Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Who Engraved The Anti-Life Equation Onto Earth?

Zack Snyder Justice League is out on HBO Max now. The movie is definitely a level up from the 2017 version of the Justice League. Snyder also decided to introduce some new characters. 2017’s Justice League failed miserably. The fans instantly demanded Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League. The entire movement was so massive that it actually happened. To support this further, the reviews for Snyder’s Cut have been outstanding. So let’s talk about the Anti-Life equation. The real question that hovers is, who instilled Earth with the Anti-Life Equation?

The formula was revealed to be carved into the Earth’s surface is the very reason that Darkseid descended onto the planet. But who brought the Anti-Life Equation in the first place? The addition of Darkseid was one of the changes the Snyder Cut saw from the theatrical version of Justice League. The movie chronicles the team-up of classic DC Comics heroes-Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Superman as they band together to fight threats facing Earth.

Steppenwolf acted as the threat in the original version of the film. But the Snyder cut revealed that Steppenwolf was working for Darkseid all along. In the DCEU, the Anti-Life Equation is one of the most powerful forces one can wield. Whoever speaks the Equation possesses domination of those who hear it, breaking their spirits in the process. But for being such a powerful weapon, Snyder provides no context as to how it ended up carved onto the Earth’s surface. But the reason for that is simple — that question was supposed to be answered in the since-abandoned Justice League trilogy. The Anti-Life equation is carved into the Earth. But this was not always the case.

The comics have a different interpretation of the Anti-Life equation. Parts of it were figuratively carved into various people’s minds. The Equation existed in the mind of “Billion Dollar” Bates, a villainous and grossly wealthy businessman who used the Equation to subvert the will of his competitors. While Bates took it to his death, part of the equation was also found to exist within the mind of Japanese warrior Sonny Sumo. Darkseid eventually used clones of Billion Dollar Bates to access the Equation. Orion, the heroic son of Darkseid, eventually took the equation out of his father’s hands. Showing an equation within someone’s mind would have been understandably difficult to translate to the screen, but carving it onto the surface of the Earth was a good film-friendly introduction for the Anti-Life Equation.

The Anti-Life Equation has been known to bend any living being’s life and will throughout the multiverse, cater to the bidding of the one in control of the Anti-Life Equation. The story of the Justice League Snyder’s Cut begins with the plot revolving around the Mother boxes. Each hero in Justice League lives on Earth, positioning the Equation as a threat against their planet was a great way to bring them together. But unfortunately, fans will likely never see how the Justice League’s fight against Anti-Life Equation plays out. Snyder had always intended this movie to launch a Justice League trilogy. He intentionally did not provide some answers about the Anti-Life Equation in the first film, as that was meant to be answered in a later movie.

Steppenwolf explains how Darkseid has been for searching for this Anti-Life Equation, even before his ascension to the throne, as the ruler of the planet Apokolips. Steppenwolf finds this equation on a primitive planet, which he has just discovered. And how the entire Anti-Life Equation has been etched across the surface of this primitive planet, that he just discovered while searching for the Mother boxes. Since its debut, the Anti-Life Equation has been known to exist in the DC universe, in several distinct forms including the manifestation into a living form in one particular issue. The Anti-Life Equation has been also known to make several appearances across numerous events, including the ‘Final Crisis’. It has also made an entrance in several of DC’s animated movies and games inspired by DC, including the television series called ‘Smallville’.

Zack Snyder’s version of the infamous Anti-Life Equation is slightly different, with the Anti-Life Equation being marked on the surface of the earth, rather than the race. By race we mean humans, and their DNA having parts of the Anti-Life Equation hidden amongst them and every human being a part of that equation. While things could always change, Snyder has stated that Warner Bros. has no interest in making Justice League 2 happen.

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