John Cena Talks About Taking on Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) in Fast & Furious 10

John Cena on Dwayne Johnson in Fast & Furious 10:

Let’s talk about John Cena’s growing stature in Hollywood. He has finally made it into the big leagues in Hollywood. Having led a career of almost 18 years in WWE, Cena deserves to slow down and give himself into the action movie genre instead. He’s obviously getting older so it’s great that he is making his gradual shift to Hollywood. Bumblebee was the major role we saw him in recently. A few other comedic roles of Cena haven’t panned out as much as they should’ve, but now Fast & Furious 9 has given him the big break he deserves. He will appear in The Suicide Squad & possibly Fast & Furious 10 in 2021.

John Cena on Dwayne Johnson in Fast Furious 10

As of now, Cena is going to be the big bad villain in Fast & Furious 9. He is playing Jakob, Dom’s long lost brother and the first trailer has really managed to establish him as the toughest opponent Dom has ever faced. Cena gets to do a lot of jaw-dropping stuff and his fights with Dom feel personal & real. In the story, he feels betrayed by Dom and is now striking with vengeance upon his elder brother, having colluded with Charlize Theron’s Cipher.

Dom has meddled with Cipher’s business 3 times and now the beef has gotten personal between them as well. That’s why Cipher sets Dom’s own brother against him. But since she is the true embodiment of evil, and Cena is a guy we want to root for, we want for Jakob to switch sides by the very end.

John Cena on Dwayne Johnson in Fast Furious 10

Before the trailer drop, the assumption was that Cena will be the added muscle that this film needs in order to fill in for Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs. Cena’s character was being described as a bad-ass. Well, he is a bad-ass but what we didn’t know was that he was always supposed to be the big bad villain of this film. Well, now it is confirmed that the Muscle is being added to take down Dom. But the reason we wish for Cena to switch sides by the end of the film is that we don’t want Jakob to die as a one-off character. We want a showdown between Jakob and Hobbs in Fast & Furious 10. asked Cena about a face-off with the Rock in F10, and he said:

“Well, I will say this, man, it’s amazing the parallels that Fast runs with WWE. In Fast, never say never.”

Smart answer as Cena didn’t spoil his own fate in Fast 9. There’s a high chance that he might be killed off to make way for another major villain to step in Fast 10. But we’ll have to wait and see about that. Cena was further asked about the gradual change in the Fast Saga and he said:

“So this is what I find brilliant about the Fast franchise, and this is truly a testament to the Fast family, the people around the world who love these movies. They walk in to see these movies with a sense of family, and a sense of fun, and you’re right, over the course of the eight installments, soon to be nine, they’re superheroes without capes. But it’s okay, because we’ve slowly like worked into that. It started out with unbelievable car stunts and then unbelievable action stunts and then a combination of both and then what can you do next?

John Cena on Dwayne Johnson in Fast Furious 10

So because of the foundations and because you care about the characters, they’ve literally been able to create superheroes without costumes. That’s impossible, and now people expect it, so it’s cool. They’ve crafted their way into being a movie about this mythical stuff, but it’s still also very practical. They’re still real human beings interacting, they don’t need comic book folklore, which is not a bad thing I’m a fan of all that, I’m filming The Suicide Squad right now, so it’s not like that’s a negative. But to have the foresight to craft that and have the audience not only believe it but expect it, it’s so unique.”

May 22 is when we could catch Cena & Diesel in action!

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