No Way Home – How MJ Still Remembers Peter Parker

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now one of the most successful projects that we have seen from the MCU. There were a lot of moments that were pure fanservice for the fans of the character of Spider-Man. The movie marked the end of the Spider-Man Homecoming trilogy by ending the narrative that we had witnessed surrounding Tom Holland’s character. This time around we saw Peter’s friends and his family play a significant role in the narrative of the movie. But the ending of the movie actually saw something that saw a shift in the dynamics of the character. The decision, in the end, led to Peter Parker being left alone as everyone forgot about him. According to a new theory from Spider-Man: No Way Home, MJ still remembers Peter Parker despite the mind-wiping spell of Doctor Strange.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

No Way Home actually saw Peter Parker’s arc being picked up right from the events of Far From Home. His identity was revealed to the world by Mysterio and this leads to absolute chaos in his lifestyle. This chaos has a major impact on Peter Parker and his friends and family. In the past two films for the character we saw him revealing his identity to the individual characters who are his friends and family. Ned finds out about Peter in the very first movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Even though MJ and Peter show some hint of something happening between them, it was only in the sequel Far From Home that she actually figures his secret out.


This information getting revealed to his friends is actually something that comes to great help for Peter. But later when they also suffer the consequences of the entire world finding it out, Peter decides to save them. He goes to Doctor Strange and Strange offers his help with a spell that will make everyone forget about his true identity. But the spell botches up and we discover that characters from the multiverse who know about Peter Parker being Spider-Man appear into the MCU. This starts leading to a lot more chaos as the multiverse starts cracking more properly. Spider-Man makes the heartbreaking decision of making everyone forget about Peter Parker.


Theory: MJ Still Remembers Peter Parker

Everyone forgets about Peter Parker, including MJ and Ned. Peter had promised he would tell MJ everything when the time comes but he doesn’t tell her when he confronts her. But a new theory indicates that things might have gotten otherwise based on the look MJ gives Peter when he goes to meet her in the end. When she looks at him it almost feels as if she almost remembers Peter. She might not remember Peter entirely but it can be obvious that she doesn’t feel like he is a stranger. This might look like something that might be too far-fetched but there is a massive possibility it might actually be true.


In what has to be a rather emotional moment from the movie, we see Peter bidding his farewell to MJ and Ned. But this was actually asked by Doctor Strange as he gives him time before making the final part of the spell. He was aware of the sacrifice that Peter was making and thus he might have made some addition to the spell that left a chance for MJ. There could have been a certain way in which this loophole might work for MJ as Strange might have associated the memory in a certain manner. When Peter goes to tell MJ he stops somewhere, there is a chance that if he says something then she might retrieve the entire memory of him.


MJ still remembers Peter

This is actually supported in the script for the movie. When Peter leaves MJ’s job, the script mentions: “HOLD ON MJ, watching Peter go off with a lingering sense of… recognition?“. The way this scene works out, both of them might’ve actually given way to a larger narrative at play. Him not telling her everything actually makes sense but at some point going ahead he actually will. With another trilogy planned for the character, we can clearly see Peter reuniting with MJ.


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