5 Insane Things That The FLASH Has Done In DC Comics But Not In TV Series

The CW’s The Flash has depicted DC’s The Flash in the truest to form character depictions we have ever seen. But the comics which he was based from have put him in very crazy, outlandish situations. Here are five things that will never be seen in the TV series:

The Flash Got Fat:

In Flash #115, The Flash is shot by Gorilla Grodd with a radioactive gun that turns him into a morbidly enlarged being, in other words, really fat. Flash goes from being the fit and fast superhero to a barely moveable lump of obesity.But that’s not where his sorrows end, another gun blasts him and affects his mental acuity.He becomes a sideshow freak dubbed “The Fattest Man Alive: The 1000 lb. Blunder.”

Flash Used Himself as A Human Lightning Rod:

The Flash lost his powers in the Flashpoint arc, which led Barry to use himself as a lightning rod. He is helped by Thomas Wayne who reluctantly helps Barry with his crazy plan. The Flash is strapped on to an electric chair which absorbs lightning. The plan, of course, flops the first time but works the second time around.

Flash Became A Human Boomerang:

During the earlier edition of Flash, the villain Captain Boomerang concocted  a plan that circled around  an over-sized boomerang designed to launch the Flash deep into orbit. The Elongated Man  ends up saving the hero from an pending doom so the ploy flopped. The outlandish ploy can only be exitent in the comic book world, since the series has a more realistic tone and Captain Boomerang is barely in the series.

Flash Runs On His Hands:

In The Flash #14, the eponymous villain uses a reflective device to swaps legs with Barry Allen and run off with his power. Allen becomes rather super-inventive and decides to start running with his hand. Yes, he uses his hands to create a tornado that keeps the Mirror Master  imprisoned for a bit, but sadly was not strong enough to prevent the villain from running off with his super-powered legs. It’s doubtful that such an absurd sequence could happen in CW’s Flash.

Flash Turns Into A Puppet:

the flash

In Flash #133 The Flash encounters a magician called Abra Kadabra who creates a puppet show with marionette version of Flash and a character called Captain Creampuff. Barry Allen ends up seeing the show and not being too happy with the depiction of his alter ego. He goes on the hunt for the magician but ends up being turned into a puppet himself. The magician uses the real Flash-puppet for his show, making Barry suffer every night the public humiliation of being laughed at by an audience. Quite a dark subject matter, which again may be too absurd for the TV series.

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