Iron Man Gets A Mega Sized Suit Upgrade In Marvel’s Latest Issue

Iron Man has been one of the oldest success stories in the pages of Marvel comics. We have seen the character go through countless iteration, we have seen some major setbacks when it comes to the story of Tony Stark and Iron Man. We have seen the character establish itself as a firm presence in the Marvel comic multiverse alongside classic heroes such as Spider-Man and Marvel’s first family (fantastic four). All because of a simple reason. The suit of Iron Man. The character originated from the idea of logical extreme of technology. Like what If man could build anything conquer anything by using the creativity and innovative capabilities of one’s own mind. What if we could research and create wonders of technological Marvel so sound and so powerful that we don’t need to worry about the physical limitations of our bodies anymore.

What if a man could create exoskeletons of metal coated and filled with weaponry to take down any threat that might come to humankind. That is what Iron Man represents. He’s a force of nature, a man who can control technology on a whim and create wonders to rival the Gods themselves. He challenges species and organisms far above human limits and capabilities and he chooses to take them down with amazing precision for the good of humankind. This man and mind over matter is the premise Tony Stark has lived his life on.

Even his armors like the Thorbuster / Uru armor or the Hulkbuster were mere products of this man’s brilliant mind. He creates exceptional technology to fight monsters who are a threat to our way of life.

But recently our hero was down for the count. You see after the events of Civil War II in the Marvel comic multiverse we saw Tony Stark enter a state of coma, a sort of situation from which it seemed unlikely that the man would ever wake. In the light of these events, we saw Riri Williams ( a young African American mechanic ) take up the mantle of Iron Man.

It seems that Marvel was keen on testing out the feminist ideology or social justice propaganda since they decided to give Riri the same stage as Iron Man. Although her predecessor was the Tony Stark, Riri Williams was still a force to be reckoned with when it came to Iron Man comics in the Marvels comic multiverse.

But then Marvel comics faced a new threat in the form of Fish Fam Foom (a dragon lizard who sprout dup from the sea in somewhat of a godzillaesque way) and of course Tony Stark had to come back to fight this monster. Not only that the man also had a skyscraper-sized trump card up his sleeve in the form of a skyscraper-sized Iron Man suit !!!

The skyscraper-sized Iron Man Fish Fam foombuster hike impressive and beautiful was a combat knight are. The suit had shock and awe value but much less functionality since the dragon/lizard still shredded through it and rendered the entire thing completely useless. We then saw Tony Star (who has recently woken from a coma) eject from the skyscraper-sized monstrosity and take down the dragon lizard flying inside it.

Once inside Tony Stark saw that it was not the lizard dragon with the weird name that was causing all the mayhem but it was actually the controller (another Iron Man villain) who had installed a control disc inside the beast and was using it to wreak havoc.

Iron Man promptly dismantles and disables the control disc and calms down the beast. This allows for the lizard dragon’s siege to come to an end and sees the end of the New Tony Stark: Iron Man comic. Although we really liked Riri Williams it’s something about the suave style of Tony Stark that takes the cake for us. He has a definite depth to his character that is very rare in comic characters and rarer still in those that are written so well. We see a beautiful synergy between the villains in this new issue and get a glimpse of what Tony Stark has in store for us.

iron man avengers 4

It seems that we will not only get one new armor but hundreds, with Stark customizing a suit for every new scenario, it is claimed that Stark has 100s of suits built and ready to go in response to various different threats and these suits will be showcased in future issues of  his comic series. Certainly an interesting approach to the character.

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