4 Characters’ Deaths That Transformed Spider-Man Into Something Else

Supporting characters in any story are very important as they shape the superheroes and also are the ones who serve as a contact between the main lead and the rest of the human world. Here is a list of some characters whose demise majorly impacted Spider-Man:

Captain Stacy

Among the many sufferings that Spider-Man had to go through, one major loss was Captain Stacy who was the father of Peter’s girlfriend, Gwen. Captain Stacy died a hero in “Amazing spider-Man” while saving a small child from falling bricks which were thrown by Doctor Octopus. In his last words, he revealed that he knew about peter’s alter identity and that he trusted Peter for his daughter Gwen.

Aunt May

After the death of his parents, aunt may be home to Spider-man. But after a chronic illness aunt may’s death, which was not unexpected though, arrived in “amazing spider-man” but even this death had a retcon where the plot was twisted such that the aunt may who died was a genetically altered actress.

Gwen Stacy


She is probably the most important character and the love interest that actually shaped what Peter Parker is like today. Gwen and Peter were an amazing couple, loving each other against all odds. Be it Peter’s Aunt May’s deteriorating health conditions or Gwen’s father issues. But the couple still had to face something worse, that would eventually end up killing Gwen. The Green Goblin, Norman Osborn killed Gwen Stacy and ended up giving us a totally new Peter Parker. What’s even worse is that she actually died because of her neck being napped by Spidey’s webbing.

Uncle Ben


Who better than Uncle Ben, to be someone to absolutely change a person into something else. The dying glare that he gave to Peter started an entirely different chapter in Peter’s life making him wear the Spandex and become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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