Every Added Scene That Would Have Made Thor 4 Better

Thor: Love and Thunder turned out to be an abridged movie. Despite having so many characters and not one but 2 Thors, it did not feel like a special event. But we’ve got a few ways that could have made the film unique and helped it reach the kind of quality everyone thought it would. Here’s every added scene that would have made Thor 4 better:

More God Kills from Gorr

The short runtime of Thor 4 butchered Gorr. We never got to see so many scenes that Christian Bale shot. He never killed any Gods on the screen after his opening segment. He was supposed to be a significant threat, which would have only happened if we had seen his vicious brutality against Gods. Just imagine if he would have attacked Omnipotence city. So much could have been done there.


The Asgardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians were there in the opening, but all they did was watch Thor win the battle. They all should have been used in a much better way. There was so much potential for Thor and the Guardians to work together as a team and make the opening segment much more relaxed and powerful. Civil War became so unique because it allowed every one of its characters to shine, even though it was a Captain America movie. That’s what Taika should have done with Thor and the Guardians.


Goldblum and the Lannisters

Scene That Would Have Made Thor 4 Better

The Grandmaster, Eitri, and Lena Heady’s mystery Goddess character were supposed to appear in the movie. At least one of them had scenes with Gorr. So that should have happened for sure. Yes, there were plenty of cameos already, but these were some big ones that may have enhanced the experience, as both Grandmaster and Eitri were familiar characters.


Bringing Everyone into the Final Battle

The final battle had a great scene with a bunch of Kid Thors. But just imagine if the Guardians were to show up to help Thor. They would have been surprised to see another Thor! Valkyrie was benched for no reason. She should have been in the battle as well. And the same goes for Lady Sif, who only came in for two small underwhelming cameos. The battle would have been elevated if all of them had been there to fight Gorr’s berserkers. At the same time, Jane’s sacrifice would have become even more epic because she would have had an audience to witness it. Thor and the Guardians could have easily parted ways at the movie’s end instead of at the beginning.


Which other ways could have been deployed to make Thor 4 a better movie? Let us know in the comments.

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