Top 10 Greatest Villains That Justice League Has Ever Fought

Since the inclusion of Justice League in the DC narrative from way back in 1960, we have witnessed the rise of several villainous characters. And since their implication into the DC narrative, we have observed the Justice League take on some of these villains and defeated them. These villains have been known to make trouble for the Justice League on numerous occasions, with a new distinct plan every time they resurface or reappear. We will be discussing the top 10 trouble makers, who have always been on Justice League’s watch for being the most troublesome and menacing character of all time.



Hulk Defeated Doomsday

Probably the only character in the DC narrative, who was able to kill Superman or at least slow the Kryptonian’s heart rate down to a crawl. The monster according to the comics is the reincarnated version of a demon monster genetically engineered from the depths of Krypton. With feelings of only hate and destruction.



Facts About Deathstroke Deadliest DC Villain

The arch-nemesis of Batman and Dick Grayson, Slade Joseph Wilson aka Deathstroke is the guy bad guys call when they want something to be taken care of. Slade is a master assassin trained in all possible combat styles and warfare treatments. On several occasions, Slade has proven to be quite a handful even for the Justice League.



Greatest Villains Justice League Fought
Greatest Villains Justice League Fought

The disbanded member of the League of Shadows is the most ruthless character there ever was. Bane has been credited with brute strength and intelligence and has even been known to break Batman’s back in one particular issue. Bane from early life was thrown into the prison where he read many books and worked on his physical stature by working out in the prison’s gym. Bane has quite often been known to cross paths with Batman and the Justice League, he still managed to survive to see another day.



DC Superheroes Who Became Villains

Hal Jordan’s tutor and once the leader of the Green Lantern Corps was the most fearless warrior, after Abin Sur. But Thaal Sinestro was always a bad guy right from obtaining the green lantern ring to an attempt to supersede the guardians for which he was dishonorably discharged. It was after his removal from the green lantern corps that he took up the mantle of Sinestro and formed the Sinestro Corps, whose source of power was fear which he used against the Justice League several times.


Lex Luthor

The oldest, meanest, and the wealthiest arch-nemesis of Superman, Lex Luthor had always fathomed the idea of surpassing the man of steel. His obsession with Kal-El made him go to extreme lengths to find ways of defeating the man of steel, to extract his DNA sample for cloning purposes. On numerous occasions, he did manage to succeed, but his progress was not long-lived.


Crime Syndicate of America

Greatest Villains Justice League Fought
Greatest Villains Justice League Fought

The Crime Syndicate of America is a villainous group of Superheroes, with similar traits to that of the Justice League. The fear of one hero going bad wasn’t enough, now we have an entire group of powerful individuals gone bad. The Crime Syndicate of America is the evil version of the Justice League from an alternate dimension. The team consists of Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, and Power Ring who are the stark opposites of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern respectively.



Strongest Giants of DC Comics
Strongest Giants of DC Comics

A multi-dimensional villain who has been responsible for the destruction of infinite earth across infinite realities. When it comes to Anti-Monitor, one would need every superhero on the entire planet, galaxy, and maybe even universe to defeat the time-traveling supervillain.



Facts about Carnage

The crazed lunatic is as crazy as a person can get. One of Batman’s oldest arch-rivals, on several occasions, has been known to rattle the cage of the Justice League and put the entire group in a state of complete chaos and disarray.



Strongest Enemies of Justice League
Greatest Villains Justice League Fought

Brainiac is a knowledge-hungry android, who would destroy worlds once he is done extracting all the information from that planet, making his find of knowledge the most prized possession in the universe. Brainiac was known to shrink the city of Kandor, the capital of Krypton and in several issues also blamed with the destruction of Kal-El’s home planet Krypton.



Finally, we have the omega being, who is the ruler of the planet called Apokolips and has been on the lookout for the Anti-life equation for a long time. Darkseid has been known to have several powers of which knowledge, strength, and omega beams. His dream of ruling the whole universe seems to have made him lose all other prospects in life.


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