Kenobi: Where Is Yoda During The Events Of The Series

The Star Wars franchise has had a very strange history. This last decade has seen the franchise rise and fall over and over again. When Disney acquired Lucasfilms everyone thought that the studio would benefit immensely from the massive financial resources and we would be getting Star Wars-themed rides in Disneyland. But the reality of the situation was a little different. George Lucas regretted his decision when Disney changed the vibe of the world-building of Star Wars. But the re-acquisition of the franchise has restored some trust. Still, fans have some major questions with the new content, like where is Yoda in Obi-Wan Kenobi?

With the re-acquisition of Lucasfilms George Lucas decided to go on the warpath and redeem all the shit that Disney pumped into his franchise. Of course, Star Wars still has many business associations with Disney, but full creative control was transferred back to George Lucas. This allowed the franchise to release stuff like The Mandalorian and The Book Of Boba Fett. These shows brought hope back to the fandom. Now, Obi-Wan Kenobi seeks to continue this trend by exploring the story of the Jedi master when he went into hiding. It is an interesting approach to visit old characters during the time they were not part of the main story to explore their lives further. I can’t call it fan bait because there is a lot of content in these shows but it certainly quite fans bait-y


Where Is Yoda In Obi-Wan Kenobi

The new Disney+ show is said to explore the life of Obi-Wan as he went into hiding after the execution of Order 66. This is after the events of Star Wars Episode III but before the time he encounters Luke. The show is supposed to follow the character’s life on Tatooine. But the show may change our current understanding of Obi-Wan’s life. The big movies never account for the fact that powerful characters don’t need the protagonists to make things happen and yet they wait around for the perfect moment because that is how the story goes.


So what about the other Jedis. Where is Yoda in Obi-Wan Kenobi? Well, according to the timeline of the movies, Yoda should still be on Dagobah. You see, the Jedi master went into a self-imposed exile after the revenge of the sith where he stayed until Luke ended up on the same planet. So, technically Yoda should still be on Dagobah. But just as this show has changed the story of Kenobi it may also affect the story of Yoda. Just as Kenobi has left Tattooine, Yoda may leave Dagobah for small self-contained adventures.


Where is Yoda

Maybe something that can be wrapped with a pretty bow on top by the end of the show. After all, the Disney+ shows are their own universe or could be if Lucasfilms wanted. George Lucas is certainly capable of creating a whole new universe around old and new characters but we wonder what that story would be about. We hope that we can see Yoda in the show. Maybe the Jedi Masters will team up to fight against The Inquisitors.


The Battle Of Dagobah?

These Jedi hunters are going to be a continuing threat in the show and they may also find their way to Dagobah. In that case, Obi-Wan may follow the hunters to hinder their plans of hunting down Yoda. It is possible that the fight of the characters might add another impeccable choreography to the franchise.


There is also the fact that Yoda would enjoy taking care of some Jedi hunters on his home turf of Dagobah. He knows the swamp well and has more experience than any other Jedi. It would be an interesting twist of fate to see Yoda return to the modern Star Wars shows.


Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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