How No Way Home Sets Up Armor Wars

There are a lot of projects that we are going to witness in the near future of the MCU. But as we are well aware Marvel Studios is keeping the details regarding these projects under much secrecy. Amongst the shows that were announced, Armor Wars was something that seems to be rather important. This narrative would actually play a role in setting up the legacy of Iron Man. Spider-Man: No Way Home might have actually set up a significant detail for the upcoming Disney+ series Armor Wars.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

No Way Home plays an integral part in the MCU while at the same time being one of the most awesome Spider-Man movies in itself. There were various things in the movie that hinted at the way the MCU will go ahead following this project. One of the most interesting things about the movie was definitely the fact that it featured some major characters for both MCU and Sony too. While the Sony part will definitely be something that will work in collaboration with the Spider-Man narrative in the franchise, the MCU references might actually set up some events that we will be witnessing pretty soon.


One of the most important theories surrounding MCU came true when last week saw the reveal of both Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk is a part of the MCU. The former had a very small cameo in No Way Home compared to the rather major role that Fisk played around the last few episodes of the Disney+ series Hawkeye. Matt Murdock actually helps Peter get rid of the charges that were levied against him but at the same time, he also mentions something to Happy Hogan. This very statement could have been a rather consequential part of the narrative of a future MCU project.


Daredevil Talks To Happy Hogan

How No Way Home Sets Up Armor Wars

After letting Peter know about the present situation of his legal issue, Matt Murdock offers a certain piece of advice to Happy Hogan which might be a tease for the upcoming Iron Man spin-off series called Armor Wars. The scene is set up when we see news anchor Patrick Kiernan stating that “federal agents opened an investigation into missing Stark Technology“. This is actually because of the confirmation of the fact that the drones being used by Mysterio were themselves Stark Tech. But the news coverage ends up showing a photo of Happy as the report continues in the background.


Murdock, after telling Peter to focus on the “court of public opinion“, shifts his attentions towards the Stark Tech investigation. Murdock mentions that, “the Feds are actively investigating that missing technology” and that Happy’s “gonna want a really good lawyer” because of his “loyalties to Mr. Stark and his legacy.” This entire thing might have unfolded because of the rather interesting amount of Stark Tech that was under the possession of Peter following the events of Far From Home. We are well aware that both the Iron Spider Armor and the E.D.I.T.H. glasses were gifts from Stark and might have come under investigation when he was taken into custody.


How Does This Set Up Armor Wars?

The MCU Spider-Man movies have been very indicative of how Stark Tech often ends up falling into the wrong hands. This was seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Vulture uses Stark Tech himself in order to create his weapons. No Way Home saw a lot of this as Electro actually ended up using the Arc Reactor as an essential source of energy. Stark Tech is the one thing that has appeared throughout the MCU in various projects, and this might be the very premise of Armor Wars.


How No Way Home Sets Up Armor Wars

Happy Hogan is one of the closest people to Tony Stark and it won’t be surprising to see him being a part of Armor Wars. He even had in his possession the fabricator machine along with the fact that he was responsible for the transportation of a lot of Stark Tech at various times. If Happy Hogan really needs to lawyer up then we might see him being part of the series and in terms of the best lawyer we might also see Matt Murdock having an arc here. Thus we might get a chance to witness Happy and Rhodey team up in order to work the massive issue that has been created by the Stark Tech over the years in MCU.


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