5 Greatest Hollywood Movies With One Fatal Flaw

Every director has an underlying vision for which they toil hard and strive relentlessly to bring it onscreen. Some of them succeed and win awards at film festivals, while others are forgotten and move onto the next project. But even the most perfect movies fall short of being flawless. There are always ‘issues’ which irks critics and prohibit them to rate movies 10/10.

Here’re 5 great movies that had one fatal flaw which prevented them from being “perfect” piece of work:

On Her Majesty’s Service:

This was the first post-Sean Connery Bond film featuring Australian model where James Bond is getting married for christ’s sake. The major problem is somehow supervillain Blofeld doesn’t recognize Bond who blew up his secret volcano base.

The Matrix:

Who doesn’t feel inspired by the “bullet stopping” scene when Neo realized that he is the chosen one. The protagonist has to fight against the powerful super computer which is determined to annihilate human civilization. The Wachowski brothers brought this gem based on ‘AI’ in the late 1990’s which got Keano Reeves his first ever Oscar in the “Best Actor” category. The giant plot hole in the movie is if it takes a human operator to go in and out of the matrix, how does Cypher having a secret meeting inside without one.

The Dark Knight (2008):

It was truly the milestone achieved by Christopher Nolan in the history of comic book filmmaking. Gotham confronts its most diabolical, psychotic and harrowing villain in the form of Joker who plays deadly mind games with Batman and calls himself as “agent of chaos”. He always says he is not a man with a plan but he is always 10 steps ahead of Batman.

Star Wars:

It’s the greatest sci-fi ever but with so many plot holes. For instance, Obi-Wan Kenobi lied in New Hope when he told a story about Luke’s father he has Anakin betrayed and murdered by Darth Vader but subsequent films used Anakin as Darth Vader.

The Shawshank Redemption:


Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, this is an emotional ride you want to take every time you need inspiration. But do u really think prison guards would miss Andy’s shiny shoes to let his escape plan succeed? Try wearing sports shoes at a wedding and see if people notice.

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