Here’s Why Superhero TV Series Are Better Than Their Movies

Superhero TV series have a long way to go as compared to superhero movies, which last for up to 3 hours. TV stories are designed in a manner that the audience is curious enough to know what will happen in the next episode. As the times are changing, so is the approach towards presenting the superheroes have changed.


So, the first Marvel headliner of color is Luke Cage, who is supposed to be a generous beefcake with impermeable skin. He is perhaps the most influential superhero to be given their own Netflix series. Luke Cage is a story where the good guy is elusive who holds two boring jobs and who actually hides out in a barbershop rather than a Bat cave.

Luke Cage could possibly have worked as a movie, but a lot of fun and passion comes with the story line and can actually be seen in-depth in a TV series.


Okay, so the first was Daredevil which was about a blind vigilante with weird super-senses. Basically, this narrative approach worked for the audiences. I am sure you know about Jessica Jones Netflix show which included Luke Cage. This was more of an experiment. Now, why experimentation? Well, that’s because it portrayed a female character who had zero brand recognition and eventually that was positively turned into the show.



Probably this is one such a series which anti-superhero lovers also loved. It modernized the ancient comic-book mindset. Everyone loved and appreciated the way Jones (Krysten Ritter) wriggled to survive the emotional aftershocks of her treatment. This actually engrossed a whole new audience to the genre.

So, it is not that only Marvel superheroes are ruling the TV, even DC characters like Superman and Batman are thriving and are probably not well-served at the multiplex. These series have actually changed and reinvented the meaning of superheroes in today’s time.

Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl are ruling the TV and they have changed the definition of the SUPERHEROES.

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