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A Venom Cameo In Morbius Would Have Been Much Better Than Vulture

As fans around the globe eagerly wait for Morbius to drop, some people claim to have watched the film already. And one of these people has revealed some crazy leaks that changes our perception of the movie. While we were getting excited for a cameo from Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, we think that his cameo will not be as effective as Tom Hardy’s Ed Brock’s. Keep up to find out more about the leak and why a Venom cameo in Morbius would have been much better than Keaton’s Adrian Toomes’ appearance!


Morbius is the latest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The movie introduces the first vampire into the fold, but that is not the biggest thing about the movie. The movie brings back a beloved Spider-Man villain, Vulture, thanks to the trailer. However, he is not returning the way we wanted him to. Stick until the end to find out the post-credits leak.


Venom Cameo In Morbius

For many months, we thought we knew what the movie had in store for us, but, boy, were we wrong! We thought the movie was set up in Andrew Garfield’s universe, which, apparently, had Michael Keaton’s Vulture, thanks to the word, Murderer, scribbled on the Spider-Man poster in the background of one of the scenes from the trailer. But plot leaks have revealed that this scene has since been deleted from the movie. So, which universe accommodates this latest anti-hero. This question haunted us until the director of the movie, Daniel Espinosa, revealed it himself. Sony’s Morbius will take place in the same universe as Tom Hardy’s Venom, or more accurately, Eddie Brock. (Check out the director’s interview with CinemaBlend here.)



MCU wouldn’t have been at the position where it is now if it wasn’t for the successful Iron Man. And if the SPUMC wants to build a connected universe of its own, Hardy’s Venom can do the trick for them. Venom has been a good start for the SPUMC and f they build upon it, Morbius and successive villains’ origin movies can be a lot more effective. But if they fixate on Vulture, who doesn’t have enough fan-following as Venom, then the movie might be building on glass. And as the plot leaks have revealed, this looks like the case.



Many people on the internet claim to have watched the movie way before its official screening last Thursday. And these people had released most of the information on the internet, specifically, the post-credits scene. Both the scenes feature Michael Keaton, whose return will not be the biggest surprise anymore as the trailer had already featured him. This mistake might have even topped the mistake of the Invisible Punch to the Lizard.


The first mid-credits scene features Toomes trying to recruit Morbius into his team of rogues and reveals to Morbius that Spider-Man was the one to put him in jail. Espinosa has already revealed that the Venom-Verse has a Spider-Man, who is yet to be revealed, so the formation of Sinister Six might be a possibility here. This group of rogue villains is hinted at again in the post-credits scene where Vulture asks Morbius to join his team and help him escape prison. With more Spider-Man villains’ movies on their way, Sony might be onto something here.



Venom Cameo In Morbius

While a Vulture cameo sounds amazing, a Venom cameo sounds like a dream. Yes, Vulture might finally bring the SPUMC close to the MCU, but after the grand success of the Venom franchise, does Sony really needs to do that? The character of Vulture took a flight when he came to know that Peter Parker was the Spider-Man. But now that no one seems to remember who Spider-Man is, this version of Adrian Toomes will be quite different. No to mention, a lot less intimidating. Also, if Venom cameos instead, this could be the first step towards the SPUMC as a shared universe.


Sony may not have confirmed that Venom will have a cameo, revealing Toomes’ cameo says a lot. Revealing such a big piece of information in the trailers indicates that Vulture’s cameo might just be the beginning. The movie might even et some potential recruits of the Sinister Six, including Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web. And Vulture, who is new to the universe, might not be the key to a potential Sinister Six team-up.

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