Blade Will Hunt Vampire Thanos In Marvel Universe Without Avengers

Blade Hunt Vampire Thanos:

Marvel just released a new trailer for the upcoming ‘Heroes Reborn’ arc on Monday. The craziest part of it is, the world that is shown in the trailer, it’s a world that has never heard the word of Avengers, and none of our favorite superheroes exist. Instead, Tony Stark never was trapped in a cave and became Iron Man, Captain America wasn’t freed from ice, and Captain Marvel never got her powers, among the many changes. Meanwhile, a series of heroes and villains have all-new existences. Doctor Doom has been combined with the Juggernaut, Wolverine has joined some new version of the Alpha Flight, and the Squadron Supreme, led by Marvel’s Superman Hyperion, has replaced the Avengers as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

But that is not it, the biggest change takes place with Thanos. In new previews for the upcoming ‘Heroes Reborn’ arc, the Mad Titan will be getting a makeover and a different Infinity-powered weapon. Yes, Thanos will be getting Infinity Rings with new pictures suggesting he’ll also become some sort of vampire. Check out the trailer here:

Spinning out the events of the Enter The Phoenix arc from The Avengers, ‘Heroes Reborn’ by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness will feature Blade in the all-new reality, as the vampire hunter is the only hero in this new universe who remembers the Avengers and the past. It seems that Blade’s biggest adversary in the new storyline will be Thanos, as images show the powerful villain not only wielding five Infinity Rings but also he has sharp teeth – implying that he might be the next vampire for Blade to hunt.

It’s not clear whether Thanos is in possession of the Infinity Stones and/or if the Infinity Rings are just a new device to hold them. Is the new weapon possibly a combination of the Infinity Stones and the Mandarin’s Rings? That would make sense with all of the other villain combinations in the new universe. Still, a vampire-powered Thanos with brand-new power is bad news for the Squadron Supreme, Blade, and the rest of the Marvel Universe. Thanos might end up being the most powerful vampire Blade has ever hunted. Now, this would really prove the desire of Blade to hunt the vampires, especially when the vampire in front of you is Thanos and his raw strength is too brutal, without any power-ups.

This particular arc is different from any Marvel project. It’s a whole different world, and Thanos is not just deadly, but ten times vicious. Marvel’s ‘Heroes Reborn’ arc is set to change the Marvel Universe in a number of shocking and exciting ways. Thanos becoming a vampire (while not officially confirmed) would certainly be a crazy transformation. Add in the Infinity Rings and he may be getting an even bigger power upgrade than before. Readers will see just how powerful this alternate version of Thanos really is when ‘Heroes Reborn’ comes to comic book stores in May.

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