Tom Holland Sheds 30 Pounds (And Gained Back) For His Role In Cherry

Cherry: Tom Holland Sheds 30 Pounds

We all know how actors and actresses go to extreme lengths to fit in a particular role. Even if it includes taking a toll on their physical health, which includes gaining or losing too much weight.  Speaking of that, another Hollywood actor to make that list is our very own Tom Holland. It’s been reported that Holland lost a bunch of weight, and gained it back for his role in Cherry. If this doesn’t show dedication towards one’s passion, then we don’t know what does. Tom Holland stars once again in the Russo Brothers’ latest film, Cherry, in which he plays a troubled young man who goes from an awkward college student to a desperate bank robber over the course of 15 years. Based on the novel by Nico Walker which was itself inspired by the author’s life, Cherry follows its eponymous lead through a harrowing time in the military and a descent into addiction during the opioid epidemic.

Cherry: Tom Holland Sheds 30 Pounds

The Russo Brothers also released a first-look clip on their Twitter in which Cherry enlists in the military. The minute-long sequence sees a heartbroken Cherry looking for a “sense of purpose” after his girlfriend breaks up with him. An eager army recruiter recognizes his vulnerability and capitalizes on his listlessness to get him sworn in within a day. Cherry speaks in hindsight, contextualizing the scene as it plays out. Five posters for the film illustrate the stages of Cherry’s life, identifying him variously as a student, lover, soldier, junkie, and thief.

Evidently inspired by the novel as a retrospective on Walker’s life, the voiceover will likely be used throughout the film, helping to provide a narrative thread over so many years. The trailer starts with a huge hoarding stating “Be All You Can Be”. Another interesting detail to notice is the name tag of the interviewer which stated ‘Whomever’. Cherry marks a departure for the Russo Brothers, dramatizing real-life societal issues, an experience that will serve them well venturing beyond the MCU.

Cherry: Tom Holland Sheds 30 Pounds

The film tells the story of an army medic who finds himself battling an opioid addiction after returning home. In order to maintain his drug habit, Holland’s character resorts to robbing banks. Cherry is based on a novel by Nico Walker, with Angela Russo-Otstot and Jessica Goldberg writing the script. Since officially acquiring the rights to the adaptation, Apple TV+ has been steadily promoting Cherry. The movie will have a theatrical run on February 26, before being available to stream on March 12. Not only this, but Cherry has also been pushing for nominations in the Best Actor category for Holland with promotional posters and high-hoarded billboards. But with this, the directors have let out a vital piece of information that is definitely playing in Holland’s favor.

Speaking with Deadline ahead of Cherry‘s release, the extent of Holland’s physical transformation was singled out by Joe Russo. The co-director noted that Holland lost and gained 30 pounds for the movie. While that would have been impressive enough on its own, Russo pointed out that the actor didn’t have a ton of time to work on the change. Russo’s quotes,

“Holland really shredded himself for the part. He lost 30 pounds, he gained it back. We’re on an independent movie schedule here—he didn’t really have a lot of time to be doing these things.”

Cherry: Tom Holland Sheds 30 Pounds

Now, this quick transformation definitely tells us the struggle and love that Holland has for this particular project, and it will definitely make his cards heavy with all the awards nominations. The Oscars have been known to reward shifts in appearance, with Charlize Theron serving as an interesting point of comparison. She won Best Actress for her turn as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the 2003 film Monster. More recently, in 2020, she was nominated for her role as Megyn Kelly in Bombshell.

Holland may prove to have better luck. Cherry’s early reactions are positive, with particular praise singled out for what Holland accomplishes as the lead. For his first live-action role, in The Impossible, Holland filmed exceptionally difficult scenes at just the age of 14. His ability to generate empathy was apparent even then, with rumors swirling that he’d been shortlisted for an Oscar thanks to his portrayal in the 2012 disaster film.

Cherry: Tom Holland Sheds 30 Pounds

Cherry is a continuation of that preference, with even the most pessimistic prognosticators believing it’s only a matter of time before Holland starts winning major awards. So, we suggest that once Cherry is up for streaming and in theatres, do not miss it! Best believe we wouldn’t!

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