MCU Deaths: 10 Stories Fans Never Knew About Them

MCU Deaths Stories Fans Never Knew:

Unlike the comic any death that happens in MCU tends to stick to the storyline, at least that is what we’ve seen so far. Any comebacks are next to impossible until and you are the Norse God of Mischief or the infinity stones are able to call forth a wish-granting dragon (a vague reference to Dragonball). Never mind, so let’s discuss the stories behind some of the memorable character’s death scene in the MCU.

Tony Stark

Memorable Characters' Death Scenes
Memorable Characters’ Death Scenes

Probably one of the most hard-hitting death in the MCU. His death sent shivers in the MCU fandom and since then has left fans questioning the return of Iron Man. Surprisingly the end scene has the entire production team in a tiff as they could not decide as to what will be Iron Man’s last words. After many ups and downs and Robert Downey Jr. almost backing out of the scene. It was shot and to date sets the fans of MCU into the blues.


Probably the first super-villain of the MCU who had the largest fan following and research based on his title as the Mad Titan. The death of Thanos seems the most dramatic as he always boasted of his inevitability and finally when Tony Stark snapped his finger’s he could he the inevitable become a possibility and him become weak in his knees and taking a seat to consider his loss and his inability of being able to anything due to the impending knowledge of being wiped off from the very existence and being unable to live on to see his final goal fructify in front of his eyes.


The Norse God of Mischief actually made us feel bad about him when he was strangled to death by Thanos. The reason for this was Loki in all of the series was being killed in some way or another and he still managed to come back or play a ruse, but this time it had to be done permanently as his death at the start of the Infinity War was supposed to make the drastic statement posing the arrival of Thanos in the MCU. Loki’s death was a way to show the audience why the Mad titan was a force to reckon with and why the Avengers were in a heap of trouble to come.

Black Widow

Avengers Movies in MCU

During the filming of Natasha Romanoff’s death scene on Vormir, an alternate option had popped up about Thanos and his army coming to Vormir, and Clint and Natasha duel out with the army. But, the reason they stuck to the initial idea because a foundation had to lay down to make the audience understand what was needed in order to gain access to the priceless soul stone. Which was the sacrifice of someone you truly loved and also showcased how much Natasha cared for her friends and in the case of Clint his family.


Memorable Characters' Death Scenes
Memorable Characters’ Death Scenes

Voiced by Vin Diesel, Groot is apparently one character we all fell in love with, and in the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ makes the ultimate sacrifice when the guardians are in Ronan’s ship and the ship is about to crash into the surface of Xander. Groot makes the ultimate sacrifice by extending his body around the guardians to form a sphere and ensure everyone’s safety and say his last words to make sure the guardians start working as a team rather than fight amongst themselves by saying “We are Groot” like saying “We are family”.


Chadwick Boseman is credited to the final scenes of Black Panther and with the dialogue delivery of the Killmonger’s request to be thrown into the ocean just like his ancestors. The dialogue adaptation was done by taking into consideration multiple factors. One of them being the movement during that time in The USA which was the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Chadwick Boseman wanted to give further momentum to the movement while showing how the ancestors of the black people chose death over bondage.


Memorable Characters' Death Scenes
Memorable Characters’ Death Scenes

Pietro Maximoff’s death at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron was an essential eventful turn to the story because his death would pave the path for the future of the Scarlet Witch in the MCU. Quiksilver’s demise was a heartbreaking one, especially since he had turned a new leaf in the MCU chapter and promised a lot of potentials. His final moments were saving Clint and a Sokovian kid from a barrage of bullets fired by Ultron from a Quinjet and when it’s over replies with a witty comeback at Clint saying “I bet you didn’t see that coming” and finally collapsing to the ground. The loss of her twin was felt by Scarlet who was in another part of the town, confirming the deep bond they shared as twins.

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