10 Unbelievable Facts About MCU’s New Villain Ghost

Ant-Man and the Wasp is almost out in the theater and all the MCU fans are excited as the things will roll after the heartbreaking end of Infinity war. There are many speculations about the movie and tweets after the special screenings have given birth to a lot of theories. In the sequel of Ant-man, Evangeline Lily has joined the adventure as Wasp. Ant-man and the Wasp is up against Ghost, a new villain of MCU. Although there is not much Intel about the Ghost we can say that it looks like a badass villain with a cool high tech suit. Comics do tell us about the Ghost but movies are not usually in line with the comics, so we can’t really cook up a theory with comic book information and in order to give your brain a rest we are here with 10 fascinating facts about the Ghost.

 1. Past story of the Ghost

Well, not much is known about the Ghost’s life before he became a mercenary but here is something we all should know about the latest introduced villain. He was an employee in Omnisapient and worked as an IT programmer there. Basically, a guy that do all the science stuff and gets nothing in reward. He built his own suit’s processor at Omnisapient.

2. How it all started with the Ghost?

Ant-Man’s Villain Ghost

It all started with a lie when Omnisapient hired a female actor at work so that the Ghost (an innocent employee at that time) won’t go to the vacations after completing a rigorous project. Profit-driven Omnisapient wanted him to work more and further so that they can increase sales that’s why they hired a female actor. Ghost fell in love with the actor and got into a relationship and ultimately canceled his vacations but one good day she died because of an explosion sent by Omnisapient. Now the depressed and heartbroken lover (employee/Ghost) connected his own body with the suit’s processor and soon after he get to know about the female actor who was hired by the company. When Omnisapient got to know about this happening, they hired a mercenary who bombed the apartment in which the employee lived but was saved because of the suit. All the things that happened gave birth to the Ghost.    

 3. Powers of the Ghost

Ghost has a high tech suit that allows him to become invisible and move through matter. Ghost also has offensive attacks like lightning blasts and can aim his enemies with bombs. In addition to all these tech and weapons Ghost upgraded his suit and added guns and shield. Ghost tech developed by none other than the villain himself is used by the Ghost in order to bring down the corrupted corporate leaders.

4. Ghost’s motive

Ghost’s perception of the world changed with all the events that happened with him at Omnisapient and now he kills the profit-driven corporate leaders. Basically, he has become a pro killer who takes down powerful businessmen. According to him, every business empire is corrupted with the greed of profit and no businessman wants to do anything for the greater good of society. That’s why even Iron man was on his target.

5. Ghost: A villain or a hero?

Ant-Man’s Villain Ghost

Though Ghost entered as a Supervillain in the comics but its origin and motives depict a different story. Ghost aims for the top notch corporate leader in MCU because he thinks that every businessman is corrupted and they should provide the entire tech for free. Basically, his intentions are good but the ways in which he works makes him a bad guy. Well, this could also be a perception and only the movie will give us the true insight.

6. Ghost’s identity?

Ghost has kept his identity secret ever since he became Ghost. Ghost deleted traces of his past life ever since he came into the profession. That’s how the Ghost likes it, all goofy and vague. He is definitely living his life like a Ghost.

7. Ghost’s guest  appearances

Ghost at first appeared in Iron Man comics, supposedly hired by none other than Justin Hammer. Ghost other appearance was in the Thunderbolt, a team of supervillains assembled by Norman Osborn. Ghost here double-crossed the Norman Osborn and tore his empire from the inside.

8. Ghost’s  tech suit is incomparable

Ant-Man's Villain Ghost

Ghost’s suit was fairly ahead of its time already and Ghost himself being an inventor and IT programmer later upgraded suit. Ghost even challenged the like of Tony Stark with the tech he had and after his interaction with Tony, he further upgraded it. Needless to say, Ghost tech is unparalleled.

9. Unlike any other supervillain

Ghost MCU villain

Ghost is not just another supervillain, his intentions are somewhat different and maybe you can say good. Ghost does not want to conquer the world or do something extravagant like Thanos, he just wants to become a thorn in the lives of businessmen, a very painful thorn.

10. Ghost is a girl named Ava Foster in the movie

MCU New Villain Ghost
Villain Ghost

MCU has gone against the grain and traditional thinking of having a male villain in the movie. Taking a girl as a main villain in the movie is definitely going to give fans something to ponder about. Ghost is going to be played by Hannah John-Kamen. Let’s hope she nails the role of the Ghost.

Ghost’s origin and gender is not the same as that of comics but storyline and character looks in line with the comics and we also hope for the same or maybe something even great.

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