10 Things Only Die-Hard DC Fans Know About Darkseid

From his historic introduction in Forever People #1 in February 1971. Darkseid has been one of the most successful DC villains. He has been known to bring death and destruction to numerous universes and realities. Darkseid has transformed into the biggest threat that Justice League has faced to date in the DC universe over the last 50 years. Surpassing the likes of Lex Luthor and Joker by miles. Darkseid dons a massive upside-down omega symbol on his chest which is a sign of his powers and the dictatorial law he wishes to enforce upon the entire universe. Here is a list of facts about Darkseid hidden in the numerous chapters of the DC universe.


Child of Apokolips

Darkseid was the fantastical manifestation given by Jack Kirby to a 4th world villain, after Jack Left Marvel and joined DC in 1970. Darkseid is the son of King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra. He was second in line to the throne of Apokolips, until he pushed his elder brother out of the line, through a series of political moves. To become the rule and child of Apokolips.


Godly powers

Darkseid in the DC universe is considered as a mark of godly powers gone evil. He has been known to have the omega effect, which allows him to shoot laser beams from his eyes, 1000 times more lethal than what superman employs. And the best part about these beams is that once locked onto their targets, these beams can bend in any direction until and unless they do not hit their targets.


Deadly Prophecy

Things Fans Know About Darkseid

The entire DC universe has been built upon myths and prophecies, and Darkseid stumbles upon one such prophecy which witnesses Darkseid being killed by his son. The prophecy is further elaborated to explain where Darkseid’s second-born, will rip out Darkseid’s still-beating heart, right out of his chest. To stop this prophecy from coming true, Darkseid trades Orion with his brother, Highfather’s son. He does it as an offer for a truce between the two warring planets. But, later in ‘Countdown to Final Crisis #2’, Orion does exactly according to the prophecy.


Killed his Mother

The family drama in the DC universe has not ended, from Orion this time it’s on to Heggra. In the DC Universe Darkseid becomes the ruler of Apokolips, by eliminating his brother Drax and his own mother Heggra. Darkseid orders his lieutenant, DeSaad to poison Heggra, for killing his first wife Suli. With his mother out of the way, Darkseid was destined to rule Apokolips and start his siege on the other planets.


The Anti-Life Formula

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

Darkseid’s ultimate goal in the DC universe is to possess the Anti-Life equation. The Anti-Life equation gives him the power, to bring under his influence any sentient life, that has the power to think. Darkseid wishes to use the power to gain control of the entire cosmos. The pursuit of the Anti-life equation has taken several weird turns in the DC universe, with once Darkseid assuming it to be with a billionaire businessman called Billion-Dollar Bates.


Fatally wounded by Doomsday

Things Fans Know About Darkseid
Things Fans Know About Darkseid

Darkseid is the most powerful being in the DC universe but met his match in another insanely powered individual called Doomsday. This encounter unfolded on a planet called Bylan 5, his underestimation of Doomsday almost led to him being killed that day. It was Steppenwolf, who helped Darkseid escape imminent death at the hands of Doomsday.


The Great Darkness Saga

This saga witnessed Darkseid switch the planet Apokolips with another planet called Daxam. The transpose of the planet Daxam next to a yellow sun shoots up the power of the population similar to that of superman. He then enthralls the entire population and turns them into his army.


Final Crisis

Things Fans Know About Darkseid
Things Fans Know About Darkseid

In the Final Crisis, Darkseid finally takes control over earth and begins his conquest over the universe. He is eventually defeated by the Justice League, particularly by Batman who shoots Darkseid with a radion bullet. The same bullet Darkseid used to kill his son Orion.



Darkseid is killed in the Final Crisis, but being the immortal pain in the butt that he is, he is reborn as baby Darkseid. Darkseid is reincarnated by his daughter Grail, and baby Darkseid quickly acquires the powers of those around him. Grail realizes her mistake and tries to end baby Darkseid’s life, only for baby Darkseid to eventually grow back into an adult version of himself and set the wheels of fate back in motion.


The Thanos link

Things Fans Know About Darkseid
Things Fans Know About Darkseid

Artist Jim Starlin agreed to the fact that Thanos owes one to the omega villain, though initially, the idea was to base Thanos on another New God called Metron. But he decided to go with Darkseid, as both the characters share a similar path of rising to the top. While dreaming of ruling the whole universe, through separate means.


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