4 Most Epic Kills of WOLVERINE From Both Movies And Comics

Wolverine has killed a lot of people over the years. And yet, all his fight scenes have been nothing less than life-changing and extraordinary. Here is a list of his most memorable kills:

The Hulk:

In Old Man Logan, Vol. 1 #1, Logan fought The Hulk in an epic battle that is worth remembering. The Hulk had turned crazy in the new world, being more vicious than ever before with his alter ego Bruce Banner turning into a sociopath. The Hulk ordered his brood to kill Logan’s family which turned into a bloody revenge on Hulk’s family. An epic fight ensued which ended with The Hulk eating Wolverine whole. Wolverine must be a bad dish to eat, given his fast rejuvenation. The hero slashed his way out of The Hulk which ended in his gory death.

Jean Grey:


Jean Grey transformed into Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand. Her fury destroyed everything in hindsight, including all living and non-living beings. Logan was the only person who could get close to her due to his fast healing. In a scene that is faithful to the comics, Wolverine stabs Phoenix/Jean Grey after professing his love for her, a touching scene that showcases the vulnerability of Wolverine.

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