5 Alternate Versions of Hulk You Might Not Know About

So same, but not same. The phrase clearly sets with the green side of Bruce Banner. Banner is a more distilled form of Hulk, who gets infuriated and starts breaking the surroundings. He suffers from a “Dissociative Identity Disorder” due to the fact that he was child abused. Well, we are aware of the normal and green side of this personality, but that’s not all. There are several alternate versions that you have no idea about. So, let us pull the curtain. Check out the best five alternate versions of Hulk.

 Savage Hulk

He is one of the most common alternate versions of Bruce Banner, but he carries the temperament and behavior of a child. The child version of Bob Banner is the reflection of child abuse he suffered back in his life. That’s why extreme rage and resentment sit at the top of his brain. He looks like a giant alternate version of an ape with green skin.

 Gray Hulk

It’s also known as Joe Fixit was an enforcer in Las Vegas. This version of Bruce Banner was quite arrogant, cunning, crafty, self-indulgent and weird. But he occasionally showed intelligence and knowledge like Bruce Banner. The character appears stronger in the night of new moon and appeared weakest in full moon.

 Gravage Hulk


Gravage Hulk is a blend of Gray and Savage. Banner used Gamma Projector which enabled him to control the identity of Bob Banner. This version is the amalgamation of Savage Banner’s raw power and Gray banner’s cunning intellect.

The Merged Hulk

The Merged Hulk is the integration of the personalities of Savage, Gray, and Gravage. This one was the most balanced incarnation of the Bruce Banner. He was the leader of a group of superheroic philanthropists, The Pantheon.

 The Green Scar

The Green Scar is one of the most powerful alternate versions of Bruce. Extremely filled with rage, this version has hurt the other incarnations of Bruce. He is a well-trained combatant, strategist, and a strong leader. Due to his lack of inner conflict he has more strength than other incarnations.

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