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10 MCU Villains That Would Have Been Amazing Against Avengers

We have seen the Avengers fighting many dangerous villains throughout their MCU journey. We saw them facing Loki in New York, Ultron in Sokovia, and Thanos in Wakanda. These villains have been the toughest for the Avengers to fight against. But there have also been a few other villains whom we saw fighting against only one individual Avenger. But if we look at their overall appearance in the comics and movies, they could have been a great match for the entire group of the Avengers. So, here are the MCU Villains that could have been amazing opponents for the Avengers.

MCU Villains Who Probably Should Have Fought The Avengers

1. Kaecilius

Kaecilius made his debut in 2016’s Doctor Strange. The film was also Doctor Strange’s MCU debut. Kaecilius is a terrific MCU villain. MCU fans are still expecting his return at some point in the MCU. He has a lot of unique abilities. He also has plenty of henchmen to fight with the greatest superheroes. So he could have been a good match with the Avengers. With the inclusion of Dormammu as another villain, it would have been great to see the Avengers fighting against two superpowered beings.

2. Adrian Toomes

MCU Villains Who Probably Should Have Fought The Avengers 

Adrian Toomes aka Vulture was the main antagonist in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was shocking that the character was also the father of Spider-Man’s crush, Liz. He could have been a perfect match for the Avengers. They could have shown him as someone who loses his job and his life changes after the devastation brought by Loki. An obvious story would have been Adrian wanting revenge on the Iron Man after the creation of the Damage Control group. Adrian also could have taken over Chitauri technology and fought the Avengers.

3. Killmonger

MCU Villains

The world of Wakanda was explored a bit more in 2018’s Black Panther. Here Killmonger was the main antagonist. Initially, he defeated T’Challa in a duel but he was himself defeated by T’Challa towards the climax. The character had an aim to use the Wakandan technology for weapons and use them outside Wakanda. This could have been a good plot for the Avengers movie. It would have been interesting to see the Avengers fighting against Wakanda’s power and technology as the main threat.

4. Mysterio

MCU Villains Who Probably Should Have Fought The Avengers 

Maybe MCU fans did not expect that Mysterio is the actual villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home. He was initially shown as a superhero. Even the audience thought that he would later team up with Spider-Man and take down a certain enemy. But this did not happen. The threats that were appearing were actually illusions created by Mysterio. But we must admit one thing. The kind of technology Mysterio was using could have been a huge threat for the Avengers as a whole. It could have been hard for the Avengers to defeat Mysterio because of the kind of illusions he could create.

5. Agatha Harkness

Recently, WandaVision was appreciated by the critics as well as audiences. Here, Agatha Harkness made her MCU debut. The character might appear again in some other MCU movie or show since she was not killed here. But apart from all this, she never made us feel suspicious about her. The same could have been applied in an Avengers movie. They could have shown her as a friend or an official working with the Avengers. Towards the end, they could have revealed her as a villain. With the kind of powers she has, Agatha could have been a tough fight for the Avengers.

6. Hela

MCU Villains Who Probably Should Have Fought The Avengers 
MCU Villains

Hela was the main antagonist in Thor: Ragnarok. She was Thor’s sister and aimed to take over Asgard’s throne. What’s shocking here is that she also destroyed Thor’s Mjolnir. It is clear that Hela was a powerful villain overall. This is what makes her perfect to face off with the Avengers. She could have taken down Asgard and then could have aimed to take over the Earth. This could have led to a fight between her and the Avengers. Moreover, putting a female villain against the Avengers could have been a unique experiment for the MCU.

7. Red Skull

Red Skull is probably one of the most powerful MCU villains. The character did not appear in a major role in any other MCU movie after Captain America: The First Avenger. Red Skull has the personality of a leader. He could have built an army for himself. It would have been great to see the Avengers taking down Red Skull and his army. Unfortunately, MCU has not yet announced any future plans for the character. Also, there is no mention of Red Skull appearing anywhere in the upcoming MCU projects.

8. Abomination

MCU Villains Who Probably Should Have Fought The Avengers 

The Incredible Hulk is a movie that is mostly ignored in the MCU. The film was considered an improvement over the 2003 film. Although it was the lowest-grossing film in the franchise, it was loved for its performances and action sequences. We all still remember the dangerous Abomination appearing towards the climax of the film. Abomination was shown to be a bit more powerful than Hulk. So clearly it can be said that Abomination could have been a huge threat for the Avengers. And maybe, he could have been a more dangerous threat than Thanos.

9. Ego

In order to take over the Avengers, the villain has to be equally or more powerful than them. And it is better if the villain is from outer space. This is what makes the action sequences between the Avengers and a villain more interesting. One such character is Ego. He was defeated by the Guardians. But considering the powers he has, he could have been a good competition for the Avengers. Also, it would have been interesting to watch the hero versus villain conversations between Ego and the Avengers.

10. Laufey

MCU Villains Who Probably Should Have Fought The Avengers 

Laufey was a Frost Giant who gets lost in the shuffle within the original Thor movie. The character was so good that he could have been the main villain. But there is still a lot of potential left for him in the future MCU movies. Laufey is one such character who could have easily created a war-like atmosphere for the Avengers. Surely he cannot be easily defeated. So it would have been great to see Laufey and the Avengers fighting each other on the big screen.

Which of these MCU Villains would have liked to see against the Avengers? Let us know in the comments.

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