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The Loki Series Changes The God of Mischief’s Reason of Existence

Loki has brought a big change to the God of Mischief’s Reason of Existence in the MCU. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, the 2012 Loki variant escapes with the Tesseract. The Disney+ show then opens up with a scene where Loki is arrested by the Time Variance Authority aka TVA. The TVA exists outside of time and space and they aim to fix the broken timelines. Mobius M. Mobius gets himself assigned to Loki’s case as he uses Variant L1130 to catch another rogue Loki Variant.

In the first episode, Mobius escorts Loki to the “Time Theatre” and reviews his place in the secret timeline. Loki also gets to see the evil things he has done before. This includes the death of Loki’s adoptive mother Frigga. Mobius then asks Loki that does he enjoy hurting people. Loki does not properly answer the question. He escapes somehow and retrieves the Tesseract by threatening Casey.

God of Mischief’s Reason of Existence

Then he realizes that the Tesseract cannot help him escape from the TVA. In fact, none of the Infinity Stones truly carry any powers. So he goes back to the Time Theatre once again. He witnesses everything that he would have done if he hadn’t escaped his predetermined path in the Sacred Timeline. He gets to see how his future self was going to be killed by Thanos. He is in shock after watching this and gets a new goal as he begins to work with the TVA.

According to Norse mythology and Marvel Comics, Loki’s existence is based on being the God of Mischief. He is driven by a God-King ambition. He wants to attain the greatest power and rule everyone. We can see a clear purpose to challenge boundaries and test conventions. So the Disney+ show explains a completely different reason for the character’s existence in the MCU. As an embodiment of chaos, Loki was considered important for evolution – given that complete order without chaos results in stagnation.

Mobius explains in the first episode that MCU’s Loki is just a vessel for pain and important to let the other characters, especially the Avengers to become their own best versions. Loki’s glorious purpose is very dark and sad compared to his original reason for existing. His real place in the sacred timeline is to cause pain, death, and destruction and make the other characters better. This is completely meta and shows Loki fulfilling an archetypal role instead of having his own free will.

God of Mischief’s Reason of Existence

It is a common way of storytelling that the best villains must believe that they are the hero of their own story. The way Mobius examines the God of Mischief clearly shows that Loki is the villain. This is more evident considering Loki’s place in the Sacred Timeline. After this revelation, the Disney+ show might follow the God of Mischief trying to prove Mobius’ theory wrong. Through this, Loki can be more than his “villain” label and become a force for positive change. The end of the first episode shows Mobius enlisting Loki for helping the TVA track down the rogue Loki variants in different timelines.

And in the second episode, we see how Loki’s goal has changed. He plans to take control of the TVA by dethroning the Time Keepers. He makes us think that he wants to run and dictate the terms of the Sacred Timeline. But we’re only done with 2 episodes right now. So, Loki could be lying about these motivations as well. It will be interesting to see the change in his glorious purpose as the show moves forward. The God of Mischief’s reason of existence might be to rule the Multiverse now.

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