How Vulture Appears in Morbius Revealed By No Way Home’s Post-Credits Scene

The Spider-Man solo movies in the MCU have a larger narrative being played out. With No Way Home, we can be sure that larger things are playing with the multiverse making certain narratives canon to the MCU. The post-credit scene for the movie actually confirmed that we are a lot closer to seeing Tom Holland’s Venom appearing opposite to a Spider-Man. We are still not sure about which Spider-Man it might end up being now that we have three different Spider-Men being canon to the MCU multiverse. The Sony universe of Marvel characters had confused fans with Michael Keaton making his appearance in Morbius. But it seems that No Way Home might have provided some insight into this appearance. The post-credits scene for Spider-Man: No Way Home supports a major theory regarding how Vulture appears in Morbius.

Multiversal Chaos

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the Marvel and Sony deals over the past few years. The variety of projects we got to see characters around Spider-Man being given their own solo projects by Sony. But one major issue was caused when it was announced that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could be used by Sony after a certain number of projects in MCU. This deal was actually revived following the scenario where Sony and Marvel had a disagreement. This new deal between them saw some interesting developments take place. One of the most interesting amongst these was the announcement that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be coming across Tom Hardy’s Venom.


This almost ended up happening when we saw that Venom got teleported to the MCU. The narrative began with the post-credits scene for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Here we saw that Venom was pulled into the MCU without any clear explanation. The clarity behind this finally came when No Way Home saw characters from across the multiverse appearing in the MCU. But we also got to see a very defined end of this Venom narrative when he returns to his universe in the mid-credits scene for No Way Home. This mid-credits scene might have actually given an interesting insight into the Vulture confusion fans are having.


How Vulture Appears in Morbius

The mid-credits scene in No Way Home showed that Eddie is sent back to his own universe while leaving a bit of Venom gooey stuff in the MCU. This mid-credits scene supports a major theory regarding Michael Keaton’s Vulture character. Vulture was the very first villain that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man had faced in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Ever since fans got to see Vulture appear in the trailer for Morbius there has been major confusion if it is canon to MCU. But now we can be sure that Vulture in Morbius is actually a different version of the character than the one we saw in Homecoming. This theory came up when it was announced that Keaton would be reprising his role.


But things started getting complicated after this as we saw a major Spider-Man Easter egg in Morbius. Here we saw Morbius walking by a wall that had Spider-Man’s image with the “MURDERER” graffiti over it. Following the events of Far From Home, fans became sure that this movie must be taking place in the MCU. This was further supported by the appearance of Adrian Toomes in the prison where Morbius was also being brought in. But things took a wholly new turn when the latest trailer for the movie indicated that the character will be placed in multiversal chaos. This time around we saw an appearance from Keaton and then there was the direct reference to the Venom catchphrase: “We are Venom.”


How Vulture Appears in Morbius

Since Venom has now returned to his own universe and Morbius delivered that Venom line, we can clearly say that Morbius is not in the MCU. Thus Morbius and Venom share the same cinematic universe. But we are left wondering about the character of Vulture and his appearance in Morbius. This version of Vulture is not the one we had seen in the MCU. An interesting parallel could be drawn with the character of J. Jonah Jameson in the Saimi-verse and MCU being played by the same actor. Sony might be working on their Sinister Six film, and No Way Home brings a lot of clarity regarding the way Sony and MCU are working around their characters.


Rest, things will be even clearer when Morbius hits theatres on April 1.

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