How Doctor Strange and Wanda Are Similar To Each Other

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is standing at the precipice of the multiverse. There is an imminent explosion on the way in the form of all the different timelines which are about to collide with each other. Things are about to get even more bombastic than before and everyone will have to pay a price for their negligence. I do mean everyone because the Multiverse of Madness trailer has revealed some interesting premises for the fans to consider. So based on some speculation and a half-baked theory, here is our analysis of how Doctor Strange and Wanda are similar. Let’s start from the top. Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as Scarlet Witch is a mutant from Marvel comics who has the power to influence reality with her affinity towards chaos magic and hexes.

This means that she is one of the most powerful characters in terms of pure potential in the Marvel multiverse. Wanda has reached similar power levels in the MCU after her introduction in the Age of Ultron. But the thing is that she has not used these powers for good. After Vision’s death in Infinity War, Wanda completely lost her senses and took over Westview to run her perfect sitcom life with a perfect copy of the vision. But this dream is eventually shattered by the revelation of Agatha Harkness and her evil plans. Following this, Wanda uses her newfound affinity to completely destroy Harkness and absorb her powers. But she is still condemned by the Avengers as a bad person for enslaving an entire town.


Doctor Strange And Wanda Are Similar

On the other hand, Doctor Strange has been living the big life as the savior of the universe after his time stone fiasco in Infinity War and Endgame. Doctor Strange was the Sorcerer Supreme but then he lost his title to Wong. His No Way Home appearance is a segue to Multiverse of Madness. We think that even though Wanda is teased to be the final villain of Doctor Strange 2 it is more than likely that he will become Wanda’s ally by the time the movie is over.


There are bigger things at play such as The. Illuminati, and the bigger the threats the riskier the play. Strange will have to adopt ever more desperate measures to make sure that he survives, that this reality and universe survive. The MCU will become the be-all-end-all of the Marvel multiverse. This would lead to a future where Wanda and Strange would have no choice but to pool their efforts and powers. The multiverse threat will simply be too much for any one of them to completely deal with.


In this process, Strange will realize that he and Wanda have gone through the same experience. After all, the MCU Strange is only a step away from Strange Supreme who may have also appeared in the Multiverse Of Madness trailer. But what is the real twist is that we have seen the fall of Strange Supreme but the MCU’s fall is the one that will shock you to your core in the next Doctor Strange movie. Imagine what implications allying two powerful entities could entail.


The Consequences

We speculate that Strange and Wanda’s affinity could result in Wanda taking over the multiverse. Of course there would be the wooing stage and the “I don’t trust you” stage, and several other stages in between all of that. It is a never-ending parade of MacGuffins ever so eager to convince us that the world is ending. Of course you could argue about the scale and keep escalating it to absurd levels. But a truly interesting thing would be if Wanda is the originator of Secret Wars with the help of Strange much like Doom in the comics.


Since Wanda absorbed Agatha, then, can she, say, absorb the power of a Celestial? The power of the biggest engine of cosmic energy in the universe? And could she use it to reshape reality to her vision (that vision being the MCU)? Well, sure she could. That is how we think Doctor Strange and Wanda are similar. Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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