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New Theory Reveals How Loki and WandaVision Finales are connected

The Marvel Cinematic Universe took a small hiatus after the release of Avengers: EndgameBut now the franchise is back in full swing with the release of multiple series. They started with The Falcon and The Winter Soldierthen released WandaVision, and finally gave us Loki. We have loved every bit of lore we could extract from these shows and have thereon been speculating on the future of the MCU. It is pretty clear that Phase 4 of the MCU will focus on the Multiverse. The story has also become pretty clear with the season finale of Loki. With Kang being revealed as the next big bad and the multiversal war on the horizon, it seems clear that a certain overarching story is taking shape. Amidst the speculation, a new theory suggests that Loki and WandaVision Finales are connected.

Loki and WandaVision Finales

The user u/Dragon_EGaming posted this theory on Reddit. He suggests that the actions of Loki and Scarlet Vision were heavily influenced by He Who Remains. It is likely that Kang has planned everything. But the thing is that there is more than one Kang, and Kang prime wants to win the multiversal war. The basic premise is that Kang has been slowly influencing everything. Starting from the TVA’s creation and the actions of everyone in the multiverse. He does so, so that he may become the person on top of everyone else in the Multiverse. It is a simple motivation but an effective one.

The War of Me

Kang and He Who Remains are the same people. At least they appear to be. The TVA was created by He Who Remains to control the nexus events. Their sole purpose is to protect the sacred timelines. They use the technology created by He who Remains and prune branching timelines. Anything that is not the way it’s “supposed” to be is ruthlessly disregarded and unceremoniously removed. But no one has questioned, “how are the things supposed to be”. Do the sacred timelines lead to a particular event? If so, what is that event, and is it really the outcome we want? A lot of TVA’s actions are just dependent on blind faith in He Who Remains.

Similarly, Scarlet Witch is no ordinary character. Her powers are beyond the comprehension of mortals. She is able to influence events by her power of suggestion. With her almost infinite amount of energy, she held back Thanos at the brink of infinity war. In terms of raw potential, Scarlet Witch is second only to Captain Marvel. During the Finale of WandaVision, Scarlet Witch goes nuclear, almost. Her actions are catastrophic but they are also revealing. You see, the user theorizes that Wanda has also become a Nexus being. She is not unlike the TVA because can influence the outcome of timelines around her by creating a probability hex. Now we are no scientists, but the pruning of the timeline does largely depend on the probability of the outcome.

Repercussions and Connections

Loki and WandaVision Finales

The user theorizes that even though Kang has micromanaged all of the timelines, he still cannot control some wild elements. The most prominent of these elements is The Scarlet witch herself. Her wild tendencies and power are too much for He Who Remains/Kang and hence she is the key element in defeating him. Scarlet Witch will be the one used to wipe out the Kang army after she has rebelled against He Who Remains because Kang can’t entirely predict her actions. He is not even sure what those actions will be. But after his defeat, Kang Prime will come out of the shadows and choke the life out of her. This is the chronology shared by the user and it makes a lot of sense.

Final Battle

It is unlikely that events will happen just as the user predicted. But it is still possible that all these events will happen at some point. Scarlet Witch’s connection to the Nexus and her probability hex powers are just too juicy to ignore. The only thing is that marvel has had problems with using high-powered characters. They seldom employ the extent of their powers. Maybe it is because of budgetary constraints or a lack of popularity of the said characters. But if marvel can move past that then a beautiful high powered battle between Scarlet Witch and Kang Prime would be an explosive end to the multiversal war.

The user opines that Kang will remain victorious out of this confrontation. We are not so sure. What do you think? Are Loki and WandaVision finales connected? Do you believe that the user is right? Or do you favor Scarlet Witch? Have we missed anything in our analysis? Let us know your opinion in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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