Here’s How Elektra Could Be Introduced In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded on Anu prevented pace in the last thirteen years. This decade and a half of moviemaking have changed the face of the industry forever, no longer are movies viewed as solo projects with a conceivable start and end. They are now perceived as puzzles of a cohesive whole. A high budget beautifully tied together whole. This was never more apparent than in Shang-Chi. The movie introduced a new character, explored the mystical realm, and even set the stage for how Elektra could be introduced in the MCU.

MCU movies do all of this without much explicit effort and that is the best part. As we explored the world of Shang-Chi we met several new characters with their own powers and weaknesses. Even Wong and Abomination made an appearance in the movie. They are there only for a brief moment but this is how the MCU sets up the world around them solo origin movies. In the mid-credits scene of the movie, we get to see Wong, Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner direct Shang-chi about how to handle the beacon in the 10 rings.


Regardless of the situation, things have seemed to escalate throughout the movie. Marvel achieved a lot through a single movie. They dealt with the plot hole the 10 rings and Mandarin, they redeemed iron fist by Introducing a new martial artist in the franchise. The filmmakers even created a whole new mystic realm and brought mythological beasts to the MCU canon. But fans seem to think that more things can be dissected from the movie, including the possible origin of a fan-favorite character.


How Elektra could be introduced

One of the most interesting characters in Shang-Chi and the Legend Of The Ten Rings was Xialing, Shang-Chi’s younger sister. Xialing escaped her father’s clutches as a teenager and went to Macau. There she started her own underground fighting ring called the Golden Daggers club. It was here that she and Shang-Chi reunited after years of separation. Shang-Chi was running from his father but Xialing interpreted his escape as abandonment. She soon escaped herself but harbored a grudge against her brother.


She acts upon this grudge as she lets her anger loose on Shang-Chi in the ring of Golden Daggers Club. Xialing is a fierce warrior. Even when his father did not let her train with the boys she made it a point to practice by her lonesome and hone her skills to perfection. There is not a boy in the 10 rings army that can eat Xialing in hand-to-hand combat. The after-credits scene of the movie introduces the new 10 rings. Xialing has ushered in an era of equal rights for women.


Several female warriors are seen training alongside the boys in 10 rings headquarters as Xialing presides over the training session. She is now the leader of the organization and she will not make the same mistakes as her father. This scene is also interesting because it could be the path for the introduction of one of the most anticipated characters of Marvel. Elektra Natchios is a world-famous assassin that is most often associated with an organization called The Hand. But seeing as what Xialing is developing, it is likely that Elektra Natchios Will be introduced via the Ten Rings.


The New Era

Marvel Characters That Are Ninjas

Xialing’s new ten rings will usher in a new era of equality. The character will preside over one of the most important armies of phase IV. It seems obvious that this army will be expanded by adding competent female warriors to the list. When we talk about powerful female warriors in the marvel verse, there are not many better than Elektra. She is a powerhouse, a martial arts master, and a lethal killing machine. Her weapon of choice is her twin sai which she uses to slice through her enemy. Since the Netflix characters are expected to receive a soft reboot, it will be nice to introduce Elektra into the MCU through the 10 rings.


Strongest Members of The Hand

She has inspired a large number of characters and her design from the comical is considered iconic at this point. We think that she will be a perfect addition to Xialing’s ten rings. Maybe Elektra  will lead a rebellion against Xialing. Regardless a fight between these two would be a spectacle that we won’t want to miss. What do you think about this theory of ours? Let us know in the comments.

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