived it. So now it seems inevitable that this cursed cinematic universe will fade into oblivion.

Let us know what you think about these controversies down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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